A Discourse On The Love Of Our Country By Richard Price

A Discourse on the Love of Our Country by Richard Price Essay

The values play an essential position in our world notion and outlook. A particular person may be characterised by the values to which they adhere. In addition, the value systems are also used because the means of persuasion influencing the decision making and attitude.

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The aim of this essay is to elucidate the values on which the essay A Discourse on the Love of our Country is concentrated.

The understanding of the values of an individual can present an insight into their mind-set and behavior, thus permitting dedication of the motives and goals of the individual. The motives and objectives are the fundamental components influencing the choice making. The methods by which worth systems in addition to determination making methods range is quite similar. Both of them vary in accordance with the diploma of their sensitivity to the motives of the topic, its data about its setting, and the intrinsic timescales (Dayan, n.d., p.68).

The essay A Discourse on the Love of our Country touches upon such values as patriotism, love of the personal nation, national delight and id. If the worth system fashioned in the society consists of such values, it can be mentioned that the individuals are strongly dedicated to their place of birth. If these values are thought-about to be the best within the society, then the people will sacrifice other values in case of the risk to their motherland and nation.

It goes without saying that the essay A Discourse on the Love of our Country is aimed on the persuasion of individuals within the supremacy of values of advantage, reality, and liberty (Price, 1790). The author tries to dispose the readers to patriotic temper. However, the author explains that the love of the own nation may also be completely different. He stresses that the care must be taken for encouraging people to have the advantage, truth, and liberty as the highest values while cultivating the love of their place of origin. Only if people value these moral norms essentially the most, their love of their own country won’t lead to the disrespect to other nations which, as historical past proves, sometimes can be disastrous for mankind.

In order to steer the readers in his point of view, the writer makes use of certain ideas of persuasion which are based on the psychology of people. In particular, it is mentioned by the specialists that the relevance of the problem to the private needs of the viewers performs an important function in the success of persuasion.

“When relevance was excessive, growing the number of sturdy arguments led to more persuasion, but rising the variety of weak arguments led to much less persuasion…Under low relevance, all that mattered was the variety of reasons given” (Shavitt & Brock, 1994, p.136).

We can discover within the essay that the creator uses a considerable number of arguments supporting his ideas. This is because of the relative irrelevance of the issue discussed to the private wants of nearly all of people. Although most of us take care in regards to the importance of being a patriot of your individual country, in our daily life we are more involved with our daily needs.

In addition, we will see that the author refers back to the spiritual sources. He makes use of a strong individuals dedication to the Bible by quoting the Psalms to assist his view and to make folks interested within the subject of his discourse.

Finally, a plenty of interrogative and exclamatory sentences is used by the author to make the readers inspired together with his concepts. It may be stated that in his essay he tries to establish a dialogue with the audience. Firstly, he raises the questions making the readers think about the problem after which replies to them. In such a way he shows that there’s nothing to think about because the answers are already recognized.

“Be inspired, all ye friends of freedom and writers in its defence! The instances are auspicious… Behold kingdoms, admonished by you, ranging from sleep, breaking their fetters, and claiming justice from their oppressors!…You cannot now hold the world in darkness…Restore to mankind their rights and consent to the correction of abuses, earlier than they and you might be destroyed together” (Price, 1790, p.50-51).

These are the phrases which end the essay. Undoubtedly, they’re aimed at motivating and inspiring individuals by utilizing the exclamatory sentences. Moreover, the sentences are enriched with the metaphors which make them sounder. The last sentence tells the audience in regards to the menace to their own life and well-being if they remain passive.

In order to summarize all above talked about, it should be mentioned that the essay A Discourse on the Love of our Country written by Richard Price in the XVIII century represents a bright example of the message addressed to the general public with the intention to encourage them for actions. His major objective is to encourage people for wrestle by emphasizing the supremacy of the values of virtue, fact, and liberty which, according to him, are threatened. In order to achieve his objective, the creator uses sure strategies of persuasion influencing the decision making of individuals.


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