Airborne Express Company

Airborne Express Company

The issue of whether employment, after graduation, should be pursued with the Airborne Express Company may best be resolved by an analysis of the industry (air cargo), the company, and by examining insights into jobs with supervisory duties. While present and former employees of Airborne Express have lauded the company for its aggressiveness, competitive spirit, innovations and overall creativity, there are other factors which must be considered such as the increasing use of computerization in place of workers, the effect of fierce competition within the industry, the yet undetermined influence of facsimile mail on “letter express” earnings, and the investment in education and training the company is prepared to make in its employees. Many employment counselors urge clients to consider wages as possibly the highest priority because they afford the means to pursue other, more personal ends. Counselors, with a career-view for their clients, encourage job satisfaction, potential, income-as-opposed-to-wages, and an evaluation of the options that may be opened or closed as a result of accepting a specific job. In other words, there will always be variables to a job search. The prudent job-seeker will attempt to reduce those variables as much as possible.

The air cargo industry underwent a dramatic restructuring during the 1980s. Following the deregulation of air cargo in 1977, a number of air freight forwarders and surface transportation companies acquired their own aircraft and became primary air cargo carriers. Many were unsuccessful, however, and ultimately left the industry or were acquired by their larger competitors. Carriers in the air cargo market fall primarily into two categories: passenger airlines with cargo capabilities and all-cargo carriers, a group that includes specialists in the express delivery of packages and documents. In addition there are a number of successful air freight forwarders operating in the traditional…

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