A History Of The World In The 100 Objects Exhibition

A History of the World within the 100 Objects Exhibition Report

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What is the exhibition about?

A History of the World within the a hundred Objects exhibition was about “encapsulating the history of human relationships through one hundred varied gadgets sourced from the British Museum’s assortment” (ADIB, 2014). The exhibition is the third in preparation for “the opening of the Zayed National Museum in 2016 running from April 23 to August 1 at Manarat Al Saadiyat” (ADIB, 2014).

In the exhibition, the British Museum worked in collaboration with Abu Dhabi to show people the world’s history utilizing the a hundred most compelling objects. For a hundred days of the exhibition, the exhibition permits the individuals visiting to have first hand experience of how human beings and the world evolved and formed one another over time. Through the a hundred compelling objects, the organisers arranged them in a story type to make individuals within the up to date society have a really feel of the culture on the planet over time. The event creates a vivid image of previous cultures through the objects featured similar to Yemen’s bronze solid arm, a statue of the Egyptian Pharaoh, and Ur’s Royal Game. In the exhibition, the narrative consists of modern-day objects, including Reem Al Marzouqi’s car. In addition to the exhibition, visitors additionally get to find out about attention-grabbing histories by way of seminars, workshops and tours (Macgregor, 2011).

Saadiyat Island – future and museums

Current improvement and future plans intend to place Saadiyat Island among the many main cultural places not solely in Abu Dhabi but additionally on the planet. With trendy connection to the mainland, the Island guarantees an excellent future primarily through major installations such because the Cultural District, Marina District, Saadiyat reserve, promenade, lagoons, beach and retreat. Museums shall be a serious part of the cultural district designed for world fairs and occasions.

Major centres embrace the Maritime and Sheikh Zayed museums, performing arts centre, Louvre Abu Dhabi, and Guggenheim Abu Ghabi. Marina district might be cosmopolitan in nature with a wide array of leisure and leisure installations. The reserve enhances the natural surroundings through its sanctuaries, waterways, pure wetlands, homes and motels. The Promenade offers vibrancy with its pleasant resorts, shops, properties, beachfront and boardwalks. The lagoons have stunning homes between the islets, which open to glorious waterways and the Arabian Gulf. The private and non-private beaches are a major a part of Saadiyat Island that gives leisure services in a serene surroundings. The Saadiyat retreat provides a secluded location for varied activities and developments such as hotels and luxurious houses amongst other retreat amenities (ADIB, 2014).

Abu Dhabi – the exhibition location

Organisers of the exhibition selected Abu Dhabi for different causes. Other than the excellent location, the exhibition promotes the Abu Dhabi’s place as the most important exhibition centre and ends in financial, political and social advantages. Indeed, the exhibition is an important side of the financial system, as exhibitions bring together the demand and supply sides of the market. The exhibition offers a platform for the market individuals to interact, which contributes to the revival and the emergence of market segments. Furthermore, the exhibition facilitates commerce functions, particularly the exchange of data goods and providers. Through an overview of the market, transparency and development capabilities develop, which profit national, regional and city growth (Macgregor, 2011).

Other than the economic advantages, hosting of the exhibition in Abu Dhabi is due to the state’s place in the rapidly growing region, which enhances accessibility from Europe, Africa, America and Asia Pacific. Abu Dhabi has a superb road and air network in addition to being a clear and secure place. Abu Dhabi is leading in financial diversification and made vital steps toward making the place a global cultural location, which is in line with the Saadiyat Island exhibition. The Abu Dhabi National exhibition centre is certainly one of its type within the area with a major variety of visitors annually, which contributes to creating the exhibition successful. Furthermore, the state has strong support from the federal government, is a serious tourist location, a serious world economic energy, and boast of technological development. Overall, the dynamic nature of Abu Dhabi and its glorious facilities and infrastructural developments make the state a perfect selection for the exhibition (Art Kuwait, 2014).

Main attention catching gadgets

Although gadgets in the exhibition had been attention-grabbing, some of them caught the attention more because of their simplicity and message communicated. In understanding the making of people, the Swimming Reindeer obtained from France greater than 13,000 years in the past depicted an individual in a swimming position, which may be very related to the fashionable day swimmer. The Clay mannequin of cows, originating from Egypt in approximately 300BC, caught my curiosity as a result of it indicated the beginning of farming and understanding of sexuality with the closeness of the animals. The Standard of Ur, from Iraq belonging to 2600BC was an attention getter because of its presentation of early cities much like trendy cities, which indicate the early motion of individuals from rural to city areas, just as is the case in the fashionable times.

