Advertising Plan For Security Systems Technology (8c55611)

Situational Analysis

Safety Systems Technology has vast experience in the production of fire and gas detection systems. Since 1988, the company has been dedicated to this course. Lately, the company expanded its operations to encompass eco-safety solutions and the development of integrated turnkey systems.


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Despite these kinds of expansion programs, typically the company’s main goods, which can be also their main income earners, have remained their traditional products these kinds of “Alarm Control Solar panels, Fire Extinguishers, Burglar alarm Signals, Gas Receptors, and Fire Detectors” (safetysys. com).

Currently, the business has an agreeable customer base inside diverse industries inside different regions. Generally the following are a lot of the business sectors in which often typically the business has consumers.

  • Oil in addition to gas pursuit in addition to drilling
  • Turbine manufacturers
  • Hazardous waste
  • Chemical storage facilities
  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Ships and tankers
  • Utilities
  • Automobile manufacturing
  • Refrigeration
  • Nuclear facilities
  • Alternative energy
  • Industrial producing facilities

Over the many yrs movement, typically typically the company’s growth inside of all its sets out of business gives been impressive. About the other palm, the desire to be able to manage to utilize additional market segments provides necessitated a fresh marketing plan. Typically the particular decline of all sectors following typically the 2008/2009 global economical recession has more irritated the case.

When many industrial sectors proceeded to move under due inside order to the cruel financial conditions inside 2008/2009, the company’s income dropped substantially. Given that typically the United Says had been among the list of nations tremendously hit simply by simply the crisis, typically the organization has decided in order to be able to diversify its hazards to other locations to prevent upcoming marketplace frustrations.

The company, as a result, expects to commit in other locations which may have shown tiny economic ties alongside with European financial systems this kind regarding as Asia as well as the Middle Asian. In many scenarios, an economic difficulties that hits typically the usa, has for some reason strike other Countries in europe.

Therefore, taking advantage of the region by simply yourself is foolish. Simply by getting and creating supply centers inside typically the other locations, typically the company is going to be establishing a sturdy economical foundation of which often economic ripples rocking one region may possibly not easily effect.


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Most importantly, house together with regard to protection remedy products provides recently been about the surge. These days, many folks favor having burglar burglar alarm systems with their houses (Association of hearth Chiefs International 153).

This is at competitors to old developments wherever the particular ample, mighty, and Vip’s had alarm procedures in their houses. The company’s aimed is always to be able to reach out right now there to this improving market to boost its earnings.

Market Summary

It is prudent to be able to be able to be able to acknowledge that SSS exists within a fantastic intensely competitive industry. The company constantly face aggressive opposition in all their particular spheres of organization operations. The security remedies market is usually seen as repeated product advancement, in addition to technological breakthroughs.

SSS has flipped tremendous strides to level these difficulties. However, its continuous market dominance depends upon its capacity to be able to be able to develop and gives an individual new innovative items and services.

Currently, the need for safety cure products has continuous to rise slowly. New markets have got emerged thereby relaxing the stiff competitors from big businesses. Traditionally, these items are actually made regarding large businesses in addition to established establishments.

Marketing Strategy


SSS’s quest is usually “to guard lifestyles, property, plus important equipment by providing superior quality and dependable fireplace and gasoline diagnosis systems created by means of the make employ of of superior technologies and innovation” (safetysys. com).

Marketing Objectives

SSS expectations to develop mind of its what to potential customers worldwide. Inside the particular method, the corporation desires to15325 position by alone to tap inside to the company plus household market segments in the same step.


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Both the want in the industry sector in addition to families has recently been growing plus the business should utilize that. The company’s intrusions in the commercial and allied industries have already confirmed effective and, consequently, same strategies ought to be used in order to harness the possible of household need.

Although the organization prides in brand name recognition and great image, it ought to further its graphic building strategies by simply engaged in trade exhibits, exhibitions, and sociable responsibility events.

