'Mother of the Groom'

The tone in ‘Mother of the Groom’ is very mixed. There is happiness in her memories when she connected with her child. Yet there is also sadness and fear of loosing her child to another woman. These memories may be fond but during this part of her life they seem to haunt her. As a mother she feels that the moments where she could connect with her son are gone. So the poem is sad and happy at times.

Many ideas are embedded into the poem and the choice of words match the situation that has been described. The mother feels that her son was truly precious when she was bathing him. She uses the word ‘glistening’ to describe the glow that her son puts out when his back is wet. This enhances how much her innocent baby means to her during the time she gives him a bath. The mother feels that there is something missing a gap or emptiness on her lap. Heaney uses the word ‘voided’ to illustrate the emptiness that the mother feels. ‘Voided’ is a word that catches the reader’s eye which makes them also see how much her precious son means to her.

To Conclude, Heaney chosen a theme that is very touching for a mother and a moment which is very symbolic in a person’s life. He has brought out the mixed emotions that a mother will feel on the day that her son gets married to another woman. Recalling the memories from the past is also very important in this poem because it enhances sadness and the things that have connected them in such and close way. These feeling are described by the best possible selection of words which makes this poem so outstanding.