Abu Dhabi Special Needs School Management Dilemma

Abu Dhabi Special Needs School Management Dilemma Research Paper

Executive Summary

The administrative supervisor at Abu Dhabi special needs college is experiencing a administration dilemma. In this examine, the author undertook to unearth the issues facing this establishment.

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There are a complete of 13 members of workers in this healthcare department who work directly beneath the administrative supervisor. The college provides therapeutic companies to special wants individuals. Some of the companies include physiotherapy, occupational, and hydrotherapy. The sufferers catered for range from those with autism to those with cerebral palsy.

The examine involved a total of a hundred and fifty participants, who had been used as the source of main knowledge. The participants were principally parents, medical staff, and consultants. The entire examine was carried out within a span of two weeks in Dubai. The data evaluation relied on the exploratory research design proposed. To this end, the raw knowledge, as outlined in the outcomes and evaluation section.

Thereafter, a comparative strategy was employed. Information obtained from the existing literature was compared against every of the research objectives. The findings of the examine were reviewed after a comprehensive comparability between existing literature and uncooked knowledge from the questionnaire.

The responses revealed that, certainly, the institution was dealing with financial challenges. The challenges would be averted had the administration been more proactive and innovative. In addition, the establishment was facing communication lapses and a ‘dangerous’ surroundings. The examine really helpful the replacement of the whole administration group and the creation of a brand new communication plan.

Background and Problem Identification

Abu Dhabi Special Needs School is a healthcare facility primarily based in Abu Dhabi (Bell 1). The administrative supervisor is in control of the everyday operations at the Special Needs School. There are a total of thirteen members of employees in this healthcare department. The workers work directly beneath the administrative supervisor.

Abu Dhabi Special Needs School supplies therapeutic companies to particular needs people. Some of the companies embody physiotherapy, occupational, and hydrotherapy. The center is dealing with a myriad of challenges, which is frequent amongst special needs organizations. The present paper fashions a examine to establish the precise problems at the facility. Possible solutions to the challenges are additionally offered.

The middle has a number of departments meant to satisfy the respective therapeutic demands. For occasion, there are a number of classes providing education help to special needs people. The courses help in the rehabilitation and care of patients with unique needs. However, the challenges make it hard to meet the therapeutic demands of the increasing variety of sufferers. The main challenges embrace lack of schedules and intradepartmental miscommunication.

However, there are a number of management weaknesses that require to be addressed. The setting within this health institution is wanting. To this finish, mother and father who bring their kids to the middle are not happy due to the scarcity of sitting area. For example, an absence of such amenities as proper ready rooms results in a decline in the number of sufferers who entry this facility. For example, the few resting rooms result in the absence of sufferers.

Based on the challenges mentioned, it is clear that a management dilemma is presented with respect to shopper satisfaction when addressing the problems. The proposed analysis intends to give you a variety of solutions to deal with the challenges whereas maintaining the ethics of a special needs institution. The following excerpt outlines the main problems faced by the establishment:

“The center relies closely on generous donations. But money continues to be tight. Parents pay a fee, however this only covers about half the cost of educating each baby, stated the middle’s director, Dr. Mowfaq Mustafa. New tools is at all times wanted to cater for the very totally different needs of each pupil, while weekly trips to take them horse driving or for shopping – outings that assist combine them into society – are a drain on resources” (Bell 2).

The excerpt outlines the most important monetary constraints hindering the achievement of the establishment’s calls for. To this finish, the variety of sufferers visiting this institution has been on a decline since 2011 (Bell three). The decline could be attributed to the organization’s lack of ability to satisfy the ever-rising demands of a particular needs institution.

The management can’t be spared blame given their role in steering the corporate to higher heights. The study will outline some of the weaknesses and provide solutions where necessary. The major objective of this research is to outline how a special needs institution can restructure itself to provide the companies to a large demographic. Abu Dhabi Special Needs School will act as a case examine in this regard.

Target Market

The research entails qualitative and quantitative data obtained from a designated sample group. Questionnaires might be administered to the inhabitants to acquire the first data needed for the study. Creswell recommends the usage of dynamic demographics to ensure that the information collected displays the aims outlined (67). In this regard, the inhabitants consists of fogeys of sufferers, particular wants practitioners, and educational consultants.

The study was carried out over a short time period. To this end, the target market was relatively small. A whole of 150 participants had been concerned within the survey. There had been 60 parents, fifty five particular needs workers, and 35 consultants. The participants have been between the ages of 30 and forty five. Creswell asserts that gender diversity is essential in such sort of a study (103). In gentle of this, eighty of the individuals were female, whereas 70 were male.

