assalamoalaikum!my name is azka mujeeb and i am studying in this school for 13 years.last time when the ex matric shared their experiences i was standing in the queue thinking what has this school give me instead of pain and burden and stress with those dreadful exams and their horrificresults.but as the time passed away when we came to grade 10 and after all this time spent in the classrooms and the school building comes this day we are standing on.a feling spontaneously arises in my heart and i dont why my eyes are always left with tears.every time i think about my time spent in this school flashbacks of the fixtures of grade 8 pop up in my mind when every day ms humaira came to our class to tell us about the fixture units.i remember every day how we used to run to library for making notes from refrence books.i remember those truths and dares we played in class.i remember those days of grade eight when we used to have ms anjums class and we used to tease her.grade eight was an year packed of fun and trust me eight graders you are gonna miss this class.every time i think about my time spent in this school i remember our days in grade we were so scared of the board exams.since all the sections of grade 8 merged up into 1 we made new friends and new memories.i remember those 2nd term days when i first time in my life hosted the bnaat competion with tabina baji.she really is a nice friend.moreover i can never forget that talent show when we performed a mime first time was new to every one and everyone loved it.we also got standing ovation from the ex matric.moving on to those memorable mocks day specially the the last mock exam when we had halwa poori.

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