As can be achieved given the opportunity

As Oscar Wilde once said: “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist”. Right now as I write this, I am alive. My existence however is irrelevant. What is important in life is not survival but rather what can be achieved given the opportunity of living. Although I am alive and have been for the last seventeen years, I cannot confidently say that I have lived every day to its full potential. I have a propensity to struggle through life, dragging my feet along the everyday treadmill, in attempt to reach my desired destination. This ideal vision I have created for myself seems to be the source of my despondency. However, my motivation and determination also stem from this vision. Along my journey on the everyday treadmill, I am faced with challenges, obstacles which I must overcome in order to reach my destination and live in ultimate satisfaction. These ideal visions and the challenges that come with them are my ‘gilded promises’ in life. They contrast each other, preventing my progression and knocking me back, yet simultaneously navigating me towards my destination or overall goal.

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