Balancing work and family

The work life balance is a wide subject of country therefore this literature reappraisal will chiefly concentrate on inquiries like- what is the importance of work life balance? What are the Work life instability effects? What are the assorted current schemes practiced by organisation? What are the barriers while accomplishing work life balance? What are the deductions for Human Resources? The deductions for pull offing people have besides been discussed, based on the research.

Importance of Work life balance

Many surveies found assorted benefits and advantages of proper work life balance. Bilal, Rehman, and Raza ( 2010 ) suggest that, better work life balance reduces absenteeism, turnover rates and improved occupation satisfaction, working status, work environment, productiveness and public presentation. If there is a work life struggle, it has direct impact on single degree. There are assorted grounds which can do work life instability, such as long and inflexible hours, over work burden, work force per unit area, equal force per unit area, force per unit area from direction, working conditions, work struggles, household struggles etc. Therefore, work life balance has become really important issue for any organisation that should see many things whilst practising work life balance. Work household struggle is associated with employee ‘s burnout, substance issues, mental wellness issues etc. Thus, work life balance is an of import issue for any industry in footings of organisational effectivity and occupational wellness excessively.

One survey besides found that work life balance lead to a more flexible, loyal and motivated work force, which are really of import facets of any organisation ‘s fight ( May & A ; Lau, 1998, p. 213 ) . The chief competitory advantage of any organisation are their employees. Work life balance increases employee ‘s trueness towards the organisation. It increases the committedness towards organisation. Work life balance is associated with the mental and psychological wellness of an single employee. Obviously, proper work life balance makes employees happy and satisfied from their work which straight leads to actuate them. For the organisation success, motivated and committed work force is important and a competitory advantage. Proper work life balance makes the work force more motivated, happy, satisfied, and committed and loyal towards the organisation.

Effective work life balance pattern leads to cut down absenteeism and lateness within employees. It improves the overall productiveness. By supplying proper work life balance to the employees, it will assist to enroll and pull more endowments from the endowment pool and it besides enhances the organisation image and becomes the employer of pick. Furthermore, work life balance increases keeping of staff employees and reduces turnover rates. Work life balance has assorted advantages to the employees every bit good as it reduces occupation emphasis and additions occupation satisfaction.The assorted benefits of work life balance are as follows ( May & A ; Lau, 1998, p. 213 ) .

Benefits to organisation

Benefits to Employees

Beginning: Lazar, Osoian, and Ratiu ( 2010 )

Work Life Imbalance Consequences

Low productiveness

One of the work life instability effects is a low productiveness. Body of research which includes, studies, surveies and literatures, clearly supports that there is a relationship between work-life balance and the productiveness. Quality of work life balance influences the productiveness of employees. It has been found that higher quality of work life balance encouragement productiveness. Long on the job hours are mark of lost in productiveness and efficiency ( Fenton, 2007 ) . Work life instabilities addition concern cost. A study conducted in Hong Kong, indicates that employees work an mean 51 hours/week which is 25 per centum higher than the maximal on the job hours set by the International Labour Organisation. The consequence of this survey shows that a 3rd of respondents said their productiveness has been affected due to long on the job hours and therefore these were doing them many wellness jobs. Therefore, flexible working agreements has become really common in many industries, which has been subsequently on discussed in this literature reappraisal.

Similarly, one study has conducted in UK and 597 working parents were used as a sample for the survey. Lazar et Al. ( 2010 ) suggest that this survey investigated a correlativity between self-related productiveness, flexibleness and satisfaction with work life balance, and between satisfaction with work life balance and employee enjoyment.

