Acco Brands Corporation And V F. Corporation Annual Reports

Acco Brands Corporation and V.F. Corporation: Annual Reports Report


Acco Brands Corporation and V.F. Corporation are two corporations listed in a web site referred to as These two companies released their annual reports recently and are the subject of debate in this report. The two corporations additionally fall underneath the buyer goods sector and launch stories to numerous stakeholders yearly. Acco Brands Corporation designs, creates, manufactures, and markets a number of conservative pc primarily based office merchandise in areas serving North America, Europe, and the Australian continents (Acco Brands Corporation, 2012). On the other hand, V. F. Corporation brands lifestyle outfits similar to denims, footwear, and different types of apparels (V.F. Corporation, 2007). The primary goal of this report is to check several elements of the annual reviews as presented by each of these firms.

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Acco Brands Corporation and V.F. Corporation exhibit apparent differences in the method during which their annual reviews are organized and presented. Organization of a chunk of communication in written format needs to follow varied types and codecs to achieve a certain impact on the customers of the group’s manufacturers. Looking on the two reviews, one notices fully different reports basing on type and group of data. For instance, while Acco Brands focuses extra on details through written word all via its report, V.F. Corporation follows a very different format of using catchy and well coloured photos and graphics to make sure readers understand data properly. Both companies however do an excellent job in presenting the knowledge that they need to convey to their goal audiences. This is finished through the use of information and figures that are correctly organized in charts and tables. Acco Brands Corporation annual report covers 2012 while V.F. Corporation report summarizes operations in 2007. As a outcome, I can confidently conclude that the companies obtain the sole aim of exhibiting the necessary conclusions that may be simply interpreted by shareholders regarding the performances of the companies.

Going by way of each of the one stories of the businesses sampled here, there is a mutual method in which the objectives, plans, and challenges confronted by the organizations are discussed by the top managers. Each report clearly outlines every of the products that the businesses promote to satisfy their markets. Distribution and sale of each of this stuff is mentioned in length within the stories signaling either success or failure in achieving any set targets. All the challenges faced are detailed correctly in the stability sheets relative to the financial proceeds collected from the operations of the companies. The roles of the administration and that of every of the stakeholders are also properly documented within the stories. It therefore remains clear regarding who takes responsibility concerning the failure or success of each plans as set out by the administration.

As earlier mentioned, every of the reviews as presented by the two firms varies tremendously in fashion and format. Acco Brands Corporation as an example details a lot information in written form and using a number of tables and charts particularly when discussing the financial statements (Acco Brands Corporation, 2012). V.F. Corporation on the other hand focuses tremendously on using footage and pictures in expressing its views and information (VF Corporation, 2007). These formats may serve to reinforce or detract audiences from the information being offered. For occasion, too much use of pictures and pictures might find yourself causing little data diffusing to the reader’s minds. However, being visually appealing, it might improve the interest of individuals into reading what’s being offered in the reports. Looking at a report that’s too much detailed with data and expert evaluation has the benefit of instilling trust within the stakeholders. However, the drawback may be that it could trigger lack of curiosity to read on the part of stakeholders who are not consultants or not properly schooled.


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