America As A Policeman Of The World

America as a Policeman of the World Essay

The US has been very lively in worldwide relations for a very long time. They have participated in each army and diplomatic operations with the purpose of pacifying and uniting the world. Their readiness to take part in warfare and treaties has earned them the name “policeman of the world” (Tyler, 1992). This paper discusses two events that demonstrated the position of the US navy as the world’s police. The two occasions are: the operations of the US troopers in Haiti in 2010 and in Jordan in 2013. They went to Haiti in 2010 with the purpose of offering support to civilians after the earthquake that killed many voters. However, the residents of each Haiti and the US accused the US authorities of colonizing Haiti.

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In 2013, King Abdullah of Jordan requested the US to supply him reinforcement. Consequently, about 600 soldiers remained behind to protect the nation from the Syrian Civil War. This act was criticized by the Syrians, Americans and the Jordanians. Some of the critics accused them of taking a passive function within the war, whereas others accused them of collaborating in a war that was not theirs. Regardless of the criticism, the US military has the responsibility of pacifying and unifying the world, and thus far, it has performed this role satisfactorily.

When the earthquake occurred in Haiti, the US despatched its soldiers to help the victims. The earthquake affected approximately two million folks each immediately and not directly. About 160,000 people died, and many others lost their homes. The US government reacted promptly by sending its navy seals to take pictures of the injury and acquire different intelligence data. Other troopers joined later and provided foodstuffs, medical companies and prepared the airport to receive help from different international locations (Thompson, 2010).

Their involvement in the Syrian Uprising was the King Abdullah’s request. American troops were in Jordan for coaching. The king requested the US to depart some soldiers behind to secure Jordan from assaults by the Syrians and their allies. The US had opted to play a passive role in the Syrian Civil War. However, continued violations of civilians’ rights, particularly the usage of chemical weapons on residents, prompted the US to affix the war. They opted to facilitate the rebels by giving them food, weapons and financial support. Their help was very helpful in defending civilians against Syrian soldiers and the Hezbollah Forces (Klare, 2013).

Therefore, the US army effectively played its role as the “policeman” of the world. The two events in this paper show their worth for the welfare of human beings in all components of the world and their selflessness in defending folks going through completely different atrocities.


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