The goal market was additionally chosen primarily based on their knowledge and experience with matters regarding special needs establishments (Creswell sixty six). The dad and mom had been selected owing to their interplay with the actual issues that have an effect on the sufferers. For instance, environmental issues and weak spot in administration would simply be recognized by the shoppers of Abu Dhabi Special Needs School.

On the opposite hand, the special wants staff were integrated within the research to get an skilled opinion on how a particular wants institution operates. The consultants were included to assist in figuring out and offering options to the challenges facing the establishment.

Research Objectives

In section 1 of this paper, it was revealed that the challenges introduced a managerial dilemma. The research will present solutions to the challenges courtesy of the evaluation of varied elements of literature and the goal group.

However, the solutions really helpful in this examine will assist address the managerial dilemma and understand patient development. The major goal of this study is the rise in patient numbers on the establishment. The examine is a construct upon similar analysis carried out by Khan (ninety eight). Increased affected person traffic to the office translates to addressing societal issues pertaining to psychological sickness.

The study has a total of 4 specific objectives that may assist in the belief of the target of increasing the number of patients to the hospital. According to Khan, a particular needs institution requires an surroundings that’s conducive for tapping into the creativity of the sufferers (one hundred and one). The examine will develop an ideal environment. Secondly, the research will assist in the formulation of an effective communication technique. Improved communication helps in correct service supply, thereby attracting more shoppers.

Managerial weaknesses are common in many organizations. The major administration limitations contact on the financial prudence of the organization (Miesenberger 34). The well being heart requires exterior financial help, which mostly comes from donors. However, the management continually fails to offer concrete accounts of the expenditure.

Towards this end, the analysis will help remedy the monetary impropriety at the well being facility. Finally, the research will make the required suggestions with respect to the general challenges and supply a roadmap to recovery.

The analysis goals will only be addressed once there are clearly outlined questions. To this finish, the research will tackle the following questions:

The analysis questions shall be outlined in the questionnaire. The study will present a variety of options (primarily based on a literature evaluation) from which the participants can select an ideal response. The choices are derived from different studies which have helped in the development of special wants education. Appendix 1 illustrates the questionnaire and the responses offered.

Research Methodology

Research undertakings require a goal market within the provision of a sample that may give an sufficient response to the goals sought. In this regard, Creswell points out that a target population is an ideal source of information meant for use for the analysis (ninety five). However, the current study may even employ an explorative analysis design where secondary sources might be used to assist the primary information collected. In this regard, two sampling procedures shall be undertaken.

The project includes the analysis of data from both primary and secondary sources. To this end, the project will contain sources of strategic administration from peer-reviewed journals and books. However, Creswell points out that such a project would achieve credibility with the reliance on primary sources of information (76). The strategies for amassing the first data embody the administration and evaluation of questionnaires, making observations, and conducting surveys.

Simple random sampling will be employed with respect to the target population. A sampling of this nature ensures that each particular person within the target population will get a chance of being included in the sample. Consequently, a list of the complete population will be essential for a random selection.

There can be a stratified sampling that might be carried out to supplement the simple random technique. A stratified random sampling requires the population group to be divided into teams with relevant options of the research (Creswell ninety six). In this research, the goal inhabitants shall be divided based mostly on gender, age, and information of special wants care.

The information assortment course of will contain a 3-step method. The first step will involve problem identification. In this regard, an inside evaluation is critical to match with other similar health departments (Creswell 34).

Secondly, the information collection will choose priority issues and set the required objectives. In this regard, the information assortment will work alongside sure hypotheses to seek needed responses from the participants. The third step will be a comparability of the information collected with current literature on the subject. The whole knowledge collection process is estimated to take two weeks.

The duration of the examine was short. To this finish, the questionnaires were distributed in two teams. The first concerned a bunch session where 123 members have been gathered and the questionnaire administered. According to Creswell, an strategy of that nature helps to save lots of on time (a hundred and one). The second group of members had the questionnaire administered through a phone interview. Fortunately, all a hundred and fifty participants completed the questionnaire. In the following part, an evaluation of the information is printed.

Data Analysis

Qualitative research requires a complete knowledge evaluation procedure. To this end, the proposed research will require an appropriate knowledge evaluation technique to help in evaluating the findings. According to Creswell, knowledge analysis permits for additional research on a subject (102). There are varied information evaluation procedures. They assist in the realization of study aims by way of the testing of hypotheses.

