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American Counter-Insurgency: Strengths and Weaknesses Essay (Critical Writing)

The US possesses immense army capabilities. The US army uses a mixture of recent expertise and historical navy techniques to counter its enemies. The military capabilities of the US make enemies outcome to non-army means to be able to defeat the US army. The US and allied forces have carried out counter-insurgency operations in a number of areas. Counter-insurgency refers to military, paramilitary, political, or psychological actions by a government to subdue an insurgent group (Rineheart, 2010). For counter-insurgency to be successful, the army should win the help of the native people. In addition, the military should promote good governance and maintain a certain variety of troops to take care of safety after defeating the insurgents (Mahnken & Maiolo, 2008). The political power of the US enables it to achieve help from different nations to conduct counter-insurgency operations. However, in some situations the US might lack the support of the local inhabitants.

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The success of a counter-insurgency operation requires the army to have a protected haven in a bordering nation. The secure haven provides a location from the place the military could begin attacking the insurgents. This permits the army to venture into the area occupied by the insurgents systematically (Mahnken & Maiolo, 2008). The US has many friendly nations which are prepared to offer a safe haven from where it might conduct counter-insurgency operations. The US wields immense political energy. The US authorities may use a number of avenues to seek support for counter-insurgency operations. Friendly nations usually present military personnel that help in counter-insurgency strikes. Britain is likely one of the major allies of the US. In addition, the US has highly advanced army expertise that permits the navy commanders to conduct actual-time counter-insurgency operation from a protected distance. This reduces the casualties that the army could incur. In reality, in some instances the military may not incur any casualty. Drones are the newest army gear that the American army makes use of to conduct counter-insurgency operations.

Counter-insurgency requires the navy to achieve the assist of the native population. Therefore, the navy must promote good governance. The US should help in the institution of governments that adhere to the rule of law. The new government of the nation shouldn’t exploit the native inhabitants or interact in illegal actions. Lawful governments lead to lengthy-term stability of the country after the withdrawal of the military (Mahnken & Maiolo, 2008). Afghanistan is among the international locations that the US conducts counter-insurgency operations. The US helped within the formation of the government of President Hamid Karzai.

However, a poll of Afghans determined that the judiciary and the police are the most corrupt government departments (Rineheart, 2010). Therefore, the shortcoming to get rid of corruption reduces the assist that the US receives from local population. The US makes use of drones regularly to conduct counter-insurgent operations. Despite the fact that drones are extraordinarily lethal, they usually cause unpremeditated civilian casualties. The Pakistani authorities condemns US drone strikes within its borders. This is one of the main sources of conflict between the Pakistani administration and the US government.

The US conducts counter-insurgency operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. The availability of extremely advanced navy know-how is one of the main strengths of the American army. Highly superior military technology permits the army to conduct counter-insurgency operations from a protected location. However, use of drones creates unintended civilian casualties. This makes the US army lose the support of the native inhabitants.


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