Biopsychosocial Spiritual Assessment (adb84e1)


Biopsychosocial spiritual approach in social work is used to study the effects of biological, psychological, social and physical factors on the human behaviour (Green, 2002). These dimensions perform a critical part within the determination associated with the behaviour associated with an individual. The life span of an person is encircled simply by numerous dimensions, every which offers an effect to his or even her overall behavior.


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These sizes may become broadly separated into personal, environment plus time sizes. The specific personality associated with the person, their ego, feelings plus cognition are often important factors individuals whilst making use associated with this method (Green, 2002). Inside the biopsychosocial strategy, the behavior that will will be exhibited simply simply by humans is regarded as to be dependent on their organic, psychological and social aspects.

The biology and mindset of an person are inseparable. It is because the psychology (cognition and emotions) impact the overall health and well being of an individual. In further research, scientists have discovered that the psychology and social aspects of humans are also interrelated. That is why they refer to the brain as the social mind.

This therefore suggests that the brain is not only wired for social life but it also recognises they physical environment which an individual. These three factors therefore work hand in hand to determine the behaviour of an individual. The personal dimension of human beings is composed of the psychological, biological and spiritual aspects of an person.

The natural aspect of a person comprises of the particular body cell, internal organs and physiological techniques. These aspects figure away the physical appear, anatomy, physiology in addition the health connected with an person. The specific effectiveness plus balance of these types of elements play a crucial role within the dedication of the behavior of an person. The psychological program of humans includes of the thoughts and mental procedures.

This allows a person to catch process and translate information within your pet and his environment. It determines the capability of an person to see life through a critical element that is distinctive from everybody else, producing him/her to become unique. Each one of these rely on the knowledge and emotion of the individual. These aspects affect the mindful thinking process, sensation and emotions associated with humans.

The spiritual system will be the part associated with a person that searches for the meaning plus purpose of existence (Ambrose, 2006). This is the part in an individual that poses questions about life, building up a lot of curiosity. It drives the morality of an individual. It determines the ethics, justice, creativity, religion, sociality, contemplation, relationships and the freedom of choice.


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This system has a new lot of effect in the conduct of your individual, specially his/her social factor of life. This specific is what establishes the person an personal is, how he or she views things in addition to how he pertains to other people inside the society. Typically the environmental dimension of any human being is usually composed of several factors. These usually are the actual factors which often encompass a particular person influencing his/her time in order to be able to day activities.

Some of these kinds of types of elements include: the certain physical environment, sociable institutions, culture, loved ones members, dyads, tiny organizations, communities in addition to official organisations. Typically the bodily environment consists of organic and anthropogenic constructions that surround human being beings. They consist of: houses, mountains, sunlight, rivers, lakes, plant life and so upon.

This type part of the particular environment where a good individual lives plus operates in. This varies from location to place plus time to period. Culture is really a official behaviour that typical within a provided group of individuals. It affects the particular behaviour and materials artefacts of the person. It consists of traditions, beliefs traditions plus values (Cournoyer, 2008).

A Dyad is the partnership that exists among two individuals. This really is can be among a parent or guardian and youngster, couple, teacher as well as student and as a result on. Family on the other hand will be the partnership of which exists between about three or maybe more individuals. This specific can either end up being nuclear family constructed of father mommy and child/children or perhaps extended households which include even more cherished ones who typically are related to be able to your partner with blood vessels or simply marriage.

Small groups about most of the other palm usually are interactions that usually usually are made by individuals to be able to be able to be able to achieve common goals and objectives. Well-being clubs, youth groups, neighbourhood watch inside addition to sporting activities club usually usually are just types regarding these kinds regarding groups. The extremely last sizing regarding a person is usually time. That consists of developments, cycles, adjustments in addition to be able to linear time. Innovations can be discussed as definite varieties of change of which often occur through generally the life regarding your personal.

These styles may be forecasted with a specific amount of accuracy centered on several identified factors. Types of developments that are getting experienced in typically the world currently range from the development of typically the United States in to a multicultural state, typically the incorporation of details technology in typically the operations of varied sectors of the economy and the climatic changes that are being experienced due to global warming. Trends affect the quick term and extended term life of any human being.

Cycles on typically the other hand usually are patterns of alter that repeat by themselves after having a definite period of time of time. Types of cycles include typically the different seasons regarding weather, the surge and fall regarding the economy, days and nights of the few days and months from the year and therefore on. Cycles provide the human thoughts an aspect associated with planning his existence by setting plus can become utilized to measure the particular success of a good individual as time passes (Edward, 2010).


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Shifts are usually sudden changes within the life of the individual. This might be a big change within living standards plus the changes within the environment because of to disasters plus natural calamities. Lining time is seeing life on the right line. This particular is usually exactly where time can become considered either previous, current or long term.

To evaluate usually the biopsychosocial religious factor of the person, just one requirements to know each one of these concepts in inclusion to apply numerous procedures and equipment to be in a position to appear collectively with the best result. By basically doing so, you possibly can have understood every factor of an personal that may have brought to be able to the expansion of his or her conduct. It as a result needs a enthusiastic study in add-on to research to be able to appear up together with such diagnosis.

Biopsychosocial Assessment regarding Maria

Maria had been a new 18 year older Columbian girl battling to be able to make that is usually obviously. The fragile working condition matched with difficult lifestyle that the female was experiencing once more in the residence; Maria decided on move to the Combined States searching for a new better life. Yet , she had to be able to smuggle drugs to be able to generate her ticketed in to typically the country.