The raw data is converted into information. For occasion, the management weaknesses could be identified from the responses obtained. Once the weaknesses are recognized, they are in contrast in opposition to current literature, and a middle ground is reached. According to Creswell, information evaluation of this nature requires an exploration of the variables (103).

The data analysis will depend on the exploratory analysis design proposed. Tabulation shall be used to current the findings of the examine. Thereafter, a comparative approach will be employed (Creswell, 103). Information obtained from the literature evaluation might be compared against every of the research goals. The findings of the study will emerge after a complete comparison between present literature and raw knowledge from the participants (Creswell 109).

With respect to the present study, knowledge evaluation will contain an evaluation of the opinions regarding administration weaknesses. For occasion, the financial impropriety is evaluated from existing literature and in contrast with the uncooked information from the goal market.

According to Miesenberger, institutions that provide services to particular wants individuals require to provide an environment that is conducive for their operation (87). In this regard, the uncooked information might be evaluated on the premise of whether or not the knowledge conforms to the trade requirements or not.

The data evaluation will contain some type of descriptive statistics. Descriptive statistics should not be confused as a conclusion (Creswell forty four). Rather, they are meant to offer an summary of the parameters beneath investigation. For occasion, descriptive statistics can define the tendency of miscommunication within the health center. In this regard, some charts and graphs might be included in the information evaluation (Creswell 45).

Abu Dhabi Special Needs School has experienced numerous challenges. Consequently, scholar numbers have continued to say no. The weaknesses in the administration have largely resulted within the firm’s attraction for funds, as illustrated by Bell (3). In this regard, the data gathered from the study will help provide a solution to the challenges faced by this nice institution.

What is the Ideal Environment for Special Needs Education?

Participants were requested to suggest an appropriate surroundings. The questionnaire had the next options to select from:

Out of the one hundred fifty participants, 109 argued that an ideal environment is one that’s spacious, clear, and well-staffed. Thirty-three of the individuals held the view that a well funded and properly staffed institution constitutes an ideal surroundings. Eight of the members went for a spacious and nicely-funded institution. The outcomes illustrate that space, staffing, and financial help aid within the growth of an acceptable environment for a particular needs establishment.

According to Hollar, particular needs institutions require a spacious environment to permit for the assorted packages (34). However, generally, the lack of funding inhibits the allocation of such areas. The Abu Dhabi Special Needs School has little space owing to the shortage of funds. According to Bell, the establishment requires extra funding since it’s a non-revenue organization that solely relies on donor help (4). The funding will enable the creation of larger rooms and higher amenities.

What are the Effective Communication Strategies in a Special Needs School?

Special wants faculties are staffed by different professionals. In this regard, communication becomes an enormous obstacle. According to Hollar, institutions with poor communication strategies fail to satisfy their core goals (33). In this regard, the individuals have been requested to pick, from a raft of choices, a few of the strategies that may be utilized to a particular wants set up. The following are the responses supplied:

Sixty-seven of the members supported the concept of having a daily departmental meetingThirty-one individuals supported having regular conferences with stakeholders, while fifty two of these polled instructed that the event of an annual strategic plan would be an effective communication technique. Evidently, all three responses scored comparatively high among the participants. However, Khan argues that an effective communication plan is one where the employees and stakeholders are in sync with each other (105).

What are a number of the Ways of Boosting Patient Numbers in a Special Needs Institution?

Abu Dhabi Special Needs School has recorded dwindling numbers over the previous few years. However, the establishment is not alone. There are a variety of similar establishments confronted with an actual predicament. In this regard, the participants have been requested to counsel attainable methods to spice up the numbers. The questionnaires had the following options for the members to select from:

A complete of 54 individuals went with the concept that creating a spacious and conducive surroundings would increase patient numbers. Forty-three had been in favor of the employment of extra and highly qualified personnel. On the other hand, 53 held the view that patent numbers would greatly be boosted if excessive-tech equipment was acquired. According to Khan, special wants institutions provide a special kind of care when it comes to schooling and remedy (99). To this end, there’s a want for house, qualified staff, and superior gear.

Abu Dhabi, Special wants establishment, caters to individuals with palsy, autism, and other special needs instances. To this finish, a bigger house would allow for more sufferers and college students to learn from the companies. Miesenberger means that special wants schooling and care require professionals skilled within the subject (seventy seven).

Consequently, there is a want to have interaction more qualified personnel to make sure that there is comprehensive care given to the sufferers. With respect to cases like cerebral palsy, advanced tools is required to make sure the sufferers get the best possible care.

