American Born Chinese’S Cultural Dilemma

American Born Chinese’s Cultural Dilemma Research Paper


During the 19th century, many Asians migrated to America. The Asians who migrated embrace Indians, Chinese, Japanese, Philippines, Vietnamese, and Koreans. While some Asians migrated in search of profitable enterprise opportunities and research, others migrated with the objective of residing in America. Asians who managed to reside in America began Asian communities of their quest to sustain Asian existence and cultures.

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Some of the popular Asian communities embrace China towns that individuals from China started, as they constitute the largest Asian inhabitants in America. However, with time, many Chinese people slowly adopted international or western cultures and existence and left their native cultures. Cultural change principally affected the younger era of Chinese because they have been born and raised in America.

The American born Chinese go through cultural and social challenges as they attempt to adopt American tradition and at the same time keep Chinese culture. Therefore, the main target of the research is to evaluate the cultural dilemma that the American born Chinese (ABCs) face in America.


The researcher selected colleges and places of residence in Los Angeles and chosen websites similar to East Los Angeles College, West Side Chinese Language School, and a few properties of ABCs. Respondents to the analysis included parents of ABCs who have kids in West Side Chinese Language School, academics of the language faculty, worldwide, American, and Chinese college students. The analysis employed participant statement and interview schedules to collect info from the respondents.

The researcher collected information from 5 parents, 10 worldwide American college students, 7 lecturers from West Side Chinese Language School, and 10 Chinese international college students. The research used interview schedules to gather info from the respondents. The course of of knowledge collection entailed the administration of open-ended questions to willing respondents.

In the method of data assortment, the analysis skilled challenges as a result of some students had been reluctant to answer analysis questions, while some teachers and college students had busy schedules. However, the researcher managed to overcome these challenges by interviewing the respondents who were willing and making appointments with the academics.



The respondents highlighted that American tradition may be very totally different from Chinese tradition. According to the respondents, while the Chinese are conservative, the Americans are liberal and not subject to any cultural beliefs or practices. Additionally, the researcher observed that the Chinese nonetheless imagine and follow the doctrines of Buddhism versus the Americans who do not have any widespread cultural orientation.

Respondents noted that the American culture is cosmopolitan as a result of it incorporates cultures and norms of various cultures the world over. The researcher observed that Chinese dad and mom and grandparents uphold robust cultural practices and traditions whereas the younger American born Chinese have liberal values and beliefs. This is as a result of publicity of America born Chinese to the American cultures, which are very different from their native and conventional cultures.

According to the respondents, whereas Chinese elders and parents consider in the traditions and practices, the American born Chinese not respect these practices. On the contrary, they have adopted the American cultures that are liberal and democratic. However, because the American born Chinese stay in Chinese communities such as China cities, they end up studying each the American and Chinese cultures.

Many respondents highlighted that this makes the American born Chinese to own bicultural behaviors of their Chinese parents and American cultures. The cultural dilemma confuses American born Chinese. The American born Chinese have to resolve the cultural dilemma as they are trying to undertake American cultures that they encounter in school and different social locations, as well as abide by their native Chinese cultures at home.

Family and Kinship

The researcher noticed that the Chinese still respect and value ties that bind the family together. From the respondents, the researcher noticed that the Chinese respect and worth all members of the extended family. The Chinese families typically stay together and share obligations as one giant family. Additionally, it is apparent that completely different members of the Chinese households obtain and accord respect to their quick family members.

The researcher discovered that the situation is totally different in America. In the findings, many Americans don’t respect and worth household and kinship ties. In America, many individuals don’t prolong their family ties past the nuclear or single-mother or father household. Therefore, American household structures create a type of cultural confusion that affects the younger Chinese who have been born and raised in America.

According to the respondents, the American born Chinese go through difficult intervals while attempting to understand their norms of household associations and kinship ties, as well as the western norms of segregated family construction. International Chinese students also famous that parents require them to know their lineages and all of the members of their extended families in America and China.

The respondents asserted that in the American communities, the Americans only value and respect their quick family members like brothers, dad and mom, and first cousins. From the findings, many international American college students were not in a position to identify members of their extended households, who are past the first and second generations.

The distinction in household structures between the Americans and Chinese communities makes it difficult for the American born Chinese to undertake American culture and interact with Americans. Overall, cultural diversity limits interplay and affiliation of American born Chinese with their native Chinese and Americans.

Social Lifestyles

From the findings, the life of individuals residing in America are unique. According to the respondents, the Americans depict isolated existence. In America, most people are busy as they work for many hours in the course of the week, they usually rest solely once a week. Additionally, most of the Americans like living in urban areas because of the nature of civilization. The researcher noticed that a person in America lives a materialistic and luxurious life.

However, many of the Americans no longer uphold moral values, and thus, they stay unique and complex lifestyles. According to the respondents, homosexual marriage and divorce are common in America. The researcher found out that many Chinese mother and father consider that homosexual marriage and divorce are unethical, and they also perceive marriage as an necessary social entity that comprises of a union between a man and a lady.

