Alan Grayson’S Views On The Us Politics

Alan Grayson’s Views on the US Politics Essay

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Congressman Alan Grayson is a liberal politician who believes in progressive ideas. As a outcome, he helps girls’s right to decide on. His ideas on social points like abortion have been revealed in the course of the 2010 campaign face off between Grayson and Republican Dan Webster. His opponent was a professional-life supporter who believed that ladies ought to bear children even when rape or incest led to their pregnancy. Grayson was the progressive candidate on this matter because he attacked such a view level (Allen 15). He affirmed that such pondering, which attempted to attenuate girls’s control over their physique, has no place in American politics.

Stem cell research is one of the areas that folks discuss when talking about abortion. This type of science entails the usage of embryos as a source of tissues and cells for analysis. Pro-life advocates imagine that it goes towards their moral teachings since its dependence on embryos eliminates their probabilities of survival. Alan believes that stem cell research is not unethical as a result of it helps to develop therapy for exhausting-to-treat ailments like cancer. This help comes from Grayson’s work with a research group specializing in the growing older inhabitants.

He also believes that the public should finance abortion within the occasion that a person should choose to do it. Alan and legislators like him hold this viewpoint as a result of they cause that public funding already exists for other medical expenses. Therefore, it is smart for a similar to occur for abortion, which is still a medical procedure. Finally, Grayson believes that even churches can be concerned within the matter of birth control. He asserts that they ought to provide contraceptives to attendants so as to remove the necessity for an abortion.

War in Syria

Alan Grayson’s historical past in legislation provides the background for his stance in opposition to the warfare in Syria. He spent a substantial amount of time battling fraudulent contractors during his authorized career. It was during this period that he learnt in regards to the navy industrial complicated. Grayson has appeared on various media outlets talking about his opposition to US involvement in Syria. He even started a web site referred to as “Do not assault Syria” and went on to garner votes to oppose US entry in Syria when offered to parliament. The congressman has acknowledged that the US would be performing as a world policeman if it participated in the Syrian conflict. He believes that the country has no foundation for a Syrian strike. Alan asserts that proof is questionable on whether the Syrian government has used chemical weapons. Further, even though the US received unquestionable proof, it would nonetheless be hypocritical to strike Syria because the US also has chemical weapons.

In the identical aggressive fashion that he has utilized in other nationwide matters, Grayson attacked the defense contractors who feed the army industrial complex. He cited companies like Raytheon, which had lots to achieve in a US air strike in opposition to Syria. In reality, he cited an increase in stock costs of the identical firm in the course of the interval when the US was discussing entry into Syria. Shareholders of this missile manufacturer are prone to propagate US involvement in the war because they wish to safeguard their interests (Grim 21).

Alan has branded himself as an advocate of the folks. He holds that the country must reduce down on expenditure in all fronts. Medicare, social safety, and academic expenditure have all been reduced. Therefore, it is smart to carry again on an assault which has minimal influence on the lives of Americans. He believes that focus should be on home points. Furthermore, if the US begins a ten yr-lengthy assault in Syria, it’d create enemies within the goal country and cause Syria to assault the US.

Gun control

The congressman helps gun control as he has signed into law the nationwide standard for concealed weapons, summarized as HR 197 & S.845. Grayson supported the instatement of a national commonplace that would permit an individual to bear a hid firearm between states. The laws permits an individual to carry firearms from one state to a different offered that the particular person has a license for any of them. However, within the occasion that the state under consideration doesn’t supply licenses to carry weapons, then the restrictions that apply in the issuing state might be carried ahead into the subsequent state where she or he is carrying the weapon. Additionally, the person may not carry the weapon in public facilities corresponding to schools, courts or sports events if he enters a non-issuing state. Therefore, this laws is a form of gun control.

Grayson has not talked about his causes for supporting gun control prior to now. However, he has alluded to them in interviews about other candidates. For instance, when asked about the potential of passing gun management within the latest time period, Grayson was skeptical about it. He asserted that Republicans vehemently oppose gun control because their sponsoring establishments put them beneath pressure to take action (Pinsky 9). He believes that it’s reasonable to instate some gun management particularly because of the high incidences of violence in the nation.

However, the laws that he signed into legislation on gun control (mentioned above) does permit considerable freedoms for these with licensed weapons. It doesn’t attempt to prohibit gun utilization amongst civilians. Nonetheless, it attempts to add an element of accountability amongst those that have weapons within the population. Alan claims that the one approach to defeat gun violence is to eradicate community apathy in opposition to it. He has participated in conferences that speak towards gun violence.


Congressman Grayson believes that the US is yet to totally exploit its potential in the schooling sector. For a country with a development record like the US, proficiency in key subjects remains to be lower than desirable. Grayson cited the case of a global exam that ranked students’ efficiency in mathematics (Committee to Elect Alan Grayson three). It was discovered that the US was 31st in the take a look at. It missed the underside place by a whisker. This was the explanation why he supported the Green School Act in 2009. The laws intended on modernizing public faculties by investing in infrastructure, technology and green facilities. Schools would work on repairing their services and introduce new ones for the aim of being inexperienced. It was also a mechanism for saving prices throughout the school system. It would facilitate the creation of recent jobs and likewise train learners the relevance of inexperienced dwelling.

