Children Literature Authenticity and Its Role in Education Essay

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The issues of authenticity are particularly necessary in such various international locations as the United States. Multiculturalism is likely one of the priorities of the US educational system. Representatives of different cultures may have totally different views on some matters, however folks should be able to understand each other to contribute to the development of society.

Clearly, it’s higher to help people be taught more about different cultures and understand each other, and this process ought to start in their childhood. Thus, youngsters’s books usually explore these points, and kids benefit from reading those stories significantly. At the identical time, it’s necessary to admit that there are some pros and cons in using authenticity points in books for kids, particularly in terms of class discussions.

Pros of the Debate

As has been talked about above, children’s books that contemplate authenticity points assist youngsters fit into society higher. It is evident that an effective youngsters’s e-book exploring authenticity issues is the one which makes “readers from the tradition” to know that “it’s true” and “readers from another culture will feel that it is true… And be taught one thing of worth” (Howard, and. in Short and Fox 5).

Young readers, as well as young adults, study extra about different people’s perspectives. Importantly, they might focus on these perspectives with their peers, actually, coming from this or that culture. This is a valuable experience for students of all ages. Reading tales about completely different people and discussing them allows students to grasp the way to live within the US numerous society.

Cons of the Debate

At the identical time, there is a negative facet to the exploration of authenticity points in youngsters’s books. In the first place, that is associated with writing such stories for children. Many authors note that their authorial creativity is proscribed by educators’ (and many different people’s) remarks concerning accountability (Short and Fox 12).

There are additionally issues that only authors of colour should be involved, as white authors have already added certain prejudice and contributed to the development of bias as well as stereotypes. Nonetheless, these issues could also be solved by giving extra freedom to writers. Of course, only the most valuable books must be utilized in class, but it doesn’t mean that the author should solely write to suit into a certain system. Many views ought to be obtainable.

Apart from that, discussion of issues explored in youngsters’s books specializing in authenticity could result in certain misunderstandings or conflicts in school. Children could feel harm, or some of them may mock at others. Clearly, these situations may be averted if the guide is chosen correctly, and the dialogue of the e-book is guided by an experienced educator.

More so, it has been acknowledged that “adverse intercultural experiences can even play an necessary function in heightening consciousness of our prejudice” (Nikola-Lisa, and. in Short and Fox 9). In different phrases, youngsters might perceive that plenty of prejudice is ungrounded.


On steadiness, it’s possible to notice that kids’s books exploring authenticity points are extremely necessary for the US society and its educational system. These books should be discussed throughout lessons in order that college students could learn more about different cultures, break down prejudice, and perceive each other better. Of course, there could possibly be some challenges on this course of. However, educators might assist students profit from studying such books.

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