An Analysis of the Immigration Ban of Donald Trump

As we all know Donald Trump had won the presidency against Hillary Clinton in this particular past election. Trump had taken office in mid-January and has already made some radical changes throughout the Country. Of those changes, the most infamous, would definitely be his immigration ban. This law prohibited people of many middle-eastern and African based countries from getting into the United States. Amongst these countries were Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Syria, and Sudan, Libya. Many people were stunned with how suddenly and swiftly this all occurred. There were certainly mixed emotions of the people regarding this particular ban. Trump was definitely vocal during his advertising campaign about changes such as this. Personally i think many people were surprised about this because often presidents do not do as they say (Lowery, page 1, para. 4). Regarding religious discrimination, this action taken by Trump is more complex than one may thing. In my opinion, it could be discriminating against religion relatively, and in other ways it is not.

Many people were supportive of this decision, while many knew it was not sensible. I understand that presidents are usually granted the power to make such decisions, but this technique will be contradictive, unethical, and totally stupid. I’m not one to really indulge in political debates, especially those that pertain to my own country, however I feel there are a great number of negative points to this that need further discussion. The reason being, these so-called bans affect people both inside and outside the United States. One reason Personally i think that this is not specifically an attack on religion is because a number of events led to these choices. Some of which include 9/11 plus ISIS attacks. The United States is usually implementing these bans to help protect their country. Islam is not 100% feared because of their religion, rather the extremists and radicals that place a negative perception of the religious beliefs. Not to mention, that not everyone during these regions are simply Muslim, other religions such as Christianity and Jewish also reside in this kind of lands.

However , on the other hand, these bans also could have the possibility to be religiously fueled. Although not all the individuals are Muslim, the majority is usually. Which means that there is reason to believe that Trump just does not like Islam. Since I are from the Middle East, I use much familiarity with such situations. Many American’s are unaware of the way the government of countries in the centre East work. One of the most typical themes is no separation associated with church and state. Islam is governed entirely with the words of the Quran. Consequently , even if Trump just doesn’t care for the way in which it is governed, it also has ideologies of religion woven in the mixture as well. These ideas overall are more complex than one may ever know. However , I possess indicated that such bans may or may not be religiously induced.