Al-Futtaim Motors Company Analysis Research Paper

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The goal of the present paper is to hold out a spot evaluation on Al-Futtaim Motors. The analysis is based on an interview conducted on Al- Futtaim top management. From the interview, difficulties, and advantages related to ISO 9001: 2008 have been presented and defined articulately.

Quality Management System Process ISO 9001:2008 audits had been conducted as a part of the case research. Generally, ISO 9001:2008 audit as a part of high quality administration is carried by organizations with the objective of enhancing organizational effectivity and effectiveness in direction of the achievement of buyer satisfaction. It is through ISO 9001:2008 that a corporation increases its degree of transparency and confidence to other stakeholders.

The chosen firm

Al-Futtaim Motors, which was founded in 1955, has been chosen because the group for the evaluation (Al-Futtaim Motors). The UAE primarily based firm is the main automotive firm within the region. As a rising sector in the Middle East, UAE has emerged as a major market. Al-Futtaim Motors, which is the main Toyota and Lexus distributor within the area, has experienced an increase in sales in 2012 (Global Capital 2012).

To meet the demand in the area, Al-Futtaim Motors has opened a new branch in Abu Dhabi (Global Capital 2012). Also, the company has opened a showroom in Aldar’s Motor World and is on the verge of opening others in Abu Dhabi. Al-Futtaim Motors is the only agent for Hino Genuine components, Lexus genuine elements, and the Toyota Genuine elements (Al-Futtaim Motors 2012).

Al-Futtaim Motors turn into ISO certified after receiving a quality management certification issued by the Det Norske Veritas (DNV). The ISO 9001:2008 certification to Al-Futtaim Motors acts as a clear indication that the company’s services in terms of quality and customer satisfaction have been glorious. Also, the ISO 9001:2008 certificates acts as proof that portrays the company’s dedication and operational enchancment in the direction of buyer’s expectations. Also, the availability of the ISO 9001:2008 certificates is a clear testomony that the corporate is dedicated to improving its procedures and processes.

Presentation of the findings

After the interview, the highest management gave the next responses concerning the advantages and difficulties related to ISO 9001:2008 certificate. According to one of the staff management managers especially within the logistic department heading key customer and business growth part, he famous that ISO 9001:2008 certification has acted as a milestone to the corporate because it has culminated cultural modifications leading to operational enhancements. Operational improvements are an indication of the company’s commitment whereas assembly and exceeding clients’ demands.

Also, through the certification, the company has been in a position to enhance its procedures and processes. The managing director of Al-Futtaim Motors acknowledged that the ISO 9001:2008 certification is a part of quality management, which reveals the corporate commitment in the direction of quality necessities and buyer satisfaction. Other managers in the staff noted that via ISO 9001:2008 certification, the corporate would attempt in direction of improving buyer satisfaction, which may only be achieved by way of continual high quality management methods continual (Phillips 2008).

ISO 9001:2008 certification, acts as a motivation issue to the corporate because of exterior pressures from business partners and customers. The management staff added that with out ISO 9001:2008 certification, the corporate would not have been in a position to expand its networks in UAE and be the accredited sole Toyota and Lexus distributor in the region. Also, it’s through the ISO certification that the corporate has been in a position to enhance the variety of sales and revenues in the previous years.

Based on the findings, the supervisor in Dubai headquarters noted that “certification is simply a assure that an organization is utilizing a top quality administration system based on an inventory requisites and procedures.” Through the years, the corporate has been capable of exhibit lengthy-lasting efficiency improvements within the automotive business. The implementation of ISO 9001:2008 in Al-Futtaim Motors has enhanced the company in enhancing Quality Management Systems, thus customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, advantages of internal nature have been revealed because of ISO 9001:2008 implementation. This discovering has been supported in a analysis research carried by Kaziliūnas (2010). Lastly, the corporate has been capable of successfully and effectively perform its operations within the UAE and preserving a well being relationship with different major stakeholders within the sector. One of the main functions of ISO 9001 audits is to improve the performance of an organization by building strong buyer confidence. As a end result, an organization can have high quality management techniques compliance. This has been the case with Al-Futtaim Motors.

