American Cancer Society’ Social Media Networks Usage

American Cancer Society’ Social Media Networks Usage Research Paper

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Executive Summary

Social media are extremely crucial to every group communication; it makes up the guts of each enterprise. Every data that the group passes to its stakeholder is exceedingly pricey. The suggestions given by stakeholders is the motivating factor to a company. It permits a company to analyze its impact to the general public. This engagement shall be more significant if an immediate feedback and information dissemination imply is adopted. This leads to use of Facebook and twitter which permits fast dissemination of data. Compared to different social media it has quite a few advantages in the sides of operation, value, and speed among others.

The report unearths that use of Facebook and twitter has enabled ACS in quick dissemination of information. ACS has built a powerful relationship between the group and stakeholders. Distance and geographical obstacles have been broken by the two social media. ACS help has improved quickly on the planet. Information the, group posts, are acquired by hundreds of thousands of individuals with no cost. Events are well communicated to stakeholders and the participants can verify their participation earlier than the occasion happened. This helps within the success of such occasions. Facebook and twitter has given room to ACS to report videos on their page. The videos are detailed in info on the way to stop, cure and take care of most cancers sufferers. This has helped many sufferers to care for themselves thus delay their lives and decrease struggling which is extraordinarily important to ACS.


As the years unfold, there has been a big change within the method during which society ship and receives data. The Facebook and twitter has opened avenues by which info gathering and sharing is done (Robbins, 2009). They have become most outstanding ways of acquiring info and technique of communicating with stakeholders. As new applied sciences are innovated and dropped at market, ACS needs to embrace those that are helpful to its mandate. Facebook and tweeter provide sites for individuals and organizations to talk with one another which lead to a powerful hyperlink between the two events.

Since communication has changed from one method to two methods, ACS has no possibility aside from to have interaction in social media that have to supply this. Researchers have came upon that the one approach to reach the public in a convenient way is by utilizing Facebook and twitter sites. ACS being a non profit making organization, its prime goal is to achieve support of its stakeholders. They do that by composing messages conveying their cause and distributing them to an unlimited geographical space (Jessica, 2009). Through the use, of twitter and Facebook ACS has been in a position to ship these messages at nominal value. Upcoming events as well as making a neighborhood to meet their trigger. However, if ACS will not present updated data on its Facebook and twitter then, this will lead it to be being considered in a adverse way. This report will go to address how ACS makes use of Facebook and twitter to communicate with the stakeholders. The report will present info on how ACS has utilized Facebook and Twitter providers to speak to its stakeholders.


To decide whether ACS has used Twitter communication instruments, the researcher carried out a content evaluation of ACS tweets used prior to now six months. On how the group makes use of Facebook the frequency by which it updates its standing determine how much the ACS engages it with the stakeholders. The comments and likes number of folks on its Facebook page has been used to find out the group involvement in Facebook. In order to have the reliable evaluation, the researcher will use the number of individuals who says they like and commend on ACS Facebook page in addition to the users in the Twitter account.

Background information

Many organizations are opting to use social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter. This is as a result of these permit quick dissemination of information in addition to quick info change. These two have opened up risk of the organization to have interaction their stakeholders in their day to day activities. This is achieved by allowing stakeholders send any data they’ve fast and obtain feedback inside a little time. A analysis carried out in 2009 confirmed that Twitter is a magnificent avenue for buyer administration. Failure of the group to reply to PMs is equivalent to the group unresponsiveness. For non revenue making organizations sending PMs is a means by which they present responsiveness and it creates dialogue between the group and the stakeholders (Silvia, 2009). The frequency, in which the group engages in Facebook and the Twitter, is seen as degree during which the organization is lively. Active organizations are considered to be those who publish at least one time than per week whereas inactive organizations are those that take more than a week to submit.

Consultants have been advising organizations to make use of social media to create an intimacy linkage with their stakeholders. Despite this, there’s solely scanty outcome that shows social media rising social media being a mainstay in public relations efforts. Many non revenue organizations are using Twitter and Facebook as a standard information subsidy. Research has shown that individuals are pathetic to organization. Social media are helping organizations to enhance buyer relationships, extend the attain of promoting dollars and enhance the stakeholders’ engagement (Safko, 2010). To be effective organizations have to view social media as the integral a part of its overall communication technique. It doesn’t must be the instruments themselves, however they should view social media as the relationship.

