Agenda-Setting and the Presidential Election Essay

The mass media is essentially the most influential way to have an effect on the general public’s imaginative and prescient of the particular drawback or situation because all of the essential international and local occasions are framed and discussed by the mass media according to the journalists’ visions. Thus, people learn that these issues and events are necessary because the mass media pay attention to them. As a end result, the general public is inclined to kind its opinion in relation to the knowledge and viewpoints introduced by the media. The mass communication’s function of forming the general public’s opinion and drawing the people’s consideration to the particular points is known as agenda-setting. The role of agenda-setting becomes really significant within the state of affairs of the presidential elections when voters concentrate on the problems which are not solely essential for them personally but in addition promoted as vital by the mass media. Thus, it is important to focus on the effects of the mass media agenda-setting on the voters’ opinion basing on the instance of the US presidential elections in 2012.

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Citizens all the time know what social, financial or political issues are necessary for them and what points require their further dialogue. However, it is very important observe that priorities in relation to this or that issue are often determined not by the general public however by the mass media (Baran, 2013). The accentuation of the sure points in the candidates’ campaigns with the help of the mass media can have an effect on the voters’ attitude to the definite issues significantly. Thus, in the course of the candidates’ campaigns in 2012, it was important to stability between essentially the most controversial problems with the overseas coverage and the position of the USA in regulating the conflicts over the globe or taking part in them and the financial question which was extra necessary for the public based on their own visions (Presidential debates, 2012).

From this point, the protection of these points within the mass media various in relation to the general public’s moods toward the candidates. However, the method was interdependent because particular provocative issues associated with the financial life or overseas coverage accentuated in accordance with the mass communication’s visions. Thus, it was nearly inconceivable to disregard the emphasis made by the media on these two issues which became even more obvious through the candidates’ debates.

The mass media is the effective device to painting candidates and their positions within the definite light. The approaches used by the mass media to debate the candidates’ positions and current points could be totally different based on the goals of the media (McCombs, Shaw & Weaver, 1997). The downside is in the truth that voters can conclude in regards to the positions and programs of the candidates solely basing on the information introduced in the media. There aren’t any direct ways to be taught about the candidates’ visions even once they participate in debates as a result of the dialogue is affected by the situation of televised debates.

As a outcome, all the information provided within the mass media is filtered, and the accents are made according to the wants of the media. For instance, many feminine voters, particularly in the swing states, concentrated on the issue of abortion during the debates of 2012 as a result of this issue was successfully accentuated in the states’ and local media (Women in swing states, 2012). It is feasible to discuss the importance of this issue for girls in the USA, but it’s also essential to pay attention to the context during which the difficulty was introduced by the media in the course of the campaigns.

The significance of the difficulty is usually decided with references to the frequency of discussing it in the information. For occasion, if unemployment is the issue which may be observed by the public in relation to the everyday life, the questions of the foreign coverage can be discussed by citizens only with references to the information. Thus, the data presented within the mass media in the course of the elections’ campaigns of 2012 affected the voters’ attitudes and their priorities. Healthcare and Medicare points were the key questions for discussions within the media during the first part of 2012.

Many problems associated with the problems weren’t solved through the 12 months. However, these subjects were inactively discussed within the news through the second a part of the yr. The accents have been made on unemployment, economic system, and taxes. As a end result, the voters made their selections with references to their sharing the place of this or that candidate in relation to those points (Obama leads in three crucial swing states, 2012). However, the problematic question with Medicare was not resolved and was still urgent, however not mentioned in the media. The points which have been actively discussed in the news in the course of the second part of the 12 months grew to become the important thing issues influential for the development of the candidates’ campaigns.

Voters may be considerably influenced of their decisions by the mass media due to the impossibility to investigate the positions of the candidates without references to any mass communication. Thus, the function of mass media agenda-setting is critical as a result of the general public receives the opportunity to determine the importance of social, political, and financial points only based on this concept.


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