Branding Articles

Branding Articles Britain’s government, Con Edison, and BP Amoco have all embarked upon a marketing campaign to brand their product and images in a new manner. Britain’s government has modified its formerly stodgy image of village cricket, Beefeaters, and grouse hunts to one of a more youthful and business orientation that includes imagery such as pulsing telecommunications, information technologies, and daring fashion. Because of trends increasing the globalization of the world’s markets, countries like Britain are shying away from national-branded to images and branding that are more universal. This is being done in order to create a more multicultural, universal branding of the country so as not to put off…
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Business Research Principals

Business Research Principals A problem confronting this business currently which can be addressed using the application of business research principles is a breakdown in communication channels between scientists and engineers. Scientists come up with new materials which they would like to see incorporated in products. These are materials which they have tested and believe could make the product superior to others on the market. However, engineers have their own ideas, and do not like the new products and are reluctant to design new products or parts incorporating the new materials. The two groups do not seem to be able to communicate effectively, and this is slowing down the development of…
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Brand Image and Brawny Paper Towels

Brand Image and Brawny Paper Towels Companies can invest millions of dollars in their brands and brand icons, and most companies are reluctant to change their icon without good reason. Over the years, the image of Betty Crocker has received makeovers to keep up with the times, as has Aunt Jemima, and even the giraffe who represents Toys 'R Us has undergone changes. Recently, the Georgia-Pacific company, which markets the Brawny paper towel brand, decided to modify its brand icon, the Brawny man. The company made several discoveries along the way, including the importance of a brand icon to brand image as well as the preference of women for an…
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Business Relations of Andrew Carnegie & Lee Iacocca

Business Relations of Andrew Carnegie & Lee Iacocca This research paper discusses the business accomplishments and labor relations of Andrew Carnegie and compares them with a later day industrialist Lee Iacocca (1924- ). The Industrial Innovations of Carnegie and Iacocca Carnegie's business career was characterized by his uncanny ability to absorb from others concepts of modern management and apply them to every industry in which he was involved. In the process, he built not only an immense personal fortune but created highly efficient enterprises, including the world's largest and most competitive steel company, the Carnegie Steel Works, which he sold to the combine which organized U.S. Steel for a princely…
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This r

BUSINESS CYCLES AND PROFITS Introduction This r This research examines the relationship between business cycles and profits in the economy of the United States. In this research, completed business cycles that have occurred in the economy of United States over the past 40 years are considered. Cyclical movements in the level of economic activity are recognized in economic theory (Ekelund and Hebert 413425). Significant effort is put into the measurement of business cycles, and into the development of indicators of change for such cyclical activity (Beckman and Tapscott 2428). Such measurement and indicator development provide data as to what and when, while failing to answer the underlying question of why.…
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The term “bu

BOARDS' OF DIRECTORS BUSINESS ETHICS The term "bu BOARDS' OF DIRECTORS BUSINESS ETHICS The term "business ethics" appears to imply that behaviors that are ethically unacceptable in other facets of society may be acceptable in the business realm. W. P. Lewis (1985) wrote that attempting to define business ethics was similar to attempting to "nail Jello to a wall" (p. 377). His contention was that rules, standards, principles, and even the concept of truthfulness varied with time and place in the business sphere. Within such a framework, one could attempt to justify almost any behavior, and several high-level corporate executives over the years have made such efforts. This attitude echoed…
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Boeing Company Mission and Strategy

Boeing Company Mission and Strategy The Boeing Company was founded in 1916. It was a response to a growing interest in air power by the military. The primary focus of the company was the development of military jets. However, what made a company great fame and success was the introduction of commercial aircraft. We introduced the world's first successful long-range commercial plane. We continued to build on the success by making a mid-range B-727, short-range B-737, and then with the introduction of B-747. Transformation of Boeing from a mostly commercial airplane company to an enterprise that would capture all aspects aerospace business started in 1996 with acquisition of Rockwell Aerospace.…
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BEST PRACTICES OF CORPORATE WELLNESS PROGRAMS BEST PRACTICES OF CORPORATE WELLNESS PROGRAMS Increasingly, companies are recognizing that ensuring the health and well-being of their employees can improve their profitability. In order to facilitate a healthy workforce, companies are turning to wellness programs to provide a portal through which employees can gain access to health and well-being resources. This research considers the best practices of corporate wellness programs. There is no single definition for what constitutes a corporate wellness program. A corporate wellness program can encompass activities as diverse as providing on-site massages and an on-site exercise facility to providing memberships at gyms, nutritional information and psychological counseling. Regardless of the…
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Ethics in the management of busin

BUSINESS ETHICS Ethics in the management of busin Ethics in the management of business enterprises began receiving renewed emphasis in academic circles in the United States in the early- to mid-1990s (Black, 1997). Unfortunately, this renewed emphasis was a little late for the most serious of the recent outbreaks of ethical lapses in free market business firms in the United States that rocked American society in the late-1990s and into the early years of the 21st century (Ang, 2000; Hanson, 2003). The problem did not stem from an absence of formal codes of ethics in place in American corporations. Enron, one of the worst of the corporate offenders, had a…
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Boeing’s Marketing

Boeing's Marketing The marketing mix-product, place, promotion and price-that a company selects both influences and is influenced by the strategic choices that the company makes. As companies encounter different environmental challenges such as a downturn in the economy or political unrest in overseas markets, they may make changes in their marketing mix that shift the strategic alternatives available to them. This research considers one of the largest American companies-Boeing-and the marketing mix that it uses. This marketing mix is analyzed against the strategic direction that the company is following. Particular emphasis is given to the company's largest business unit, commercial aircraft. Boeing competes in the aerospace industry and its largest…
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