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The creation of the ‘smart’ car was due to the collaboration between Swatch Watches and Mercedes-Benz. Swatch Watches intended to use the car to embody the brand name into a vehicle. The ‘smart’ car is a 2-seater car. It is fuel-efficient.

The car is available in bright colours. Fuel efficiency is one of the major competitive factors of the car. Sample markets the vehicle to married Traditional western expatriates. Swatch might use several stations to advertise the vehicle.

Strategies from the Promotional Mix

Advertisement is one associated with the major types of promotions that companies use. Companies can use print media, radio stations, and television to market their products.

Swatch should not necessarily use print mass media or other size media to market many. Mass mass media target numerous folks. Therefore, it could not necessarily be economical to market the car to be able to a numerous folks who would not necessarily choose the car at some point.

Companies make use of pr (PR) in order to market goods. PAGE RANK refers to attempts by the organization to create people realize the company’s methods, policies, and methods. A company may identify its contributions to charitable companies as a type of PR.

In addition, the company can recruit vital causes or even events that make an effort to improve individual or even societal well-being. PAGE RANK that focuses upon the contribution associated with Swatch to the particular society may not enhance the competitiveness from the car.

Swatch may use promotion in order to elicit need with regard to the product. Promotion promotions make an attempt to produce in a commercial sense significant information regarding a item within various press. One of the main advantages associated along with publicity is the particular fact the specific sponsor will not really spend for the particular promotion.


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The press settings the information. They are going to may show the goods negatively. Consequently, this technique would not really end up becoming effective in advertising and advertising the particular ‘smart’ automobile.

Swatch may probably use sales strategy to advertise typically the particular product. Sales strategy targets retailers within addition to bulk suppliers of any products. Since Swatch markets the product right to consumers, sales campaign would not end up being effective in marketing and advertising the ‘smart’ automobile.

Companies employ corporate image to be able to market their goods. It is quite hard regarding companies that have got a bad business image to commence products successfully. Trial has a great corporate image. Most of the ‘smart’ car would likely increase the company graphic of typically the business.

Therefore, to become concerned regarding the business to strive to be able to increase its company graphic as it previously offers a very good business image.

Personal selling is probably the the majority regarding common methods of which will companies used in order to industry their items. Private selling entails primary reference to typically typically the customers. Consequently , that is crucial regarding the revenue reps of a fresh company to acquire great.

In add-on, they need to become competent to state the particular significant attributes that may make them have got a competitive edge over products by means of rivals.

Most companies offer rates of commission for their staff so as to encourage these people to make a new many more sales. Considering that Swatch will not necessarily give the staff commissions, individual promoting would not really be effective.


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Improving Strategies

Personal selling will be one of the particular major strategies that will Swatch should make use of to enhance the product sales of the item. Since Swatch will not offer its workers commissions, personal marketing would not become effective.

Therefore, Swatch should start providing commissions to the employees. The commission rates would encourage the particular employees to become more aggressive. Commission rates would ensure that will they earn extra pay for their own efforts.

Swatch may also make use of sales promotion in order to increase the product sales of the ‘smart’ car. The organization should engage within sales promotion that will targets the wedded Western expatriates. Typically the company may execute sales promotion that will associate the merchandise with all the domestic region inside the expatriates.

Better Targeted Market

Young older people who else usually are between something such as something like 20 and 33 years old would conclusion up being a new better targeted industry for most of the ‘smart’ car. They may contact form a considerable percent of typically typically the population. Consequently, understanding the foreign exchange market portion would certainly ensure of which often the business tends to make even more revenue.

This would certainly increase typically typically the revenue and revenue of the ‘smart’ car. On most of the other hand, a person can find not many European expatriates. Within add-on, the grown ups carry out not really have thus very much money to devote. Therefore, the price regarding the car helps make it affordable to the young seniors.

The Clever Car is a new new fuel-efficient car. Because of this, it is usually cheap to make use of generally the vehicle. Many youthful adults tend not to necessarily have youngsters.

Therefore, due to the fact the car provides a with ability of capacity regarding a couple, it could end up getting suitable for this kind of target market. Produced ups which may have youngsters generally prefer automobiles along with a new large seats ability to support their particular children.

Promotional Strategy

Advertising is a vital element in the marketing blend regarding the ‘smart’ automobile for the younger older people. The children account regarding the sizeable percent associated with typically the population. Consequently, typically the company must make use of mass press in order to achieve this concentrate on market.


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Swatch ought in order to strive to produce ownership of the particular particular vehicle become stylish. The marketing campaigns should emphasize attributes of the vehicle that would create it be desired to the target audience. In addition, Swatch should use exhibitions to promote the vehicle.

The organization should exhibit the particular car in places where the young grown ups visit occasionally. The particular exhibitions would produce awareness about the particular existence from the vehicle.


Marketing strives to produce consciousness about the presence of a item. A business should make use of several strategies concurrently to promote a item. The target marketplace usually determines the particular marketing strategies of which a company would certainly employ.

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