Calibration Industry

Calibration Industry

An Analysis of Industrial Testing Services (ITS)

INTRODUCTION – Industrial Testing Services (ITS)

This analysis of the calibration industry will primarily focus on Industrial Testing Services (ITS) and the Florida economy. ITS is a full service calibration and metrology laboratory located in St. Petersburg, Florida. The company is owned by a Native American family and has been providing calibration and metrology services to the industrial community in the U.S. since 1979 (About 1).

The calibration industry serves a variety of markets, from the Aviation and Communications industries to Machine and Tool & Die shops. Typically, most calibration services offer two main capabilities, electrical and physical. Electrical calibration services include such things as capacitance and frequency calibration, while physical calibration services apply to things like acoustics, gas flow, and specific gravity. ITS originated its operations due to a need in Florida for a “quality physical calibration laboratory” (About 1).

ITS has grown to represent on of the biggest independently owned full service calibration labs in the nation. ITS was the first calibration service provider to be able to offer the resurfacing of granite surface plates to Florida industry. This original service was expanded to include gage block calibration and hardness testers, starting a trend of providing more diversified services and service contracts to clients that continues to this day. The company grew into a diversified provider of physical calibration services because of this strategy of services expansion. In 1984, the company continued the trend and opened a laboratory and office in New England. Now providing calibration services for businesses spanning the East Coast, ITS also opened an electronics laboratory in 1992 to provide a wider variety of calibration services to its clients. Offering a wide variety of both physical and electrical c…

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