Beginning: Lazar, Osoian, and Ratiu ( 2010 )

The above figure demonstrates the relationship between work-life balance and the productiveness. It clearly indicates that if employees are really satisfied with their work-life balance so their productiveness degree is 42 % . The productiveness degree lessenings if they are less satisfied with their work-life balance

Job dissatisfaction and backdown attitudes

Employees, who have instability between work and household, are enduring from occupation satisfaction. One survey found that there is a strong positive relationship between work household struggle and occupation dissatisfaction ( Hughes & A ; Bozionelos, 2005 ) . Employees, who have work household struggle, are more disgruntled from their work and more likely to discontinue the occupation. Harmonizing to this survey consequences, there is a clear relationship between work household instability and their backdown attitudes including high turnover and non echt ill absence.

Organizational committedness

Another effect of work life instability has found is organisational committedness. Work life Imbalance may take to diminish the employee ‘s committedness towards the organisation. One survey was conducted to look into the relationship between work household struggle and the organisational committedness within the Malayan houses. This survey found that there is a positive relationship between work life struggle and the organisational committedness ( Daud, 2010 ) . Those employees, who have a higher degree of work household balance, have strong degree of organisational committedness. Those employees, who have more work household struggle shows lower degree of organisational committedness.

Job public presentation

Quality of work life balance has impact on employee ‘s mental wellness and their occupation satisfaction. Therefore, it has indirect or direct impact on the employee ‘s public presentation excessively. One survey investigates the relationship between quality of work life balance and occupation public presentation by utilizing questionnaires to study. 475 directors have been used as a sample in Malaysia. The consequences of this survey show that there is a positive relationship between work life balance and occupation public presentation. The consequences and grounds of this survey shows that work life balance is an of import factor like others that has direct or indirect impact in finding the public presentation of employees such as occupation satisfaction, committedness. It besides indicates that it has besides impact on the employees ‘ creativeness, invention and committedness in footings of their occupation ( Beh & A ; Rose, 2007 ) . This diary shows how quality of work life influences any single occupation public presentation. Furthermore, deductions for organisation have besides been discussed in this literature. QWL is found to significantly cut down absenteeism, minor accidents and discontinuing.

Quality of life

Md-Sidin, Sambasivan, and Ismail ( 2008 ) suggest that, work life struggle has a relationship with the quality of life. Quality of life includes quality of work life and quality of non-work life. This conducted to look into in Malayan houses, to associate the work household struggles with the quality of life as a whole. This survey found that the work-family struggle has a important negative relationship with the quality of work, quality of non-work and quality of life as a whole. This survey found that Quality of work life and quality of non work life has a strong positive relationship with the quality of life. Furthermore, the consequences of this survey indicate that the work household struggle has a strongest relationship with the quality of work life. Therefore, it is rather clear that the work household influence an person ‘s personal life and working life and the quality of life as a whole.

Work life balance schemes

Lazar et Al. ( 2010 ) suggest that it is truly of import that the Work-life balance patterns should see as a strategic human resource direction determinations that can interpret into improved single and organisation public presentation. Due to demographic and workplace alterations, work-life balance patterns becomes more complex and strategic. For case, more adult females are coming in work force. Whist, implementing work-life balance schemes, an organisation should see many things such as work force alterations, workplace alterations, organisation size and civilization etc. An organisation should implement assorted schemes in order to implement the work life balance pattern to better its overall Quality of Work life. There is a broad scope of pattern that an organisation can implement such as flexi clip, compressed work hebdomads, telecommuting, portion clip work, occupation sharing, on side kid attention installation, parental leave etc. Furthermore, the organisation may supply assorted installations and benefits to the employees such as wellness insurance for employee and dependent, assorted plans or services such as gym or yoga Centre, which improves employee ‘s mental and physical wellness, assorted plans that supports their kids ‘s instruction etc.

Such patterns are discussed as bellowed.

Flexi clip

Flexi clip allows employees to find their start and finish clip. They are more flexible to their starting and finishing clip. Flexi clip pattern allows employees to concentrate on their household or personal life. This can let them to run into their societal committednesss and exigencies and let them to react to the predictable or unpredictable fortunes. This strategy can implement by assorted ways such as the employer may let employees to flexible timing. For instance..

