Adjustment Disorder Diagnostic And Treatment Issues

Adjustment Disorder: Diagnostic and Treatment Issues Case Study

The first story into consideration is devoted to a person with Down syndrome and his mom (“A Mom, a Son,” 2016). As the title of the story implies, Joshua Myers, the person in query, has suffered via inability to simply accept the dysfunction. He regarded his situation as a curse and has tried a suicide by strolling into a busy crossroad. A stranger had a dialog with Joshua and obviously made him change his point of view. Joshua’s mother has been stressed over not having the ability to cope with her son’s condition as well. However, the incident has made an influence on her stance and improved her relationship with her son (“A Mom, a Son,” 2016).

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The second article describes a person who accidentally ended his sister’s life after they both have been children (“Gone with a Gunshot,” 2016). Sean Smith, aged 10 when the accident occurred, and his eight-year-old sister Erin found a gun in their father’s room; inadvertently, the boy pulled the set off, and the shot killed his sister. Albeit the conversations along with his household, Sean was critically affected. Unable to deal with his sister’s dying, he was later expelled from faculty and suffered substance abuse. With the delivery of his son, Sean’s perspective partially changed and he began to get well. Sean’s mother has suffered the loss and has been worried for Sean, however his restoration after more than twenty years of pain has revived her optimism (“Gone with a Gunshot,” 2016).

The points – each emotional and behavioral – mentioned in the articles may be considered the signs of an adjustment disorder (AD). The direct indicators of AD that we are able to witness in the first case are disappointment, desperation, the sensation of being overwhelmed, and suicide tried by the overwhelmed person (Casey & Doherty, 2012). The second case presents the emotional and behavioral determinants within the type of crying spells, escaping reality, and, probably, poor performance at college that resulted into the protagonist being expelled (Casey & Doherty, 2012). As we can see from each articles, the AD-exposed individuals have skilled a adequate improvement in their coping abilities. In the primary article, one of the sources of improvement was help provided by a third party – the conversation between Joshua and a stranger – which mainly summarizes the elements of the social support technique (Santrock, 2006).

Another one can be using humor to handle the taxing condition: Joshua and his mom have developed some rituals that boost their spirits and generally cheer them up. Also, one of the possible elements which have proved efficient in eliminating stress was the professional-life attitudes Joshua and his mother developed after the suicide try, which is an implementation the of optimistic thinking technique (Santrock, 2006). The different story’s performing figure had been unsuccessful along with his academic performance and reckless with drug issues however changed after his son was born. Such change is a proof that an increased self-control strategy was utilized (Santrock, 2006). The hero planning what he wants to attain, or no less than hoping that he ultimately will, could be an instance of proactive coping strategy. Overall, the individuals featuring the second story are utilizing quite a lot of methods, corresponding to self-control, proactivity, and constructive considering – which is in itself a method (Santrock, 2006).

Among the best methods, cognitive and behavioral strategies are mentioned (Santrock, 2006). On their approach to adjustment, Joshua and his mother have already used the most important element of cognitive coping, which is the optimistic pondering technique. Santrock (2006) asserts that thoughts and beliefs that focus a person on their issues ought to be changed by other thoughts. Concentrating on her son’s disorder didn’t allow Joshua’s mother to progress and adjust. If she had ever tried to avoid unpleasant thoughts, it didn’t work both. She described the situation as frightening and has obviously experienced extended stress because of her inability to deal with Joshua’s despair (“A Mom, a Son,” 2016). Thinking positively improved their adjustment but taking actions that may strengthen the bonds would additionally prove helpful for both of them. For a person with the Down syndrome, family duties could be a sure advance in coping; additionally, they might follow meditation to launch the strain, ought to one occur (Santrock, 2006).

As to the persons featuring the second story, Sean Smith and his mom have made a sufficient progress by taking actions, self-control, and regarding the situation optimistically (“Gone with a Gunshot,” 2016). The facet of cognitive adjustment strategy that ought to probably be applied is social help. This strategy, when utilized to practice, supplies the AD-exposed person with suggestions from their immediate surrounding and assures the affected person that they are valued and cared for (Santrock, 2006). The sensation of guilt and devastation that Sean had experienced drove him off the trail but support from the household and surroundings might make him consider that he was nevertheless accepted. His mom, in turn, would profit from mutual assist that may empower her to apply different strategies more efficiently.


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