An Outline Marketing Plan for Cinnamon Lake View Hotel

Situation Analysis Using the return of peace maintained strategic marketing plans, travel in Sir Lankan, having its unique product offerings is usually well positioned to end up being among the thrust sectors of the Sir Lankan economy in the foreseeable future. Total tourist arrivals within 2008 were 438, 475 persons, only Just in advance of the total arrivals figure of 407, 230 persons in 1982, the year before the North-East conflict escalated.

With the resolution from the North-East conflict, Sir Lankan finally has the possibility to realism its undeniable potential in tourism, in addition to with an improved advertising effort and investment inside infrastructure, we believe that the country’ s tourism industry can deliver upon its promise in the particular longer term.

The Mission “ In order to strive for perfection whenever providing guest experiences that will exceed expectations ND be acknowledged as an emerging regional leader in Hospitality, via the discovery of top quality service propositions, supported by superior performance from your people and technology, whilst growing values on responsible travel and providing a sustainable future for all stakeholders. ” Marketing Objectives Marketplace Needs The Cinnamon River View offers value and benefits to our customers, over and above the typical with our facilities in addition to affordable rates.

We seek to supply our guests with a good exemplary personal service, and level of recognition that they have come to rely fish pond when staying at a Cinnamon branded hotel. We all provide our guests with a luxurious, relaxed environment Walton wanly to conduct tenet Dustless. An environment that they can cannot find at our more impersonal competitors. Our guests need to know that they could develop a relationship with typically the hotel that will ensure performance, value for his or her money in addition to reliability in supplying these people with the support they need, when they want it.

The particular Market Our key consumers are contracted corporate clients originating from both international and domestic markets and also tourists visiting Sir Lankan for its unique panoramic tatty and sandy beaches. The strategic location associated with the property overlooking the Iberia Lake within the center of Colombo city will be key to its accomplishment during these areas due to the proximity from the Event Halls, Shopping Centers as well as other locations such as Artwork Galleries and Museums. Key to our business success is the level regarding customer loyalty and do it again business we receive about an annual basis.

You can expect our guests the most up- to-date technical business facilities, each inside the rooms plus within the hotel’ s conference facilities. Service Offering Service: high-quality facilities supported by exemplary personal service, fractionated from competition within line with the general brand strategy has proven to be an excellent method generating high amounts of replicate business. Positioning The Cinnamon Lake View lies as a five star, enterprise traveler’ s hotel, strategically located and offering the high level of individual service.

Our focus is on providing our guests added value and differentiating ourselves in our levels of personal support. We provide a quality motel experience where guests are valued, respected and their enterprise is truly appreciated. Sales strategies The Marketing Mix Service High-quality facilities accompanied by simply exemplary personal service, differentiated from competition, in collection with the overall company strategy has proven in order to be a successful approach producing high amounts of repeat company.

Price Pricing strategy has been consistent along with the differentiation objective, to offer added value for a new reasonable rate as compared to discounting and reduction of value in our products and providers. Place Service information is provided to the visitor via personal selling, direct marketing, marketing Internet dependent Inbound Marketing. Delivery programs include travel gents, worldwide reservations systems and our own own Web Site. Promotion Primary focus has already been on mass communication by way of print ads in industry publications and the World wide web, direct mail campaigns to existing and prospective consumers and personal selling in the local market.

Personal selling provides the means to develop relationships within the local community and generate high levels of company activity through the business local community. Public relations plays a great important role in 10 marketing mix, presenting 10 note as a supporting memoir AT ten community ND participating in considerable local events to help in developing ongoing cooperation, assures repeat business and good working relationships. Competition All other five star hotels, especially those positioned in the greater Colombo area, and Serviced Apartments do compete for the particular same corporate business areas.

Direct Competition * Hilton, Colombo: a few star city hotel, room rates approximately 10% increased than Cinnamon Lake Look at, older facilities. * Resort Gaillardia, Colombo: 5 celebrity city hotel, room prices approximately 10% greater than Cinnamon Lake View, facility refurbished round four years ago. 2. Gale Face Hotel, Colombo: 4 star city motel, room rates cheaper as compared to Cinnamon Lake View, more mature facilities. * Creates Residencies, Colombo: Luxury furnished flats, daily rates 15% increased than Cinnamon Lake View double deluxe rates.

They are usually rented on a monthly basis by third party owners. These properties offer similar facilities, even though somewhat less dedicated to business needs, and incorporate more leisure facilities than we all currently provide. Indirect Competition Cinnamon Lake View’ t indirect competition is “ distance” meetings in the particular corporate world. The more companies choose to conduct gathering over the phone, applying web conferencing technology, and video phone technology, typically the less business people travel and the more this affects Cinnamon Lake View Hotel.

Cinnamon Lake View has to be able to keep abreast of all new distance meeting technology, in addition to continue to reinforce along with clients that there is no better way to be able to do business then one on one. Strategy Pyramid Marketing Technique in summary Our marketing strategy’ s objective is to be able to communicate the unique set regarding services that we offer you to discerning hotel guests. We attempt to direct the focus of our guests to he issues regarding quality and value with regard to the money as compared with to simply the bottom line costs associated with their own stay.

Our own marketing strategy will allow us to communicate our brand values, develop close functioning relationships with our consumers and suppliers and to be able to identify the needs regarding our guests within a successful manner. Continued differentiation plus growth are two objectives we have set with regard to ourselves. Growth will consider place by targeting brand new areas of business within both local and nationwide communities. Our value idea is that Cinnamon Lake View offers the greatest, most personalized service for the corporate traveler.

We include business essentials in most room, such as a nice table, internet connection, wireless accessibility, and supply easy to entry meeting rooms using audio-visual and technology needs because well as catering regarding longer meetings. Cost or Expenses Guidelines Note: Typically the values and personnel names are assumed and not really actual. Implementation Guidelines Our marketing expense is structured to reflect the corporate technique differentiation. Quarterly travel trade publications and interim monthly press ads communicate our own message to Key company clients In one AT our most gallants focus on markets

Month to month Internet advertising expenses contain banner ads, and strategic links with car hire, air travel and destination management companies’ websites to drive business to the hotel. Regular mail exercise builds our targeted consumer database, not only inside terms of improving the particular quality of the data all of us currently hold, but about increasing the size associated with the database with prospective customer information. Inbound advertising activities utilizing the Web Site (SEE) and Social Media Sites (Twitter, Backbone) ensures that our clients can easily find us whenever searching for quality business accommodation.

Social Media Sites also enable us to give the personalized service to our own customers via one-to-one conversation. Public relations expenses include PR events, participation from local functions and sponsorship funds. Overall, the percentage of total revenue necessary to assistance the marketing expense will be considered a moderate sum. Evaluation and Control Components All figures will end up being monitored on an continuing basis regarding projections vs actual, and the ongoing program will be altered or manipulated as necessary so as to react to and, anywhere possible, anticipate external modifications to the environment.

Annual results is going to be evaluated at the General Manager’ s meeting where the structure of the particular plan for the nearing year will also be established. Our marketing plan is structured to permit us to achieve the particular strategic goals we have got set for ourselves, in terms of increasing total revenue as an outcome of differentiating our items and services from the particular competition. Our marketing staff will ensure the strategy is implemented towards the greatest of their ability and with the highest levels of effectiveness and accuracy. References 2. Colombo Stock Exchange Information Library * Sir Lankan Tourist Bureau * Yearly Report, John Keels Accommodations

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