Despite the various benefits related to ISO 9001:2008, some difficulties also emerge. For occasion, the implementation course of is at all times a significant challenge. As famous by the highest administration, implementing the ISO 9001:2008 has not been a simple task, though the company is reaping from the efforts. For occasion, just as acknowledged by Phillips (2008), ISO 9001:2008as a part of an efficient inside process does not in any particular means tackle issues associated to employees’ security and health.

As a end result, it may be difficult to persuade employees to assist ISO 9001:2008. Although workers could also be educated on its importance, its implementation could also be marred by resistance. The management also famous that audits which are poorly carried out may end result in the improvement of obstacles between completely different departments as an alternative of decreasing them. This might cause chaos and misunderstanding within the office.

Al-Futtaim Motors Gap Analysis

Drawing from the analysis findings carried via interviews on the main benefits and challenges associated with ISO 9001: 2008, the part that follows is Al-Futtaim Motors gap analysis. IS/ISO 9001:2008 hole evaluation verify listing was adopted as a part of the analytical course of.

Al-Futtaim Motors has well-placed processes needed for quality management techniques. The processes have been applied fully all through completely different departments. Some of these processes are corresponding to quality administration process, continual improvement course of, compliance management course of, inside high quality audit course of, customer management course of, useful resource administration process, and internal communication course of, among others.

Through effective and environment friendly interplay of those processes, the company has been in a position to improve staff’ morale, boost customer satisfaction, and enhance its revenues. However, the group is within the process of growing strategies necessary for ensuring both operation and control are successfully determined. To ensure the development of Quality Management System, Al-Futtaim Motors had adopted “Plan-Do-Check-Act” (PDCA) methodology. Therefore, Al-Futtaim Motors has taken action to make sure that these processes are totally carried out.

Al-Futtaim Motors has established, documented, carried out, and maintained a Quality Management System. Also, Al-Futtaim Motors has persistently continued to improve its effectiveness as required by ISO 9001: 2008. Included within the high quality administration systems is a top quality guide, doc statements of quality objectives and quality coverage, documented procedures, and records. The group’s quality guide includes of high quality administration methods scope, documented procedures, and a detailed description of relations between completely different Quality Management Systems processes.

According to Al-Futtaim Motors prime administration staff, the company controls all documents related to Quality Management Systems. Under its documented process, a few of these controls are corresponding to approving paperwork for adequacy before they’re issued, reviewing, updating and re-approving all paperwork, guaranteeing that any needed modifications are recognized, ensuring that relevant paperwork variations can be found, making certain that every one paperwork are readily identifiable and legible, ensuring that exterior documents are decided earlier than being used, and lastly, stopping the unintended use of paperwork classified as out of date.

However, the company is on the verge of defining a means that might be sure that all records that conform to ISO 9001:2008 remain retrievable from any level within the organization by licensed personnel. This would ensure that the continued improvement of Quality Management Systems continues to take place.

Just as required by ISO 9001:2008 (ISO 9001:2008, 2011), Al-Futtaim Motors ensures dedication by the management. To obtain this, the management ensures that communication is nicely carried, obtainable assets are decided, high quality aims and high quality policy are established, and by finishing up administration evaluate.

As the only Lexus and Toyota distributor, Al-Futtaim Motors meets customers’ requirement as part of assembly customer satisfaction. The quality coverage of Al-Futtaim Motors is appropriate, well communicated, reviewed, understood, and the corporate has established a dedication coverage in the direction of Quality Management Systems compliance. Al-Futtaim Motors ensures that high quality goals as stipulated by ISO 9001:2008 (2011) are established and utilized across the group. The objectives are consistent and measurable in regards to the quality coverage.

Al-Futtaim Motors top management has a Quality Management Systems planning that ensures that requirements in clause four.1 and set goals are met. It additionally ensures integrity for QMS is maintained in case modifications are carried on QMS. As stipulated underneath (5.5), Al-Futtaim Motor high management ensures that all authorities and duties are well communicated and relayed across the group (ISO 9001:2008, 2011).

Management consultant has been chosen who liaises with external parties on issues related to QMS. In due course, the representative ensures the establishment, implementation, and maintenance of all QM processes. The consultant additionally ensures that buyer requirements are communicated across the organization, and QMS efficiency is communicated to the highest management. Effective communication processes have been established within Al-Futtaim Motors, which takes place to make sure QMS effectiveness.

