Alibaba Group Company’S Management And Electronic Business

Alibaba Group Company’s Management and Electronic Business Report

Alibaba Group is a large private internet-primarily based digital business unit positioned in Hangzhou, China. The agency has on-line internet portals, search engine for shoppers, cloud computing services, online retail, and an digital system of fee for its customers. In this research, the analysis will be primarily based on the web site shown within the appendix 1 of this paper. It is at all times important to know that the character of a business website is at all times completely different from that of a personal web site. The web site on this research is for the business purposes and, subsequently, it’s anticipated to have functionalities which are consumer-friendly.

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According to Mack and Casey (2001, p. 89), a good website should enable the patron to develop a feeling that she or he is in a bodily retailer doing some window-purchasing earlier than making the precise buy. It means that the web site ought to use a combination of both visible and textual strategy that would help answer any question that the shopper might have. The website of this firm has some features which will make it be categorised as an excellent website because of a variety of reasons. It has sufficient visual photographs of the merchandise in the retailer taken from the shelves. In each class of a given product, there are varieties offered for the purchasers (Shuen 2008, p. forty five). The two pictures present different types of bicycles taken from this web site.

Online Store for Bicycles at Alibaba


It is evident from the diagrams above that this agency is critical when it comes to offering varieties to the shoppers. The researcher solely takes two samples, however there are quite a few kinds of bicycles, every is with its own worth, an in depth description together with the model, and the mode of delivery. The visible image helps the consumer visualize the product he or she is purchasing, whereas the description helps him or her perceive a few of the features that make the product particular. This makes the buying expertise gratifying. According to Jones and Silverstein (2009, p. 68), one of the important elements that a enterprise website mustn’t ignore is the truthful pricing of the product. It is probably going that a customer might view a number of merchandise before making a choice on the place to make a purchase. Customers will ignore a website that does not price its merchandise. The Alibaba website has priced all its merchandise, making it straightforward for the customer to make the related determination.

The Alibaba web site has a variety of icons that make it easy for the website user to navigate, especially as a result of the products have been categorized into categories and these classes are arranged alphabetically on the acute left of the web page. The buyer only needs to determine the category of the specified product, click on on the class, establish the product and it will supply a variety of manufacturers, types, and prices of the merchandise that are out there. This shortens the interval of shopping whenever one wants to make a purchase on this web site. The online payment system makes it easy for the buyers or the suppliers to make or receive payments from this firm by way of online means.

Schmetterer (2003, p. 87) says that a great enterprise web site should be easy enough for use by anyone who can read and follow simple directions in the website. This could be very evident on this website. Everything is so clear, and all that the customer needs to do is to click on after which make acceptable funds. In case a customer fails to seek out the desired product within the current categories, maybe because it’s a new product, this web site allows the customer to key in the name of the product and an inventory of options will be displayed. The consumer can then proceed to make a purchase in case the product is on the market.

May (2000, p. 78) notes that a good web site should permit direct and close interactions with the shoppers so as to decide any suggestions from them, send them needed information, or enable them to ask questions before the acquisition. The Alibaba website permits users to create an account with them. Once the customer has an account, he or she can send and obtain messages directly from the representatives of the firm. This doesn’t solely assist in getting the views of the customers in regards to the agency, but also helps in eliminating publish-buy dissonance among the prospects. Any of the issues arising from the purchase can easily be addressed by the company.

For those with out an account, the website presents them direct assist by enabling them to leave a message in the website. The concern will be addressed and a message might be sent to the client through a message or cellphone name. Finally, it’s needed to watch that this company has taken the initiative to incorporate the social media to enhance direct communication with the customers in case this can be essential. The firm uses Facebook, Tweeter, YouTube, and LinkedIn to reach out its clients. These create a platform where the firm can interact its customers in a constructive debate on their products offered in the market.

Inasmuch because the Alibaba web site has so many good features that make it easy to navigate and entice customers, there are some important features that haven’t been addressed. For instance, the web site lacks the visible enchantment that may draw the curiosity of visitors to discover the website. Its choice of color on its residence web page could also be interesting within the present market in China, but it could fail to attract the attention in other regions where color means much to the purchasers. It was also famous with concern that in case one finds themselves in the Chinese model of the web site, shown in Appendix 2, there isn’t a option within that webpage that can lead him or her to the English Version or some other language for that matter. This means that such customer will lose his or her means within the website, and no transaction will take place.

Website Business Strategy Alignment

Website enterprise strategy has gained recognition within the recent past as many enterprise units think about transferring away from the standard brick-and-moter business strategy. According to Fox (2012, p. 34), you will need to ensure that the web site enterprise technique is properly aligned to the enterprise goals and aims. The web site technique is slightly different from the brick-and-moter strategy. Gamse (2011, p. forty four) says that whereas a physical retailer could have a chance of using signposts to direct clients to the physical stores, the method of implementing the preliminary website technique may be very difficult. The firm should find a way of main the shoppers to the website so that they’ll view products which are out there on the market. Although the web site brings collectively individuals from varied elements of the world, it may be very difficult to convince customers that a given message just isn’t junk.