Specifically, the business need to undertake two sociable responsibly events every single year, participate inside one or more international event annually, and show up at one or more trade demonstrate locally.

Financial Objectives

The year-ended June2012 saw typically the company attain their financial target regarding $ 1 , 000, 000. This was achievable due to well structured marketing plans. In 2013, the firm seeks to reach $1. 3 million targeted. This is not necessarily impossible considering typically the marketing strategies applied for the period of time.

Target Markets

SSS’s traditional industry it’s still given very first priority. However, additional emerging markets previously identified in Parts of asia plus the Middle Far east is going to be explored. The big percentage associated with the company’s income have traditionally range from US market. Utilizing the fermage of extra marketplaces, earnings will certainly most surely increase.

The company’s marketplace with regards to products will be broken into home and business. With regard to a long period, industrial items possess formed the specific bedrock from the income. Attention will definitely right now be separated similarly between the specific two lines considering the steady advancement of household along with regard to the particular company’s items.

Cost Management Strategy

The organization is designed at implementing picky cost management techniques. In areas such as California where exactly the market discuss will be huge, this would maintain typical industry prices in order to capitalize on the market strength to improve profitability. Areas exactly where it lags behind should have prices lowered to increase customer base.


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Lowering prices for capturing low-end market that could otherwise be remaining will involve a number of strategies. First, the particular company should boost its efficiency. This should also include in optimal freelancing, and acquire inexpensive uncooked materials.

Differentiation Strategy

The business intends in order to hire usually the make use of of difference technique by giving distinctive top quality goods loved by consumers. In case customers consider items are special, they may be willing to spend even premium costs for them. By doing this, the company will certainly avoid cutthroat cost competitions.

Backward Integration

SSS is designed at adopting in reverse differentiation to lessen the costs. By obtaining a stake in suppliers of its raw materials, it will be able to have not only control, but also the ability to reduce significantly, its spending. For instance, the company spends a lot of money paying steel companies that supply it with raw materials.

If it can acquire the companies, it will be able to get the materials more cheaply because there will be no added profits to charges. Backward integration clears chance for cost command. Cost leadership, inside this case becoming a firm’s dedication to be able to compete based about price.

The success of this specific strategy requires typically the particular company to need the lowest prices in the marketplace. This will become only possible every time a organization cuts the expenses significantly. In invert integration gives this particular particular opportunity in order to reduce cost.

SSS Customer Analysis

SSS’s consumer profiling can be differentiated within just terms of the products since every product attracts the specific group associated with customers.

  1. Fire Detectors

A rule-based user profile of customers purchasing open fire detectors depicts that will they are mainly companies in various industries. Their possible customers include little, growing, and founded companies in sectors such food digesting, steel mills, essential oil and gas, pulp and document, meats processing in addition to fabrics.

  1. Alarm Control Panel

It is usually broadly used inside sectors and very safeguarded places just like authorities offices in addition to pricey private attributes. Most of the product is usually accessible sa diverse kinds according to be able to the nature relating to engagement.

  1. Household Consumption

The company gives a a extensive portfolio of products for domestic consumption. As such, really low wide customer bottom part for the items. A number of its numerous popular products contain Security alarm Signals in inclusion to fire extinguishers.

Marketing Mix

Product, Price, Put in place addition to Advertising (4 PS)

The success regarding any kind of business relies upon two elements, the position, in inclusion to the appeal regarding the market it gives ventured. Firms with industries regarded substandard may help to make considerable profits since regarding their place within just individuals industries.

Optimal positioning brings concerning high profits. Experiencing the 2 described elements, positioning in add-on to industry assortment, demands careful assortment, research, and utilizing regarding strengths. Within this specific case, the company will adopt cost leadership and distinction strategies discussed more than.


The company specializes on six product varies. This diversification is going to be important for this particular spreads risk in addition earnings. To increase its earnings extra, all products varies will be allocated funds for advertising and development. The particular six main products are listed below.

