Analysis of Joseph Arnone “Wasted Talent”

Analysis of Joseph Arnone “Wasted Talent”


The destructive nature of losing hope is evident from the incidences that seem to turn out as a result of Donnie losing hope. Despite him having talent, the world seems not to grant him a proper platform to showcase his talent of singing. This act eventually destroys Donnie, “that’s why he hung himself in his studio: he couldn’t do it anymore.” This was the climax. According to the happenings that had unfolded, the only resolution that seemed best was to commit suicide. The problem gets introduced in the first sentence. The reason for failing was as a result of not believing in oneself. From the dramatic monologue, lessons are learnt. Creative work should be the cause of happiness and not death. Artists should conduct art to be happy and not to end up committing suicide.


The story is told in the second voice. This is according from the perspective of Joseph Arnone. Of the notable mention is the fact that he could not appreciate the talent showcased by giving hope. It is in the form of dramatic monologue as the speaker explains the incidences from the beginning to the end. All the happenings have been illustrated. The cause of suicide has been shown as lack of believing in oneself. In the form of a dramatic monologue, the audience can easily relate to the moral of the story. A comparison between the narrative and the real-world problems is also made possible.


It is a dramatic monologue that is based on targeting a large audience. However, Joseph Arnone has no specific audience as the moral of the narrative is ‘losing hope’ and is encountered by both old and young. A sense of destruction builds up over the narrative. This is pioneered by losing hope as a result of lacking a bigger audience. With a dramatic opening “He stopped believing”, one can easily foretell of the events to unfold. The audience easily relates to the happening in the dramatic monologue and the real-world problems. Many young people tend to waste their talents due to lack of morals.


The choice of words used forms declarative sentences. Ones like ‘He stopped believing’ are declarative as they explain the cause of the events. Joseph Arnone has also used compound sentences. Simple and complex words have been used. In the last paragraph, the choice of words used showcases feelings. To illustrate the feelings by choice of words, there is the use of few modifications to describe the emotions and the existing relationship. Simple words have been used to easily allow the flow of ideas. This way, the audience can relate to the dramatic monologue.

Conventions of my style model

The interesting part of using this style is that audience cannot easily get to understand the existing relationship between the speaker and protagonist. To start with, the audience is not aware of who they are. The moral of the dramatic monologue is to describe on the social pressures that humans are exposed to. In this case, lack of self-acceptance leads to suicide. Had the singer accepted that he had talent and that one day he would turn out successful, he would not have ended up hanging himself at the studio. The disappointments are the cause of his death.

There exists irony as art is supposed to make someone happy. However, from this dramatic monologue, the end result is death. Music is an example of art that is performed to make oneself and the audience happy. If had he performed music with happiness, there would be no death case.

The choice of words results to grief. The audience can relate to the happenings and easily turn out to be emotional. This correlates with the choice of words used. No successes are evident. Nowadays, music results with money and fame. These were not any achieved and thus suicide was the climax. Even though it is not mentioned, the audience is shocked as to why lack of fame would end up to suicide. This signifies lack of self-acceptance.


The choice of words signifies loss of hope. Joseph Arnone, has used word like lost, he failed, he quit, fear, belief, broke him, to describe loss of hope. These semantics are used in literature to illustrate the morals of the entire narrative by the choice of words used to the audience. The author has also used simple words to bring out the major moves. For instance, broke him has been used as the cause of suicide. The semantics used also relate to the real-world problems, for example, career.

From the dramatic monologue, a relation with the real-world problems is easy. For instance, many people are into music due to the benefits accrued. From the narrative, the artist ends up committing suicide as he does not benefit from his talent. He ends up broke. This is the cause of his death.

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