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AVS Services is a software and servi

AVS Services is a software and service company which purchased the rights to inventory control and retail management software in late 1993. The company employs four people and is able to keep its operating costs low because of a lack of overhead. The company has targeted hardgoods retailers as its primary target market, and prefers those retailers who have sales in excess of $20 million per year. Because of the nature of the software, companies with several stores and a central location are ideally positioned as customers. This research outlines a marketing plan for one of AVS Services’ most promising prospects, MTS, based in Palo Alto, California.

AVS acquired the rights and source code to ServiceTrak and Inventory Manager. This agreement gives AVS the right to sell and service the products in any way the company deems appropriate. These interwoven products offer complete management of a retailers operation, from purchasing through final sale, and incorporate customer history and service information into the package. The end result is a seamless and transparent product which offers ease of use to its users through its Windows interface, and also gives exceptional price-performance benefit. The system is designed to run on IBM or IBM-compatible microcomputers, and each store also requires a printer. The product is designed to use a Novell local area network (LAN) within the stores; each stored communicates its daily transactions to a central processor via telephone after hours. The result is that management has up-to-date information about each store’s performance, price changes can be downloaded directly to machines in the field, and customers receive better service through automation.

AVS faces little competition in its field because there are few companies that have developed the comprehensive software and service package that AVS is marketing. Some large retailers, including Circuit City, have written their own pac…

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