The researcher recognized that many American born Chinese are within the dilemma of adopting American life or retaining their Chinese lifestyles. Since many Chinese parents believe that American youth not uphold ethical and ethical values, they discourage their youngsters from adopting any values from the society however as a substitute behave as per their lifestyles. Additionally, the analysis discovered that the American born Chinese imagine that western tradition is good as it provides them the freedom to interact in what they love.

The younger Chinese who have been born in America think that their native life are not in line with the modern age. From the findings, Chinese college students acknowledged that they don’t like or value their native lifestyles, and therefore, they prefer western life. The way of life change portrayed by the Chinese who are born in American creates conflicts in among Chinese households because Chinese parents think about American existence as immoral or unethical.

Racial Discrimination

In America, the extent of racial discrimination and ethnicity is low. From the research, discrimination takes place when Americans exploit Chinese dwelling in America. The Chinese dad and mom highlighted that although they’ve been in America for a long time, they are nonetheless experiencing some types of racial discrimination from their American colleagues.

According to the analysis, the Chinese students confessed to having experienced some types of racial discrimination from Native Americans in class and social places. The Chinese members point out that racial discrimination is a problem that impacts them as it makes them feel excluded by the dominant Americans.


The researcher additionally noticed that American born Chinese don’t perceive their mother tongue clearly. According to the teachers in West Side Chinese Language School, many Chinese mother and father convey the youngsters to the establishment so that they can study their mom tongue. The respondents attributed this to the impact of the society, which consists of primarily the English-speaking people.

From the findings, the Chinese parents said that the setting that their youngsters grow and learn makes them vulnerable to overseas languages. Since most of the American born Chinese develop up and faculty in America, they find it easy to learn a overseas language spoken by many Americans, versus their native language, the Chinese.

Furthermore, the system of education in America may be very different from that in China. The difference ranges from language to alphabets. This additional complicates the challenge that the American born Chinese face as they develop up in American society.


According to the respondents, Americans have totally different opinions and views concerning faith. Essentially, America has pronounced freedom of worship, and due to this fact, its citizens are free to worship in a religion of their selection. The cosmopolitan nature of America makes it have many religions based on various non secular orientations of Americans. From the findings, it was discovered that the Americans usually are not topic to any religious belief, as they’ve freedom of worship.

Therefore, they do not strictly adhere to the provisions of any given faith. However, the Chinese communities have many religions, and they believe of their doctrines. From the findings, the parents who’ve their children in West Side Chinese Language School consider that their faith is essential and that their children ought to persist with the principles supplied by the religion.

The existence of many religions poses a dilemma to the American born Chinese since their dad and mom imagine in religions similar to Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism, whereas Americans are predominantly Christians, adopted by Muslims. According to the research, the American born Chinese find it onerous to choose a religion amongst diverse religions that surrounds them.

Some of the respondents from the Chinese community highlighted the confusion they experience in choosing a faith from the numerous religions which might be present in America, and the truth that many Americans don’t comply with any religious orientation strictly.

The Chinese state that their children are unable to make knowledgeable selections regarding the choice of a faith as a result of they’re nonetheless very younger. Since many Americans do not follow religious doctrines significantly, Chinese mother and father discourage their children from following immoral behaviors which might be prevalent in society.


Culture and Family

From the analysis, there is an indication that most of the American born Chinese no longer respect and comply with their traditional beliefs and practices. It is evident that many members of the youthful generation not comply with cultural beliefs like their dad and mom. On the contrary, American born Chinese are adopting western cultures because of societal pressure. The presence of Chinese communities of their locations of residence still helps them retain some native practices; hence, they end up living bicultural life.

Another challenge confronted by the American born Chinese is the distinction between household structures in America and Chinese communities. As opposed to Chinese, who reside collectively in large prolonged families that make up a group, many Americans stay in nuclear or single-father or mother households. The current distinction in household constructions impacts the younger technology of Chinese as a result of while their parents battle to sustain morals and family buildings, the young generation performs the alternative.

Lifestyle, Language, and Religion

From the study, it’s clear that there is a cultural discrepancy between American born Chinese and their mother and father. The American born Chinese are slowly abandoning their native cultures, whereas gradually adopting the western cultures. The social existence depicted by the Americans put stress on the young technology of Chinese and compel them to regulate their ethical values so that they can fit into the dynamic society.

Apart from the challenge of adopting western life, the younger Chinese who have been born in America are slowly forgetting their mom tongue. The findings show that many parents are taking their children to schools that practice the Chinese language in order that they can learn their mom tongue. Since there are many religions in America, the American born Chinese are unable to decide on that go nicely with their beliefs.


The research has effectively mentioned the challenges confronted by the American born Chinese, generally often known as the ABCs. It has also presented various features of challenges that the American born Chinese encounter. Hence, it is evident from the analysis that the younger technology of Chinese drift away gradually from the tradition of their mother and father whereas they succumb to the strain from society.

The research dropped at fore the problem of abandonment that oldsters and native Chinese are going through from the American born Chinese, in addition to the attitudes that the young generation possess in regards to the Chinese and American existence.

From the analysis, it’s clear that many of the American born Chinese show bicultural life as they reside in Chinese communities and study in American schools. The cultural dilemma makes them engage in bicultural lifestyles, which complicate their lifestyles.





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