Al-Futtaim Motors carries an annual organizational review on QMS with the target of guaranteeing QMS suitability, effectiveness, and adequacy (ISO 9001:2008, 2011). During the evaluate, enchancment alternatives are assessed, and information maintained. In accordance to the ISO 9001:2008, input evaluation entails data of buyer suggestions, audit outcomes, comply with-up actions, and QMS enchancment recommendation, adjustments on QMS, process performance, and corrective and preventive action measures.

On the opposite hand, evaluation output entails selections about resource needs, product enchancment, and effectiveness enchancment of QMS and its course of. As earlier noted, Al-Futtaim Motors was awarded ISO 9001:2008 certificates due to its dedication in direction of buyer satisfaction. Concerning the ISO 9001:2008 gap analysis, Al-Futtaim Motors has processes that determine and supply resources required in enhancing customer satisfaction.

It additionally implements and maintains ISO 9001:2008 requirements, coupled with continuous improvement. To ensure competence and awareness, Al-Futtaim Motors carries training on its workers. It also retains data of expertise, expertise, expertise, and workers training. To notice conformity, Al-Futtaim Motors has developed and maintained infrastructure, which incorporates workspace, course of tools, and supporting providers (ISO 9001:2008, 2011).

On the aspect of product realization, Al-Futtaim Motors has nicely planned and developed necessary processes. It has stipulated high quality necessities and aims, documents and processes, and needed records. It also validates, verifies, monitors, measures, inspects, and exams activities associated to product acceptance. Al-Futtaim Motors has customer related processes which adhere to regulatory and statutory product requirements. It also reviews product requirement. Specifically, the evaluate entails products requirement definition, contract evaluation, and the power to meet stipulated product requirements.

Al-Futtaim Motors communicates with goal prospects on issues associated to product information, buyer suggestions, contracts, and enquires. However, since Al-Futtaim Motors is an automotive distribution company, the organization lacks necessities (7.three) of the ISO 9001:2008 on design and development (ISO 9001:2008). However, Al-Futtaim Motors ensures that the bought merchandise (autos) conform to purchase necessities. It has chosen its main suppliers, that are Toyota and Lexus, and ensured that the purchased products meet the demands and expectations of consumers within the UAE area.

In different phrases, Al-Futtaim Motors ensures communication with its main suppliers. Products are verified to ensure they meet purchase requirements. Since no manufacturing is carried, Al-Futtaim Motors supplies services which are validated via QRM processes to attain planned goals. This is carried by way of recording and revalidation. Products are monitored to make sure their traceability and identification course of.

Al-Futtaim Motors preserves the products prior they’re internally processed and delivered. Different elements of the product are additionally preserved. As demanded by ISO 9001:2008, Al-Futtaim Motors has controls for monitoring and measuring equipment necessary to make sure that merchandise conform to decided necessities (ISO 9001:2008, 2011: Philips 2008). Al-Futtaim Motors plans and implements processes associated to improvement, analysis, and monitoring of products to ensure that they conform to products requirement.

It monitors the perception of shoppers to determine their stage of satisfaction. This is carried by way of user opinion surveys, supplier reviews, and buyer satisfaction surveys. Annual internal audit is carried to find out whether Al-Futtaim Motors conforms to ISO 9001:2008 requirements and whether or not it has successfully carried out them. Corrective actions are carried after the method. Before products are delivered to clients, they’re monitored and measured to make sure they conform to the requirements.

In other words, products are not delivered until they meet part 4.2.4 of ISO 9001:2008 (Philips 2008). Products that don’t conform are returned and motion was taken on detected nonconformity. Data is collected and analyzed to offer info associated to customer satisfaction, products requirements conformity, suppliers, and product processes. Efforts are being made to make sure the present QRM meets the ISO 9001:2008 standards are met via the use of “quality coverage, quality objectives, audit outcomes, evaluation of data, corrective and preventive actions, and management evaluate” (ISO 9001:2008, 2011, p.14).


Based on the hole evaluation, Al-Futtaim Motors has obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification. The main challenge encountered by the corporate has to do with the implementation and creation of obstacles across different departments. The main benefits are corresponding to buyer’s satisfaction, high quality upkeep, inside audit on performance, motivation, survival, higher planning, and increased productivity by way of gross sales and revenues. From the hole analysis, it’s evident that Al-Futtaim Motors has noticed all requirements of ISO 9001:2008, though it’s on the verge of implementing some of the needed QMS processes.

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