The Mould gold cape was fascinating as a result of it represented the event of literature and science, which artists used monuments, math and myths to symbolize. The Coin of Lysimachus obtained from Turkey from 305BC represented an assertion of supremacy and the building of empires within the old instances. The growth of world faiths and faith is captured with the merchandise of Seated Buddha from Gandhara in 100BC. Most of the objects had been attention-grabbing and they depicted historic developments made simple through objects. More attention-grabbing, the exhibition organized gadgets into main categories for easy narration (Macgregor, 2011).

Recommendations to improve the exhibition

Recommendations to improve the exhibition cowl the operational function and the precise exhibition. First, on the promotional facet, the organisers may make vital achievements through the use of the social media blog posts and email advertising to reach a majority of the people with the desire to attend such an exhibition. It could additionally profit by providing prior data about various objects to reinforce understanding as viewers move from one section to another. The occasion is a labour intensive one, which requires organisers to search out ways of price minimization primarily via collaboration and value sharing. The organisers can benefit from worth competitiveness within the region and curiosity of tourists to organise related exhibitions somewhere else. Above all, safety is fundamental, and because of the risk posed by terrorists, organisers should put extra stringent measures to curb crime and terrorism than earlier than.

Personal opinion about the exhibition

A History of the World in the one hundred Objects exhibition presents an excellent and attention-grabbing view, utilizing objects to inform the human story. The exhibition was filled with important info a few of which I knew or did not know, however full of intimacy and informative. The features of elucidation and linkage are managed effectively, as the exhibition connected between different historical precedents in the growth of mankind. The exhibition tells a history of cultures from different continents, which highlights the importance of museums in understanding the world’s current place.

The exhibition is an enthralling encounter, which might attract any civilised particular person. The exhibition presented the human history in an original and brave way with each part of the occasion informs viewers of a novel stage of improvement. The objects within the exhibition are simple to understand for somebody with earlier expertise, and tough to forget. The exhibition was an informative and equally entertaining experience. The exhibition is a clear indication of how much people can study early societies from the works of their hands and art. The objects on show capture the significance and magic of historic developments of people. It was a wonderful exhibition that takes the viewer on a trip the world over from early times to the fashionable days with clear illustrations of modes of trading, communication, and combating among totally different cultures.

Tourists attracted to the exhibition

Coming from completely different continents of the world, the exhibition attracted professional and business guests, vacation and leisure visitors, family members and friends as well as the youth vacationers. Business vacationers attended the exhibition because of their nature of attending trade shows and promoting products. Educational vacationer, particularly historians came to the exhibition to check, study new knowledge about human history and improve their qualifications. The long length of the exhibition implied that it attracted incentive tourists sponsored by their organisations due to hard work. Cultural tourists came to the exhibition to experience the presentation of various cultures by way of historical objects and experience the nationwide and worldwide heritage on show through objects.

The serene environment of the Arabian Gulf and other natural components attracted eco-tourists fascinated by the ecosystem promised in the Saadiyat Island. Leisure tourists have been part of the visitors as they got here to enjoy the occasion working for a hundred days with attention-grabbing workshops, seminars and objects displayed. Religious tourists came to understand the development of religion, especially by way of object shows. With the growing cultural range in the area, folks from different parts stay and work in Abu Dhabi. The exhibition attracted relatives and pals who came to meet in this event and be part of it for generations to come. Youthful visitors came to the exhibition due to the enjoyable, studying, and expertise of being in such a place (ADIB, 2014).

Media to advertise the event

Different forms of media may help in selling the vent across the globe to the best number of the goal market in the simplest means. Broadcast media such tv and radio are essential in reaching a large number of individuals across nationalities. Business magazines could also be useful due to the exhibition’s length. The social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are main media for promotion, especially in this time of superior technology. The print media can help the reach of a bigger audience. With the web and emailing, sending mails, particularly to company partners, who can in turn promote the occasion in their business media channels (Art Kuwait, 2014).


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