  • Fire Detectors
  • Gas Sensors
  • Alarm Control Panels
  • Alarm Signals
  • Fire Extinguishing
  • Eco Safety Solutions


Though the values charged by simply SSS may end up being considered high, typically the effects of minimizing them further may be significant. Typically the company has taken care of premium prices because of brand name in addition to reputation that have got rendered the consequences of value based competition little.

With typically the invasion from the standard markets by additional market giants, typically the company must look into making its rates as competitive considering that possible. Lowering costs could increase buyer base. Increased buyer bottom translates to be able to large profits regarding most of the firm.


Currently, SSS’s major market is usually UNITED STATES ASSOCIATED WITH AMERICA. Nevertheless , the particular business has turn out to be planning for a new main drive to become able to increase its occurrence internationally. The push in order to invest inside these types of markets is generally powered by several aspects.

The primary drive is generally the particular increasing pertaining to protection solutions. Subsequently, the particular untapped market sections present the best populace on world. The particular big human populace presents a big consumer bottom. Within this regard, The far east as well as the Middle Eastern are its primary targets.


SSS intends in order to adopt various marketing strategies that not really involve vast sums regarding money. The particular business hopes in order to employ advertising plus marketing to increase their image in addition to goods.

Too quite definitely advertising is usually not necessarily advised as it may possibly just be successful about certain optimum reduce; mainly because these kinds regarding, the company gives put measures create to ensure regarding which an optimum stage of ad is usually attained.

In the existing economic year, the business enterprise intends to pay out bucks 15, 500 about advertisement. The particular stand below displays certain areas associated with expenses and anticipated earnings generated through advertising and advertising effects.

Marketing expenditureFebruaryMarchApriltotal
Trade shows90010802700
Sales training6005001001200
Total spent50005200480015000
Total sales400000450000600000145000
Marketing as the new % sales1. 251. 150. 8

Online Advertising

Internet has confirmed successful lately within ad. In fact , within accordance with Yeshin, “the net ought to not become considered as an option for advertising within traditional media, ” instead, the internet must be used because a main campaign method due within order to the wide protection, cost effectiveness, plus efficiency (379).

Use associated with social networking this kind of as Fb plus Twitter plus business website can be regarding great significance to be able to internet marketing. About the internet ad will operate for 3 months.


“An appealing leaflet can be pretty useful” (Henning 169). Consequently, the business need to design and stamping brochures and spread out them to achievable customers to aid marketing of organization items.

Trade Shows

Trade displays, when well structured, can be vital to a new company’s success. That will be no surprise which Hisrich claimed which, “The importance concerning trade shows within industrial sales cannot be overstated” (Hisrich 139).


Radio advertisement is definitely of great worth inspite of the introduction regarding the internet in addition to Television. More continue in order to, the associated along with FM radio channels has had within jest between audience. The company intends in order to employ three well-known radio stations channels in their ads.

SWOT Analysis


The organization has its own strengths that will have got observed it is become typically the leading producer regarding solution systems goods.

Unique in addition to High Quality Products

The company’s best strength comes coming from its unique in addition to high quality goods. The company’s goods meet customer specifications and therefore are of fantastic quality. It has made certain repurchases, hence, moving it to higher heights.

Competent Employees

The organization boasts a group of highly competent employees that have the particular experience and experience to produce unrivalled products.

With a very experienced, experienced, and dedicated group, success is nearly assured. The achievements of any type of business is extremely reliant on the personnel. SSS is merely no exception. Without having the particular information and assistance associated with staff, usually the organization could have obtained not achieved exactly what it has already been doing these times.

Highly Licensed Management

SSS prides in a really experienced management personnel. For any business growing, competent individuals who will create realistic decisions, plus appear plan innovative methods for growing the particular business’ income should lead it. The particular organization’s top administration and advisors are usually all top-rate supervisors whose reputation will be widely acclaimed.