Arrive for work between 7:00 am to 10:00am

Lunch interruption between 12:00pm to 2:00pm ( flexible tiffin hr )

Leave between 5:00pm to 6:30pm

The hours an employee work between these timings can recognition to that employee ‘s peculiar history. Many strategies besides allow employees to recognition or debit borders. For blink of an eyes, if employees are supposed to work 50 hours per hebdomad and he/she really worked merely 40hours, so he/she will “ owe ” the employer 10 hours. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) .


Lazar et Al. ( 2010 ) suggest that telecommuting allows employees to make some of the work from at place, instead than merely at office. Many organisations practising “ Telecommuting ” , as it is going really common these yearss. This gives an advantage to employees to equilibrate between their work and their personal life. This pattern can besides gives benefits to the employees such as cut down emphasis degree, let them to work in more comfy environment, cut down going costs and transposing clip and it is besides clip effectual as it reduces the traveling clip. This pattern is besides called as ‘telework ‘ . By supplying these installations to the employees, they are more likely to work efficaciously and it will better their productiveness. However, there are besides such issues. The organisation may be concerned by the initial implement costs. Furthermore, it is besides hard to oversee the employees as they will be working at place. This pattern may impact the commitment degree of employees towards the organisation.

Compressed work hebdomads

The strategy of “ Compressed work hebdomads ” , allows employees to work longer hours in a displacement and in exchange they can acquire a twenty-four hours off and cut down their figure of working yearss. For case, they work more hours in a hebdomad to acquire twenty-four hours off in a following hebdomad. This allows employees to acquire yearss off, so that they can pass more clip with their households. This allows employees to acquire long weekend or mini holiday. Again, it besides depends on the organisation civilization and size. For case, this pattern can work efficaciously where employees ca n’t afford to cut down the working hours, but want to cut down the figure of working yearss in a hebdomad. This can be besides good for organisation in order to maximise production, better operational efficiency or constitutions of longer working hours that can supply good client service.

Part clip work

Part clip work improves skill development and allows employees to acquire some experience in their field. It will be good for employees with the wellness job or disable. Those employees who have had career interruptions can besides re enter in to the work force. For illustration, female parents who stayed at place to raise their kids. Lazar et Al. ( 2010 ) suggest that organisation benefits include it gives a flexible work force to an organisation, it besides helps to maximise the usage of Human resources.

Job sharing

It allows employee to portion their occupation. Two or more employees can work at the same clip on one undertaking. This pattern can be suited to a workplace where chances for portion clip occupations or other agreements are limited. There are assorted benefits of occupation sharing like it besides gives to employees more clip for other committednesss. It besides improves the development of partnership. The bonding between employees can go strong and employees can larn from each other. It besides improves staff keeping and it besides increases the productiveness as it combines broad scope of accomplishments, cognition and experiences in a individual occupation.

Barriers while accomplishing Work life balance

Managerial support

Managerial support required for any organisation in order to implement a successful work life balance pattern. Directors play an of import function in order to better work household schemes, because their place has a really immense influence on employees to promote or deter. If director is more enthusiastic and supportive, so the employees are more willing to accept the work life balance pattern. The director must understand an single individual ‘s issues to supply echt concerns. Some organisations are really much concern about managerial support in order to implement successful work-life balance schemes. For case, in organisation called “ Napp Pharmaceutical ” , all directors are expected to retrieve names of every worker at the production degree, their family name, their spouses name and their personal issues. This enables them to be more apprehensible and supportive to their employees ( McCartney, 2002, p. 36 ) .

Career effect

Lazar et Al. ( n.d. ) suggest that, successful execution of work life balance pattern can increase in organisation committedness, but merely those employees who felt free to utilize this pattern without any fright of calling harm. An American saloon association studies that although 95 % of the American houses have portion clip employment chance, merely 3 % of attorneies are utilizing it due fright of calling harm.