According to Dwyer (2003, p. 55), customers are always irritated by junk messages seeking to promote a given product that’s not even relevant to them. They would dismiss such messages in their e-mails or on the social media with out paying any specific attention. This could be very totally different from the strategy that may be taken by a bodily retailer. It is probably not straightforward for a customer to ignore a wonderful supermarket situated close to the street. Alibaba has this challenge in its web site strategy. This Chinese agency is not as nicely-known as, particularly available in the market outside China. In order to align its operations to its objective of turning into a worldwide firm, the agency has been making concerted efforts to succeed in out to the shoppers using both mass and social media (Werbach 2009, p. fifty nine).

Consumers in the West, particularly the center-aged and the aging populations, always consider advertisements within the mass media as credible. The technique has been to drag customers to their website utilizing mass media. After creating consciousness in mass media, it turns into easy to gain credibility in the social media. Facebook, Tweeter, YouTube, and LinkedIn have been very useful in reaching and attracting new customers.

When utilizing the web site business strategy, you will need to make sure that the agency creates a platform that can make customers consider that they are purchasing in a retailer. The effort that’s at all times made in the brick-and-moter shops to arrange the shelves to seem attractive to the purchasers should be the same effort made by the online stores of their web site (Shin 2004, p. sixty three). One means of aligning the technique with the targets of the agency is to develop an applicable transaction system. It may be essential to know the method of making transactions with the agency’s website. When a person has chosen the desired price, there may be an option as ‘Buy Now’ that the customer ought to click on, and this may lead to the fee process. The purchaser will need to login to the account so as to make the payment.

The process is straightforward to comply with, especially as a result of many of the icons are accompanied by visible photographs to help the customer perceive the whole course of. The process of logging into the account before making transactions was meant to reinforce security of the system. The log in details are alleged to be saved secretly by the customers so as to defend their accounts with the company. These features are meant to protect customers from fraudsters, who could try to access their accounts via fraudulent means. Another strategy can be to take care of an energetic presence each in the mass and social media to increase consciousness of the product among the consumers (Wong 2013, p. 96). This would assist the agency obtain its objective of dominating the worldwide market.

According to Craine (2000, p. 67), web site enterprise technique’s major disadvantage is that it could take a while before penetrating the market. Unlike the brick-and-moter strategy, this strategy can be easily ignored because of the shortage of physical presence. Some consumers additionally favor bodily stores where they can take a look at the product, particularly when buying entails expensive items, such as cars. Online transactions are also vulnerable to be hacked by fraudsters, who could steal from the purchasers or the business unit. However, the primary advantage of this technique is that it eliminates the geographical barrier that the brick-and-moter stores always encounter.

It additionally eliminates the cost of rent, price of development and upkeep of shelves, and the price of hiring numerous workers to care for the bodily shops. This signifies that the strategy allows a agency to cost decrease prices on its products. The different strategy that is available is the brick-and-moter technique the place merchandise are availed to the customers by way of physical shops, as opposed to on-line shops.

Improvement, Recommendations and Business Future Strategy

Developing an online technique is among the most essential duties to any business unit working within the present global society. According to Burby and Atchison (2007, p. 56), shopper’s behaviour is slowly changing as expertise transforms households. Most of the households now have restricted time to go to brick-and-moter shops as a result of they spend most of their time at work or with their relations. For this cause, online enterprise has gained huge reputation within the current past because it allows a person to make a purchase of the specified product from office, at residence, or in any other place as long as the person has the entry to the Internet. Many businesses have considered growing web sites to boost their gross sales in the bodily stores while others have turn out to be purely online shops.

Craig (2013, p. 23) says that when developing a web site strategy, there are a variety of factors that ought to be thought-about in order to create a platform that would be able to deliver the specified outcomes. In this study, the researcher analyzed the website of Alibaba Group, a Chinese on-line retailer, so as to determine the appropriateness of its web site in the product offering (Silver 2009, p. eighty three).

Although it’s clear from the description above that the agency’s web site technique has been successful, there are some points that need to be addressed so as to enable the company to have a successful future of the current business thought. The digital business strategy is attracting many gamers, and solely those who have glorious methods will stay successful in the market. Firms such as Alibaba must notice that in the electronic market, the size of the business unit may not be used to define the ability to be successful in the market as the case of brick-and-moter market reveals. Therefore,this agency must embrace the best practices on this business. Based on the above observations, the above suggestions have been thought-about as appropriate measures that can assist enhance the future of this agency.

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