Christianity and islam

Comparison between the two faiths was much easier because there ‘s a clear difference between the beliefs of the faiths every bit good as patterns in clip of worship. This is because in twenty-four hours today life of the several trusters their spiritual positions are aired. Geting the historic beginning of the two faiths was much easier particularly that of Christianity which begun as a Judaic religious order in the Mediterranean and Islam in the seventh century after the decease of Prophet Muhammad. Geting the differences between the two both being Abrahamic faiths and the sanctum books the Quran and the Bible mentioning to similar ancient people like Isaac and Ishmael in a related context.


Christianity is a spiritual belief which begun as a Judaic belief and is seen as Abrahamic faith. Its followings are referred to as Christians. They believe in Jesus Christ the christ as the prophesier send by God to salvage world and the sanctum bible as the usher of their religion. They besides believe that the christ who came in the signifier of world suffered, died and resurrected to remiss them of their wickednesss. It is besides believed that he would return to honor those who have lived harmonizing to the philosophies taught by the sanctum Bible.

Islam is an Arabic word significance entry and hence Islam faith is believed to be an Abrahamic faith which believes in entry to the Godhead God Allah and Muhammad as the prophesier. Quran is the holy book believed to be the guideline of the Muslims who are the of the Islamic faith. It is believed that Allah repeatedly revealed it to Muhammad verbally through angel Jibril and the original Arabic version is the concluding disclosure from God which is verbal.

Historic background

Harmonizing to Stern ( 11-15 ) Christianity originates from the word kristos which is a Grecian word intending the anointed one and it is a monotheistic faith. It guided by the life and instructions of Christ Jesus as shown in the sanctum Bible. It begun as a Judaic religious order from the eastern Mediterranean in the first century and by the fourth century was already dominant in the Roman Empire. Most of Europe was Christianized by the Middle Ages but Middle East, North Africa and some parts in India remained with minority Christians. It spread to America, Australasia and all over the universe through colonisation, find work and missional work hence became a major influence in Western civilisation determining. Thrower argued that It is the words largest faith and represents about a one-fourth of the full population, besides considered as a province faith in several states ( 21-25 ) It is categorized into three groups: Catholics, Protestants and orthodox.

Islam began developing as from the seventh century with the Reconstruction of Prophet Muhammad ‘s life after his decease. It started distributing in Atlantic Ocean to Central Asia after Prophet Muhammad ‘s first recitation of the Quran. Harmonizing to Williams ( 1994 ) The Great Mosque of Kairouan is considered as beginning of the western Islamic universe mosques and is preserved up to now. Mention to Abdul-Rahman Islamic dynasties like Ottomans and Mughals collapsed under the European imperial sway during 18th and 19th centuries ( 141-160 ) . Muhammad started conveying Islam at Mecca and subsequently moved to Medina where the folk of Arabia were united to a civil order of Arab Muslim religion.Umar succeeded him in 634 following his decease. The other replacements were Uthman ibn al-Affan and Ali ibn Talib ; the four are referred to as al-khulafa ar-rashidun. Several struggles followed over political and spiritual leading which led to the rise of split amongst the Muslims. Basically the beginning of Islam is tied to the economic, political and military.

Similarities between Islam and Christianity

Harmonizing to Strachey ( 62-69 ) both Islam and Christianity are Abrahamic faiths or in other words believe in the being of one supreme God. They both portion common values and beginning which is found in Hebraism when the people of Israel were given Torah. Islam was founded by Muhammad mentioning to the Quran while Christianity was started by the followings of Jesus of Nazareth but they both acknowledge a religious tradition related to Abraham. For the two faiths, God regulations, Judgess, forgives and he ‘s the Godhead of the existence. Jerusalem is besides of major importance to both faiths. It was the metropolis where Christ was brought up, crucified, buried every bit good as resurrected. He besides healed, preached and cleansed the temple so its considered as a holy topographic point. The Al-Aqsa mosque in Sura Al-Isra besides called the ‘furthest mosque ‘ is located in Jerusalem ‘the sanctum land. Abdul-Rahman ( 55-64 ) the first Muslims besides prayed towards Jerusalem non Mecca and it was besides the topographic point where Muhammad ascended to heaven. The two faiths besides affirm that God sends angels and Prophetss to convey messages to his people and through divine Bibles reveals his Godhead will. They besides believe in the opinion twenty-four hours when God will step in in the history of world and find their ageless lives depending on personal beliefs and actions. Both faiths believe in the power of supplication and fasting as taught by their earlier Prophetss.

Differences between Islam and Christianity

Thrower ( 30-58 ) argues that Islam disagrees with some of the Christian beliefs about Jesus Christ like him being the boy of God and Jesus of world, besides the holy three of there being God the male parent, the boy and the Holy Spirit. Christians reject Islam ‘s prophesier and Quran while the Muslims support that God ushers Christians but they perceive Bibles in their ain involvement. It is besides different the manner Muslims perceive the birth of Jesus compared to Christians. They believe that Jesus was created like Abraham while Christians believe that he was conceived by Virgin Mary through the Holy Spirit. They besides believe that Jesus was to be crucified but was miraculously saved while Christians believe he was crucified but resurrected. Christians believe that the Bible is Gods sanctum book which was written by people inspired by God and it teaches the will of God on world while the Muslims accept but believe that it has been corrupted to suit peoples involvements over the old ages.


Christianity and Islam are major universes faiths with the latter holding a greater figure of followings. They portion common beginning, values and some believes like God being supreme, Prophetss being God ‘s couriers and opinion of humanity based on personal actions and religion while on Earth. The Quran and the Bible are considered as the two sanctum books written through God ‘s inspiration though the Quran is believed was verbally revealed to prophet.

Muhammad through angel Jibril. The two faiths have some major differences like the birth, crucification, decease and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. They besides differ in the originality of the sanctum bible as compared to that of the sanctum Quran every bit good as its reading by the Christians. The similarities between the two outweigh the differences.

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