Management Weaknesses

As already talked about, the establishment is confronted with a number of administration weaknesses. The main weak spot touches on financial impropriety. To this finish, the individuals were asked to outline a few of the major weaknesses on the part of the administration. The thought of weak point in management is supported by the truth that the institution is unable to fulfill some of its core objectives. The following is a listing of the options offered to the individuals in the questionnaire;

In this section, all the participants responded to the question. Eighty-one of many individuals argued that the major weak spot was the lack of innovativeness in sourcing for funds. Seventeen of the individuals felt that the management was not dealing with the funds properly. On the opposite hand, 52 of those polled suggested that the shortcoming to develop an efficient communications plan was the most important weak spot confronted by the group.

However, Hollar factors out that the majority particular wants establishments succeed based on the administration’s capability to spur growth through innovation (136). In this regard, the Abu Dhabi Special Needs School would argue that the dwindling numbers are because of ineffective administration.

The management of a company is important in addressing its core objectives. In the case of the Abu Dhabi Special Needs School, the management is clearly unable to satisfy its objectives due to the lack of innovativeness and poor communication plans.

Khan means that communication inside such an institution is vital to triggering innovation (99). The establishment can, subsequently, resolve the administration weaknesses by growing a working communication technique. The strategy should embody all stakeholders to make sure that there is a giant pool of individuals the place innovativeness could be tapped.

How can Abu Dhabi Special Needs School Realise Customer Satisfaction?

The most affected get together, in a particular wants arrange, is the affected person. However, the mother and father who have to take their children to such establishments also face the ache of an institution that isn’t as much as normal. In this regard, there’s a need to make sure customer satisfaction. According to Hollar, an institution with good customer satisfaction attracts extra shoppers (ninety eight). Consequently, the individuals on this study had been polled on how this particular establishment can enhance buyer satisfaction. The following were options which they had been to choose from:

One hundred three of the respondents argued that a pleasant surroundings would significantly enhance buyer satisfaction. 25 of the participants held the view that establishing of an interactive customer care section would tremendously impression on customer satisfaction. On the opposite hand, solely 23 of the individuals supported the idea of assuring clients of the most effective care.

Customer satisfaction relies on how greatest the consumer is handled prior to the utilization of providers. An interactive customer care part would work completely to make sure that the shoppers are attended to correctly (Hollar 66). However, Abu Dhabi Special Needs School has a really small ready space. Towards this finish, the setting on the establishment becomes wanting.

Parents won’t be assured that their patients will obtain one of the best care if issues like reception usually are not addressed. Consequently, there is a want to evaluate the parameters touching the establishment’s environment to make sure that dad and mom are assured of the nicely being of their children.

Study Limitations

During knowledge collection in Abu Dhabi was delayed since the members arrived late. The participants claimed to have encountered a big wind storm, which created a site visitors pile up. Consequently, the goal market was more pressed for time and less keen to take part. However, the individuals agreed to continue with the study.

Although Abu Dhabi Special Needs School’s identification was disguised, it was inconceivable to disguise that the clients have been the many kids who wanted special care. The analysis was not sponsored by any party. This assumption could have biased the respondents’ responses owing to the empathy created (Creswell 30).

The respondents participated with an empathetic approach, quite than an expert one. In some situations, the members were clouded by feelings. Nevertheless, there we professionals who helped steer the interview alongside the required path. The duration of the examine was quite brief. Consequently, the number of individuals had to be regulated. Fortunately, all of the participants gave responses.


Abu Dhabi Special Needs School is clearly meant to offer therapeutic services to many kids who require specialized care. However, the institution is unable to fulfill its core goals owing to the financial shortcomings illustrated in this report.

The discussions have revealed that the administration is partly accountable for allowing the institution to stagnate. According to Khan, particular needs institutions require proactive management to ensure that monetary calls for are met (100). The financial calls for will enable the institution to accumulate equipment and employ certified personnel.

The establishment can also be confronted with a poor public relations mechanism. The lack of an internal scheduling system and a poor communication network irritate matters at the facility. Special needs institutions are meant to have a welcoming setting beyond the buildings (Hollar sixty six). In this regard, a strategic communication plan would be effective in making a extra welcoming setting.

However, additional research is required to determine effective methods through which buyer satisfaction could be realized in particular needs establishments. Such institutions can increase the variety of college students accessing them.


The research has concluded that the major reason why the population is reducing at Abu Dhabi Special Needs School is as a result of administration weaknesses. The following suggestions are made to make sure the establishment meets its core goals whereas addressing the issue of lowering inhabitants:

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