Organizational clip outlook

Another barrier in implementing the work life policies is the organisation outlook of the Numberss of hours employees are expected to work. For case, does the organisation let employees to take work at place? Many surveies found that long on the job hours refers as organisation committedness, success, productiveness and motive. Lazar et Al. ( n.d. ) suggest that, Fortune 100 company in the concluded that “ If one has to win, one has to be at work, one has to be at that place for long hours and one has to continuously perpetrate to work as a top precedence.

Colleague ‘s support

One of the barriers of work life patterns is co worker ‘s support. Many surveies suggest that workers who use of work life patterns are enduring negative perceptual experience from colleagues and supervisors. Workers who use work life balance patterns frequently fear from the negative perceptual experience from their colleagues or supervisors. Colleagues and supervisors may believe that the individual who is utilizing work life balance patterns, holding low degree of organisational committedness. Due to this perceptual experience from colleagues or supervisors, employees who use the work-life balance pattern frequently think that it will impact on their working calling such as, farther publicity chances or wagess like inducements or salary addition.

Deductions for HRM

Traditionally the HR attack to Work life balance is to back up employees in day-to-day work life issues and challenges, and supply advice to them. But HR approach these yearss is truly different and became more strategic. Human resources play an of import function in order to implement successful execution of work household balance schemes. There are assorted deductions for human resources. HR must develop appropriate policies for the on the job environment, which best tantrum with the pattern of work household balance. HR must develop such policies and implement those policies. HR must guarantee that those work life balance policies are invariably revised and reappraisals. They besides formalized, work household balance pattern are the portion of continues public presentation direction system or procedure ( Akdere, 2006 ) .

In add-on of implementing policies, preparation and development besides supports to heighten the quality of household work balance pattern. It is truly of import that the HR should supply preparation and development to the employees in footings of work life balance. Furthermore, HR must develop a strong, appropriate and effectual enlisting and keeping system. They must enroll single whose values closely match with the civilization of the organisation. For illustration, If the Human resource direction at the enlisting degree, is non sing the work life balance patterns while enrolling employees, so the work life balance pattern will non be effectual to those employees whose values and belief is non fiting with the needed values of the work life balance pattern. Furthermore, communicating is besides of import in order to implement better work household schemes. HR must supply advice and preparation and development to their employees. It is truly of import that the current work force of the administration should cognize about the administration ‘s policies and schemes. Employees should hold cognition of the current policies of work life balance. HR should guarantee that employees have a proper cognition and information of the work life balance policies. If the employees have a good cognition and information sing policies of work life balance, so they will be more supportive. Therefore, it is truly of import that the HR must pass on the policies to the employees ( McCartney, 2002, p. 37 ) .

The HR attack towards work life balance is depends on many things like organizational construction, organisation ‘s policies, organisation civilization etc. It may besides differ in different states as Work life balance is non the same in one state or one industry. Human resource direction should see such issues emerge from work life balance pattern, in footings of pull offing people.

Changing Workforce

Changing work force is one of the chief deductions that HR may hold to confront and should non be ignored. The work force is altering and going more diverse. The Numberss of adult females workers are increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. More adult females are come ining into the industry. These alterations in work force must be considered by the Human Resource direction. The issues of work life balance has gained new dimension, in that it involves such facets of gender, work and household dealingss, gendered clip, etc. For case, harmonizing to the white paper issued by the Australia Human Resource Institute, the current Australia work force is altering quickly. There are younger Asiatic Australia come ining in to the work force and going major portion at the workplace. Equally far as workplace is concern, the Asiatic civilization could be different. They are like more relationship oriented ( “ White Paper ” , 2010, p.42 ) . HR should see these work force alterations while implementing Work Life balance patterns. All these facets have impact on issues such as staff keeping, employee motive, portion clip works, long working hours, and leave from work for particular occasions. All the household responsibilities including kid attention are still more likely a adult females ‘s duty. Furthermore, the household construction is besides altering. These alterations in household construction, manners of work and adult females ‘s duty such as kid attention, have a meaning impact on the organisation.

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