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Notice Of Overdue Account


Your goodwill is extremely important to us.

That is why we have allowed you to continue to charge purchases
to your account in spite of your outstanding balance.

We cannot, however, allow this to go on indefinitely, no
matter how much we value our relationship. We must
insist that you contact us and let us know what is
happening, or send us your payment to clear up your
outstanding balance, before we can fill another order
on credit.

Please let us hear from you.

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Notice To Subscriber Of Subscription Expiration


Having had the pleasure of mailing you [name of magazine]
every month for the past three years, we were wondering if
perhaps you haven’t realized that your subscription ran
out in [month]

We mailed you our [month] issue and have not yet
removed your name from our subscriber’s list inasmuch as
we felt that you may be unaware that it is time for your

We have enclosed our renewal subscription card for you
which provides for 12 issues of [name of magazine]
at the low price of $ per issue, or $ less
than the newsstand price. As you can see, this represents
a substantial savings.

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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Company Promotion 2


Thank you for your inquiry about our [equipment] I am
enclosing our catalog for your review.

We developed [name of equipment] to provide
educators with a comprehensive and effective means of
transmitting information and to help modernize educational
methods. That children are highly receptive and stimulated
to learn through the usage of audio-visual material, is
widely accepted by educators throughout the field.

After you have reviewed our material, we would appreciate
hearing your comments, and we will look forward to answering
any questions you have about our product.

Once again, thank you for your interest in the [product]

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Request For Reimbursement Due To Overpayment On Account


On [date] , this office mailed to you a check
in the amount of $ per your [date] invoice.

After reviewing your file, I realized that this account
had been paid in full on [date] I am enclosing
a photostat of our cancelled check # in the amount
of $

I would appreciate it if you would reimburse this office
for the duplicate payment. I apologize for any
inconvenience this error has caused.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

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Notice Of Intention To File A Mechanic’s Lien


TO: [name of owner]

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned, [name]
intends to file a mechanic’s lien for [amount] Dollars
($ ), on real property owned by you and commonly known
as [street address] . The legal for said property
is as follows:

The filing of said lien, pursuant to [cite statute] , is
for the purpose of securing payment of amounts due for
[services] performed by the undersigned within the last
[number] days, in accordance with the [written or oral]
agreement entered into on [date] between you and the
Date________________ __________________________


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Rejection Of Counter Proposal


After spending a considerable amount of time going over
your counter proposal, my associates and I concluded that
the terms are simply unworkable, and, from our point of
view, unrealistic.

If you wish to reconsider our original proposal please let
me know.

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Non Extension Of Loan Payments


This is to acknowledge receipt of your letter of [date],
in which you requested a three month extension on your
[type of] loan, number [number]

After careful review, we regret to inform you that we are
unable to grant you any further extensions for the payment
on your loan.

We are sorry about the difficulties you are experiencing,
but we must insist on receiving your payment by [date]

We hope that you will be able to find another solution to
your problem.

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Acknowledge Request For Payment Extension


Thank you for your letter of [date] in which you
explained the circumstances behind your request for an
extension of time to remit your payment on invoice #

We do appreciate your straightforwardness and have noted
on your account that your payment will be made on [date]

You have been a loyal customer of ours for quite some time
and if this gesture on our part helps to ease your current
situation, we are pleased to be of assistance.

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Request For Submission Employee Names For Lie Detector Testing


On [day] , [date] , we will be administering
our lie detector test to your employees.

We would appreciate it if you would provide us with the
names of all of the employees that are to be tested, at
your earliest convenience. This will enable us to conduct
the tests quickly, without any needless waste of time.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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Offer Of Service 2


The drawing of a will may not be something we look
forward to, but the absence of one can create an
incredible hardship on our loved ones.

There have been so many stories about individuals
whose intentions could not be carried out due to
the fact that they had never bothered to write a
will or had never updated a will written many
years earlier.

If you do not have a will or if you have one that
does not express your current desires, we urge you
to address this problem.

Please find our pamphlet and return card enclosed.
We hope that you will find this information useful
and helpful and encourage you to return the card
to us if our trust department can be of assistance
to you.

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