When social media are applied effectively, it will uncover important alternatives for each organization which it can use to deepen prevailing relationships and lead to the emergence of recent ones. Not all messages may be conveyed using twitter and face guide as a result of some information could also be too complicated to communicate by way of Facebook and Twitter. Other cause is that not all stakeholders have embraced social media thus the necessity to use other, speaking devices. Facebook page and Twitter account is among the top 15 breast cancer charities. Facebook and Twitter allows interpersonal communication between and among customers. This offers people and organizations new alternatives to communicate with each other and stakeholders. Studies have found that folks tend to trust organizations which have interaction actively within the social media such as Facebook and Twitter.


Facebook is simple to make use of, no training needed to be able to convey info using the Facebook (Shih, 2009). The service is open to all different folks. The old, in addition to the younger ones, can have access to the service. Facebook and Twitter service is reasonable to its customers making it most popular to different social media. Many individuals can afford to precise their views, in at some point many individuals do visit the Facebook thus making it the best mean that one can attain a wide viewers. The message conveyed via Facebook is fast nearly immediate. This makes it to be finest when conveying. It is extremely easy to set up and keep Facebook making it favorable for any organization to use. Use of Facebook and Twitter has enabled ACS been seen as a credible organization. There is much trust among the stakeholders and many individuals have come to belief them. This has been adopted by enchancment in donor funding.

Many persons are posting much info on the ACS Facebook web page and the Twitter account. This has led to appreciable communication between the stakeholders and the organization. Beneficiaries of the ACS have made dependable suggestions on the Twitter account and the Facebook web page. ACS has engaged in lively response to the stakeholder’s communication. ACS has disseminated most data via these two social media boards. ACS has two Twitter accounts i.e. basic profile and More Birthday marketing campaign. The Twitter account has greater than 15000 followers. The website supplies updates of more than 30,000 users.

Facebook is safe since one can not alter the information written on it. One can remark however, he can’t change the data. This makes it a reliable method to convey a message as a result of the group is confidence that the intended message cannot be altered. Facebook supplies a room for customers to make recognized their views. This is crucial as quick feedback may be achieved. Immediate response can be utilized to implement any suggestion as fast as potential. Twitter disadvantage is that the organization is meant to reply to Public Messages. This could be time consuming. Many organizations may obtain a lot of PMs which are overwhelming to the organization (Whitlock, 2008). Responding to an unlimited variety of PMs would overload group Twitter updates and this makes the users ignore messages which might be more helpful to a corporation.

Twitter has hash tags, which help, customers to obtain details about the subject that they need. This helps users to save lots of time and ensures easier exchange of information. Use of hash tags helps in sorting of data in regular and emergency scenario quickly. Failure of an organization tweeting greater than thrice per week makes group tweets buried in its followers feed. Sending many tweets by a company clutter its followers feed, which result, in customers un-following the group.

ACS has benefited from Facebook applications, which are designed, purposely to boost money to organizations. Facebook utility Causes enable users to donate their contribution directly to ACS and different organization and invite others to do the identical. Facebook has developed a number of purposes designed to help organizations elevate cash (Veer, 2008). Facebook uses HTTPS to ensure the information one sends is safe to make sure no unauthorized particular person. Facebook has created superior options that allow the consumer information is private and secure. Use of Facebook and twitter has enabled ACS been seen as a reputable organization. There is far belief among the many stakeholders and many individuals have come to belief them. This has been followed by enchancment in donor funding.

Many people are posting a lot info on the ACS Facebook page and the Twitter account. This has led to vigorous communication between the stakeholders and the organization. Beneficiaries of the ACS have made reliable feedback on the twitter account and the Facebook page. ACS has engaged in active response to the stakeholder’s communication. ACS has disseminated most info via these two social media forums. ACS has two Twitter accounts i.e. general profile and More Birthday campaign. The Twitter account has more than 15000 followers. The website provides updates of greater than 30,000 users.