Things did not change upwards to the woman expectations and in the process among the girl companions perished. Lastly she a brand new opportunity to move back again home nevertheless the girl decided to have the ability to be in the particular declares. I experienced developed the chance in order to perform a brand new biopsychosocial assessment regarding her. I utilized to be recognized to gather almost all the information because through the classes that there were with each other.

To accomplish this, We guaranteed the the woman has been comfortable plus had rely upon me personally. I gave the girl a chance in order to give her part from the story yet in the procedure We was keen to make sure that she was informing me the reality. I had been also fascinated in determining the girl mental state associated with mind. I has been therefore keen upon her reactions, behavior feelings and conversation. These types of factors can inform a good deal regarding the girl mindset.

The initial thing which usually I wanted in order to determine is the particular problem which the girl was facing, exactly what caused it plus how it offers affected her existence. I had been able in order to get this info by giving the girl an opportunity to tell her side of the story. From my analysis, I was able to conclude that her main problem was the lack of a stable job and good income has been her main issue.

Due in order to this, Maria experienced to struggle in order to make a living; a proceed that made the girl create a number associated with wrong choices within her life, smuggling drugs in to the usa states being one of these. After determining the girl problem, I desired to find out what aspects of her existence resulted in the advancement of this issue. I recently found that Nancy was created in the poor family; the girl therefore lacked the particular opportunity of obtaining a great existence plus education.


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Once the girl became adult, the girl had in purchase to support the girl family members, which includes her sibling who was simply pregnant. Upon top of this particular, she got expecting having a man who she did not really love. Eager to generate a living plus decided on make this in life, Nancy offered herself for use as a drug mule to smuggle drugs into the United States. She is optimistic that life would be better here than back at home.

Maria has no history of any medical problems. She is physically fit, a factor which has sustained her through the hard work that she has been engaging in all through her life. I did not identify any mental disorders in her. She is a woman of good personality bases on principles and ethics which she had learned from her culture. That is why she was commendable enough to increase money to deliver the particular body of the girl counterpart for funeral at home.

Her is engaged given that they happen to be residing together through their own lives in addition to this period that she actually is within the United Says. Her main fundamental needs are actually foods, shelter and clothing for herself in addition her baby forward. She will not actually know where within order to begin from considering that the girl is within the foreign condition which usually is not actually familiar to the particular girl.

To create the issues a whole lot worse, she will be within the nation unlawfully. This will certainly create her probabilities related to getting the work to become more difficult. Despite all this particular, Maria consists plus optimistic that this long term is bright. The girl just needs to battle and work even more difficult.

From this particular examination, I used to be capable to be able to conclude that may Helen is connected with noise body plus brain. The primary basis for her issues had been due in buy to her weak history, an encumbrance which often usually she provides so as to carry all set plus if items tend not to work out there with regard to be able to the higher she is usually going to exchange them in buy to her uncreated, unbegotten, unconceived child. This is usually only one of typically the numerous cases which can be becoming experienced around the world.

Type regarding Contract

I will establish a formal deal with my consumer. The introduction of the deal begun during typically the exploration period any time I was seeking to identify the consumers problem and continuing throughout the method. The partnership that produced between us in the course of this process brought to the business of a elegant contract of services.

According to be able to Cournoyer (2008) typically the skills that are required to set up a contract between a social worker and a client include: reflecting and identifying an issue, establishing goals, developing an action plan, evaluating the progress and summarising the contract (p. 296).

These basic steps will assist on the formulation and making of a stable contract that will protect the interest of both parties which are involved in the contract. As a social worker, I will exercise professional ethics and values to ensure that all the requirements of the contract are met thus that the privileges and responsibilities regarding the parties engaged are actually respected.


We have been capable to create concerning three goals in between our client in addition to i also which regularly had to conclusion up being gained by the bottom line of our own periods. Typically the first aim had been for the female to accept typically the woman biopsychosocial position. This will most likely enable her to be able to get faithful to themself and formulate implies whereby she may overcome this stress create her lifestyle better. The next goal was going to increase her self-confidence. Coming from my assessment, I actually noted that our client a new reduced self esteem.

She experienced the fact that will she could hardly actually about the career or perhaps hook up to folks considering that she was a new person from your current poor background. I actually think that the lady had been that great similar problems again from your home and this specific is the purpose why practically just about all her buddies have been of a fresh similar upbringing. Obtaining a high carry out it yourself respect will increase the woman social expertise; the lady could possibly be in a new position to communicate along with everyone within usually the society.

It will consequently become much simpler on her account to get information which might business guide her to the new good-job. The particular previous goal was going to method documents that could guarantee that the girl is usually remaining legally within the Usa Declares. This will likely create the woman total peace of thoughts, guarantee her the safe stay within the nation and this will be simpler for her in order to get a good-job. All this targets barrage making the woman life to end up being better by increasing all the measurements of her lifestyle.

Professional Values Dilemmas

My function as a sociable worker will end up being to improve typically the life of our client and help to make it better (Zastro, 2009). Yet , in the course of this process there are numerous incidences where typically the boundary of values which guide our profession is entered. This will likely lead to be able to a professional ethic dilemma. The consequences of such situations might be extremely severe at periods. While working with Nancy, I might obtain emotional due in order to her sad background and choose to assist her beyond usually the limits in our profession.

In the process, We actually would are usually actually supporting a good alien who otherwise is in usually the country unlawfully. This specific will certainly automatically cause me personally to feel the girl accomplice. As the result, i might have acted past our powers plus from your same instant I might are really committing a authorities offence. This might have got a bad influence on our career in addition to issue my specialist values.


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