Alan has also opposed the usage of certain strategies by the government to cover inefficiency. For occasion, when authorities realized that twelfth graders performed poorly within the TIMSS International take a look at, they determined to get rid of the test. The congressman believes that the only way the nation will remedy its educational problems is by confronting them rather than working away from them.

Grayson contributed to the passing of the American Recovery Reinvestment Act. This laws would be sure that various college districts receive a sum of $200 million to assist youngsters’s education. He claims that high quality schooling is a right for all Americans. Therefore, authorities should work on the general public education sector to be able to promote this aim.


This politician believes that the country must be given some leeway with regard to welfare implementation. For occasion, he voted in opposition to an Act that may require all welfare applications to have a mandatory work attachment. It was called Preserving the Welfare Work Requirement Act, and was passed into legislation in March 2013. Grayson believed that having sweeping welfare suggestions for all states was paternalistic. Instead, these states should every decide whether or not they need to have a compulsory work requirement. Therefore, the congressman believes that welfare reform should not be tightly managed by government. It ought to meet the needs of its constituents in every state.

Alan Grayson has additionally supported laws designed to get folks out of welfare packages and into everlasting employment. As a result, one might assert that he believes in long term solutions to welfare problems. Nonetheless, they have to not be prescriptive in nature. Evidence for this exists in the New Deal for a New Economy Act 2009. Grayson supported the Act as a result of it will ensure that non income or native governments create jobs on the premise of public tasks. This would offer a new avenue for the unemployed, who perhaps on welfare, to realize financial independence.

The congressman additionally believes in reinventing welfare programs by adopting different pathways to the same. In this regard, he supported the GIVE Act of 2009. It was put in place in order to reinvent volunteerism. Previous experiences had shown some sloppiness in welfare allocation, however this modified with enlargement of the nationwide service portfolio. He also asserts that social safety benefits should not be cut as he obtained several signatures to this effect (Committee to Elect Alan Grayson 2).


One of the explanation why Grayson is perceived as a liberal Democrat is his stance towards immigrants. He has been at the forefront for the safety of their rights. For occasion, he confirmed his support for the Paycheck Fairness Act. This would permit individuals who’ve been subjected to wage discrimination to sue for damages. Many immigrants put up with wage inequity because of worry or lack of expertise. Additionally, he participated within the passing of the Hate Crimes Expansion Act which protects immigrants and any other victims from hate crimes. He also handed a language housing assistance amendment. This would enable immigrants looking for housing to access translations companies.

The particular person has supported immigrants’ rights as a result of a big share of his voters consists of Hispanic immigrants. In truth, they symbolize forty% of his constituents. Usually, progressive candidates are likely to liaise with this group of individuals. In truth, Grayson has known as the Republican Party a racist half because of its stance against immigrant reforms.

Congressman Alan has accomplished lots of work with undocumented immigrants. He has participated in rallies and conferences that propagate their trigger (Grayson three). Grayson claims that almost all of those people wish to participate totally in the development of their nation but cannot do so without the correct documentation. Many of them will work in unsafe or dirty environments just because they want to cover their undocumented status. He believes that granting them alternatives to achieve legal status would enable them to provide back to the US.


Grayson was raised in the New York but later moved to Florida. He has a bachelor’s degree in law and a public policy grasp’s diploma. He initially worked for a telecommunications firm, which amassed him a lot of wealth. Alan then became an legal professional that fought in opposition to unscrupulous authorities contractors. Later, he tried politics in 2006 and misplaced to Charlie Stuart. He succeeded in his second try as congressmen for Florida’s 8th District. Grayson lost his seat in 2010 and recaptured it in 2012.

Alan Grayson is presently the representative for Florida’s 9th Congressional District. He is an outspoken man and some of the productive congressmen in the house. Slate journal named him the simplest member of congress. Under his management, thirteen new amendments have been launched in the home. Additionally, his involvement in varied home committees has allowed for the passing of 33 amendments, as well. The most notable laws that can be attributed to Grayson are legal guidelines prohibiting army torture, racial profiling in addition to the usage of drones inside the country.

He has additionally passed amendments that forbid the awarding of contracts to convicted or indicted persons. In the area of immigration, he has launched language translation for non English speaking home seekers. The congressman has additionally done lobbying work. For occasion, he mobilized several supporters to oppose US intervention in Syria. He has additionally solicited three million signatures in opposition to social security reduction. Other lobbying activities focus on home spying and opposition to free commerce giveaways.

Alan Grayson is a liberal who has publically and personally supported immigrant reform. He additionally helps gay marriage and abortion rights. The politician is a firm believer in tax cuts for the center class in addition to trade unionism. He has also supported the democrat-endorsed health care plan.

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