African Americans In The American Revolution

African Americans within the American Revolution Essay

The American Revolution presents historians and other students with an enormous paradoxical debate. On one hand, the American Revolution is credited with turning the United States into the land of the free. On the opposite hand, when the American Revolution was underway over twenty percent of the nation’s population was enslaved. The American Revolution could not have been healthful without the involvement of each free and enslaved African Americans. The African Americans’ scope of involvement in the Revolution differed across the thirteen British colonies. Both the slave masters and the British colonizers sought the help of the African Americans in the course of the American Revolution. Nevertheless, the African Americans who took half in the American Revolution would have a special opinion about its ‘revolutionary’ nature. This paper explores how revolutionary the American Revolution was from the angle of the free and enslaved African Americans.

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First, you will need to observe that the American Revolution did not change the quality of life for enslaved African Americans. Most of the enslaved African Americans found themselves working in rice or tobacco plantations when the American Revolution started. The African Americans who have been working in the white-owned plantations had little to no interplay with their masters. In addition, the slaves had a way of life that was parallel to that of their masters. The African Americans’ prospects of gaining freedom came at a high price. The freedom that was being sought by patriots via the American Revolution was an odd prospect for an African American slave. One of the foremost African American abolitionists Pastor Absalom Jones recounted how he had witnessed freed slaves being pursued for re-enslavement. The attainment of freedom for slaves was a difficult enterprise. In his petition to the Congress, Pastor Absalom notes that most African Americans needed to put big efforts into the attainment of their freedom just for them to be recaptured by white people who re-sold them into slavery. Consequently, the explanations and arguments behind the American Revolution could not enchantment to a median enslaved African American.

The revolutionary nature of the American Revolution didn’t resonate with each the free and enslaved African Americans who served in the Army. The enlistment of African Americans within the Army through the American Revolution solely served the interests of the patriots and the British Colony. Nevertheless, the patriots have been very anxious about the potential for slaves turning against their masters. Consequently, the British colony exploited the slave-owners’ concern by providing freedom to all African Americans who fought for the British facet. The Lord Dunmore’s Proclamation offered all African Americans the proper to bear arms with the goal of enlisting them to fight against the patriots. Although Dunmore’s Proclamation gave each free and enslaved African American extra rights, it additionally made it criminal for them to oppose this decree. Subsequently, any African American who did not fight for the pursuits of ‘His Majesty’s Crown’ might be charged for treason. The patriots’ choice to enlist African Americans within the Army was hypocritical because when the intensity of conflicts subsided the enslaved Africans’ rights could be revoked. On the opposite hand, the British had no regard for the rights and the wellbeing of any African Americans who weren’t preventing for his or her course. Therefore, the African Americans wouldn’t buy into the revolutionary nature of the American Revolution because they have been solely used as pawns within the conflict. Furthermore, the African Americans’ involvement in the American Revolution didn’t improve their plight for abolition or attainment of civil rights.





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