The two web sites are stateplaza and Both of the sites are unwieldy, poorly designed, hard to navigate and do nothing to improve or impact tourism in the GWU area.

Taking them one at a time, the gwutourism site took well over a minute to download completely (using a Pentium 300 with a 56 k modem) and the index page was hardly worth the wait. The site chose to avoid the frames configuration which implied that each page would be loading individually. We were told that a room at the State Plaza hotel would be $109 per night, but the price was in gray text while the main body text was in blue.

All that this did was trigger the price flexibility of the room prices, and set the price off unnecessarily. The link of things to do in the area took better than two minutes to download completely (following six screen wipes) and after the map was loaded, it was next to useless. There was no locus ID to show a “You are here” concept, so the viewer had next to no idea how near or far any of the sites were.

A link to sites in the area takes you to a link library of sites in the area.

The site was hardly better. This one used a frames configuration with the left hand bar loading first showing the collection of Washington Classic hotels. While waiting for the main frame to load, the scroll bar device was not available, so there was nothing to do but wait. When the main screen finally loaded (more than two minutes while pictures of hotel facades loaded) there was a series of buttons that would take you on a site navigation.

Uninterested by this time, I simply clicked on the State Plaza link on the left, and was taken to a new page (45 second download) which showed that the hotel was located in the historic Foggy Bottom area.

I made the mistake of clicking on the “Virtual Tour” hoping to see something of interest. This was a breakout of pictur

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