Good Reputation

The company’s reputation will be widely acclaimed. The particular company’s commitment in order to excellence and development have earned it a name and a reputation. Furthermore, the company has ventured in the international platform to bid for tenders with other international companies with vast wealth and experience, and the result has been satisfying.

This has not only cemented its place as a leader in the ALL OF US, but has furthermore portrayed this the company whose regular is internationally acknowledged. This has lead in increased client confidence.

Research and Development

The gradual, but constant growth of SSS has been credited to ongoing study. All SSS’s items undergo ongoing evaluation to appreciate excellent performance and ease of use. Typically the company offers continuing to invest significant sums of funds to increase research about security solutions. This specific has ensured of which it has stayed on top of security remedies technological.

Low Operational Costs

The difference between accomplishment and failure is usually the ability regarding a business to slice the cost regarding the operations. By simply generating its producing equipment, SSS carries on to be in a position to decrease enormously its manufacturing expense, hence growing their profit perimeter.


Despite typically the strengths that may have got propelled the actual business to achievement, several weaknesses jeopardize to be able to affect adversely their market placement in addition to earnings.

Private Ownership

The company has remained privately owned despite tremendous growth over the years. This has denied public participation in its activities. Considering the advantages of active public participation in a company’s operations, the company is losing a lot.

Provision of Uniform Products

Though the provision of uniform products provides made the business endure out, it is usually also the best undoing. It is because businesses that may wish customized products are not able to get these individuals. Customization is a good excellent marketing plus advertising strategy plus typically the organization should take in to account it.


For the long time, usually the company offers targeted on the local market, the particular Combined States associated with The usa. To get a business with a new international image just like Protection Systems Technological innovation, focusing within a new regional promoting is usually similar to organizing to manage to are unsuccessful. Consequently, most of the business should diversify their markets to further improve the earnings.

Potential Leadership Gap

The company’s management proficiency and experience can be its undoing. The company offers not been interested in hiring new abilities and recruiting all of them to join the particular management level.

Over the final ten years, the organization has only employed one employee along with over 15 many years experience in the related field, Julie Molina, as the Overseer of Customer support (safetysys. com). For many years, that has relied about its old administrators. In case regarding anything or unexpected changes in command, transition could end up being challenging.


Household Products Line

The very very first open choice of generally the company is usually inside the house intake line. The particular business provides carried on to broaden almost all its market sections and catalog.

However, its wedding in producing actually more household items may prove a lot more rewarding. This will be since households’ along with regard to security systems such given that alarms has observed a huge development.

New Market

Non-traditional markets such as Areas of asia and Africa possessing shown interest in addition to capacity to consume safety solution products. Inside this regard, typically the company’s market is usually more likely to expand.

Assured Demand

The demand for security each in your own home and in the work location will always can be found so long as men reside. The organization is therefore a going issue. Regarding this, efforts ought to be centered on study and innovation in order to stay ahead associated with the pack.


High Prices

SSS charges affordable prices. However, the particular costs continue to be considerably high for normal income families that else desire protection options. To increase the market foundation, the particular organization should think regarding reducing its expenses further.

Up Against Established Competitors

By venturing within to the worldwide marketplace, the organization “announced” its presence to promote leaders such because Draeger, RAE Techniques, plus Detector Consumer consumer electronics Corporation. These started companies have the particular particular experience, prosperity, plus employees within order to anger its procedures.

Economic Depression

Economic downturns affect typically the company both right and indirectly. This specific affects the business immediately by growing detailed costs plus generating access so as to financing hard; indirectly by simply affecting the clients’ buying capability.

Product Offering

The company’s goods are unquestionably distinctive and modern. Techniques Solutions Technological innovation offers had the capacity inside order to recognize market requirements in addition to also to build items to satisfy those requires.

As a fresh result, it truly is inside a position to be able to cut pleasantly previously mentioned many regarding their competitors. Inside reality, a number of their products can endure as market market leaders even on typically the international platform.

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