A Perfect Day For Bananafish By David Salinger

A Perfect Day for Bananafish by David Salinger Essay

The story revolves round Seymour, who had just come from warfare and is on vacation along with his spouse. He has posttraumatic stress disorder and this is of concern even to the wife’s dad and mom. In the tip he commits suicide. The story has a weak ending as the primary character dies. As it unfolds, it is the expectation of the reader that Seymour will probably calm down with his spouse, Muriel, provided that he had been away from the household for someday.

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According to her, he was not as unhealthy because the mother and father were considering. While speaking to Sybil, the young woman, about bananafish, she brings out the innocence that exists in simplicity and naivety. It is expected that Seymour will view the world with such simplicity as opposed to the ideas of struggle and other misfortunes that almost all adults endure. On the contrary he opts to commit suicide.

The story may need had a different diploma of closure if a special expectation was used, especially whether it is suspected that Seymour may commit suicide or turn violent owing to the despair because of the struggle. Moriel’s mother and father are also involved about her whereabouts, provided that she was on vacation with a warfare veteran who would possibly in all probability hurt her, provided that he was emotionally unstable as a result of the war. The reader would possibly due to this fact expect that something unhealthy is meant to happen to Seymour. That is what happens when Seymour commits suicide. If it had been in this gentle, then the story could be perceived as having a robust ending.

The writer has used the third person narration type. The narrator offers the story from the observations made and thru listening to the characters’ conversations. Muriel, as an example, is referred to as the young lady whereas Seymour is referred to as the young man. The third person narration fashion and dialogue have been used to assist the reader decide what led to the emotional breakdown and the suicide of Seymour. Through the dialogue between Moriel and her mom, it’s evident that Seymour was emotionally unstable after getting back from war.

The parents are involved that Seymour’s emotional instability may lead him to hurt her. The narration also helps in highlighting Seymour’s frame of mind and it is fairly evident that he despises materialism that’s rampant. The story of the bananafish, is a metaphor to the materialism that had crept into the society and other people did anything to satisfy their greed. The Banana fish feeds on a lot of bananas until they turn into too fat to undergo the exit holes through which they came in. This is compared with the human greed the place people do something to gain materials wealth.

By use of the third particular person narrative type, the writer proves to be observant and will get the reader to totally different scenes and the thoughts of the characters, therefore bringing out the real picture of the society and circumstances underneath which Seymour committed suicide. Through the dialogue between Moriel and her mom, it’s evident that they reside in a materialistic society.

Through narration, the writer brings out Moriel as a materialistic character who lives an extravagant live. For occasion, she reads a journal entitled “Sex Is Fun-or Hell.” She additionally likes going to the beach and partying. Through the dialogue between Seymour and Sybil, the author will get the reader to Seymour’s thoughts and it’s clear that Seymour despises materialism and greed exhibited by most individuals.

There are numerous characters within the story which were introduced both as flat or spherical characters. Seymour Glass, as an example, is among the primary characters developed as a round character. He displays a fancy personality throughout the story. At the start he is presented as calm, quiet and a withdrawn character that is harmless and yearns for simplicity and innocence.

He excludes himself from social gatherings and would somewhat be alone on the seaside or chat with a toddler. This is in distinction to the violent and harmful character that is offered by Moriel and her mom through the phone conversation. Moriel’s mother and father, for instance, worry for there daughters security as they understand him as emotionally unstable. He additionally exhibits his violent character when he quarrels with a girl in the elevator who was allegedly taking a look at his ft and stocking him. He ends up killing himself because of the fact that he can not reconcile with reality.

The other major character within the story is Moriel Glass who’s Seymour’s wife. She is offered as a flat character that is fashionable and materialistic. She likes fashion, partying and lives an extravagant life-style, where she goes to the beach for enjoyable, goes to expensive saloons and reads express magazines. She doesn’t mind happening trip with Seymour regardless of his emotional instability and warning from the dad and mom. She makes little effort to assist her husband to restore his psychological stability and he ends up committing suicide.

Another flat character within the story is Sybil Carpenter, a younger and innocent woman that chats with Seymour. She is free with Seymour and seems to get to his thoughts and heart. She has however learnt to just accept the world around her not like Seymour.

Moriel’s mom is one other flat character who exhibits no complexity. Her character does not change. She is a concerned and caring mother or father who does anything to ensure the safety of her child. She could be very uneasy when she realized that her daughter had gone to a trip with a depressed man. She tries to convince her to return house. The two primary characters within the story are Moriel Glass and her husband Seymour.

The story is a fictional quick story that has dramatic conflict highlighting the plight of a warfare veteran who returns to his country only to satisfy a materialistic world. He is against this even though his own spouse is materialistic too. He secludes himself and commits suicide presumably because of the fact that he cannot reconcile with the reality. He reveals signs of depression as he had been suicidal on numerous events. The story reaches the climax and ends in suspense after Seymour committing suicide. The reader is left guessing about the reason for his suicide.

The story has an organized narrative construction with one occasion resulting in the other. It starts with the initial situation, where Moriel and Seymour are on trip. Moriel receives a name from the mom who appears apprehensive about her being on trip with a depressed man. A conflict is then developed as Seymour appears to detest the materialism in the society. There can be conflict between Moriel and her mother and father. They are against the idea of her being on vacation with a depressed husband as they feel he might to hurt her.

She however disagrees with their opinion as she perceives him as harmless. Another conflict emerges when Seymour is upset by the person he meets in the elevator whom he accuses of watching his feet. All these culminate into his incapability to reconcile with actuality and he finally ends up taking pictures himself. It then results in suspense because the reader is left questioning what actually pushed him to commit suicide.

The metaphor of the bananafish is used to allude to the human greed which leads to self destruction. Like the banana fish which eats a lot of bananas and catches banana fever which leads to their demise, people additionally tend to overindulge in materialism and greed which leads to self destruction. The story is structured in such a way that it has constituent occasions that lead one to the opposite.

Symbolism has been used in this story. The metaphor of the bananafish, symbolizes the greed exhibited by those that do anything to satisfy their cravings but find yourself being ruined. Just like the banana fish which feeds on too much fish and dies in the process, so does individuals of their quest to fulfill their materialistic cravings.

Seymour, in the quest for innocence and simplicity, sees that the only means out was to kill himself so as to attain peace of thoughts. Sybil then again symbolizes innocence and that’s the reason Seymour finds solace in talking to her and he seems to admire her innocence and naivety. Moriel’s lifestyle symbolizes the materialism that characterizes most people. She reads express journal, loves to go partying, going to expensive resorts, trip and goes to costly saloons as well as put on trendy garments. She is much less concerned about her husbands state provided she gets what she needs.

The greatest audiences for this guide are young people who are consumed with the urge to satisfy their inside satisfaction through materialism. Through this story, they notice that materialism just isn’t the solution to the deeper cravings however satisfaction is present in simplicity and innocence. Because he cannot attain such inside peace, Seymour commits suicide. He could afford most of the worldly pleasures however could reconcile with the truth (Salinger 1).

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