Amazon Com Customers’ Information Security Customers’ Information Security Case Study and security considerations understands that clients care about the security of personal info. Amazon’s Privacy Notice provides customers with the knowledge that the company receives from them, and the way it is used. This firm makes use of Secure Sockets layer (SSL) software to encrypt prospects’ information (Smith, 2004). It also sends e-mail updates to clients to create awareness and inform them about any adjustments it makes.

301 licensed writers online seeks authorized consultation from laws governing cloud computing, and therefore complies with the legislation. For instance, the regulation protects the customers’ knowledge from being disclosed to any third get together. Amazon keeps much less confidential data on the virtual servers and crucial in safe locations. The firm reveals only a few digits of a bank card quantity during confirmation of orders. It encourages customers to log off from their website after accessing data to protect unauthorized folks from accessing their accounts.

Plan strategies to handle methods growth

First, project managers should evaluate the existing system by interviewing customers so as to identify deficiencies. The second step is to outline the new management system requirements, in relation to the prevailing management techniques by proposing measures that may improve them. The third step is to design the proposed system. This should involve laying out plans related to physical construction, hardware, security issues including authorized and privacy elements, system operations, communication, and programming amongst others.

The fourth step is to develop the new system. The project managers should ensure that they get hold of, install the new packages and parts after training the users. The fifth step is to put the system into action, or use. The final step is to evaluate the brand new system after observing the way it operates. Organizations using the system should emphasize on excessive upkeep standards and ensure that the customers get periodic updates with regard to transformations within the new system.


Smith, G. E. (2004). Control and security of e-commerce. Hoboken, N.J: Wiley.





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