Facebook has enabled ACS addContent and share unlimited pictures with the stakeholders which may be set to be seen by all, sure group of individuals. Facebook has seen ACS to promote its events and invite their contacts to confirm whether they will attend or not. This has helped ACS to be properly prepared earlier than the event happen leading to success of such events. ACS has arrange Facebook with Guidestar making it eligible to be a beneficiary on Facebook causes. Facebook offers a wall which makes one see the actions of ones network at a glance. The variety of viewers is just too many in Facebook than these within the Tweeter. Both of them appeal to totally different people who are of various social grounds. Academicians contribute remarkably as well as most people. Discussions are performed in a mature way that helps to make the rest of viewers be happy to contribute and depend upon their contribution. This has made ACS be seen as the most nicely managed organization.

Viewers and commentators on Facebook and twitter have made other folks feel the message contained on these two social media. This has boosted stakeholder contribution towards the activities that ACS engages in. the immediate response to viewers questions and up to date info have enabled ACS to be thought-about because the active communicator. American Cancer Society’s Facebook web page follows a trend of non-profit. Organizations. This is thru creating a fan web page which has sturdy supporters and posting movies, news and hyperlinks. This Facebook web page provides much data and engages more than 245,000 supporters. The web site provides hyperlinks many associated web sites. The web site also posts hyperlinks to current information and actions. This makes supporters to participate absolutely within the trigger via events and on-line surveys related to the American Cancer Society.


Red Cross has utilized the Facebook and Twitter to alert the world on any catastrophe reduction particularly after the catastrophic event like the one occurred in Haiti and Chile. Red Cross makes use of these two social media to request for funds. American Red Cross has many likes, more than 202,000. This is a higher quantity than the quantity of people who likes the two social media of ACS. The Red Cross Twitter and Facebook page is updated frequently than the ACS Twitter and Face guide web page. Red Cross messages are extra interesting and, therefore: they’re able to entice extra funds from the properly wishers than the ACS. Red Cross Facebook evolves quick than the ACS to meet the calls for of its mandate making it well-liked among the many public. Its Facebook page is ranked among the top 5 active site.

Cancer Council Australia use of Facebook and Twitter is extraordinarily just like that of ACS. Both have related messages, appealing videos and almost the same course. They have feedbacks of the beneficiaries who recognize their assist with gratitude. The photographs on their wall have the cancer messages and means to make use of to eliminate cancer from the general public. ACS updates are extra frequent than the updates of Cancer Council Australia. There is much data on the ACS Facebook page as well as the Twitter account in comparison with that of Cancer Council Australia.


ACS ought to guarantee its Facebook web page and Twitter accounts ought to be well up to date so as to function an enticing discussion board for stakeholders. Though Facebook and Twitter companies are free to ACS and different non profit making group they should know that expertise and time necessary to configure, monitor and replace them has a price (Baird, 2009). There ought to be continuous replace to ensure the knowledge given is dependable.ACS should publish extra videos and photographs as these comprise extra info to the viewers. Through them, there might be extra information dissemination. This will allow ACS to attain its mandates i.e. to have a cancer free society.


Research shows that ACS use Facebook and Twitter to be able to attain her stakeholders. Information, which isn’t, present, might result in being perceived in a unfavorable method (Collier, 2010). Therefore, ACS want to make sure it up dates the information in social media. ACS has benefited especially in its effort in organizing campaigns to battle cancer and different points. They have made ACS organize events and ensure they’re successful. ACS has strengthened the relationship together with her donors as every info is posted on these social media. This information is taken into account because the openness and accountability of ACS.

Many beneficiaries are able to share their stories a factor that make users of those social media to be participating. Individuals are allowed to create and set up groups associated to a trigger and these don’t require the funding of ACS. Twitter provides users to decide on one among five personalized ACS designs for their personal page (Fitton, 2010). This has enabled ACS to get assist from vast areas. This is thru creating a fan page which has sturdy supporters and posting videos, information and links. This Facebook web page offers a lot data and engages greater than 245,000 supporters. ACS should strive to extract all the benefits related to Facebook and Twitter.


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