Concert Life Essay Research Paper Concert Life

Concert Life Essay, Research Paper

Concert Life

We were the metal, Ericson stadium the magnet. With the combustion

heat making down to call on the carpet our pale defenceless faces we began

walking impatiently at a pressing gait towards the bowl. The

bowl projected a busyness of activity and instrumental sound, which

was deafening the ear, already! . We clutched our tickets tightly as

though they contained the concluding ingredient to the remedy of malignant neoplastic disease.

Quickly devouring energy drinks which were to supply us with the

arms energy to conflict a physically and mentally exhausting twenty-four hours of

dance and capturing to charming beats and vocals.We swarmed with

countless other bees to the gate of the hive.The exhilaration at this

point was immeasurable, indefinable, indefinable.We entered

mesmerised, it would hold been mentally impossible to take in what

surrounded me at one time, frozen with daze my eyes flickerd as though

malfunctioning, basking fragments of what there was to see. There

were t shirt gross revenues, pricing bases, EFTPOS machines, people,

autograph subscribing booths, people, phases and people, collapsible shelters and

people, drives, skateboard inclines and more people. With no

cognition of way I journeyed into close propinquity of the chief

phase where Australian set? Regurgatator? encouraged 1000s of

swaying caputs. We ventured through the crowd to finish

unknown with our way being dictated by others every bit as lost.

In clip I gathered my senses and began to absorb the milieus

the best I could. I obtained the timetable of Acts of the Apostless, which educated

me, one of my favorite sets? HDU? had begun their set, and I was

alarmed! I scarpered with hast to the large collapsible shelter where they were

playing. Vigorously focused on making the forepart I passionately

fought my manner through unworthy hearers, to so bask their

slow head researching sounds, I slipd into a hypnotic province of head

rocking to the move

ment of the capturing round as pulsating quivers

perforate my whole organic structure from limb to limb to the terminal. I tried to

conflict my manner through brick walls of people in chase of my now lost

friends my battle was shortly restricted to a slow lurch, measure by measure,

inch by inch, while take a breathing perspiration infested air I viewed humanity on

show up near in all its glorification in all its shame. The hunt for one

friend brought the find of another from Napier, it was like happening

a pin when looking for a acerate leaf in a hayrick. I attempted to

depict the indefinable experience I had endured at the? HDU? set,

I so realised I am enduring from impermanent hearing loss as they

get down shouting down my ears, and still I heard nil.

The twenty-four hours progressed I felt weak and weary, so tired my following measure

could hold provoked leap oracy, dizziness consumed me. I sought the

redress of nutrient and H2O to excite my unenrgetic organic structure and encephalon

dead head by chasing a waiting line that stretched every bit long as Pinocios nose

after an age of prevarications but reward shortly came as the dry rivers and lake

inside my organic structure flowed rich. After caput banging to the brink of

concern at the? Shihad? set I tried to resign the chief phase but

found myself extricably bound in a crowd that thirstily awaited? Korn?

to detonate on phase, I was trapped in a sea of hungriness, I was trapped

in the sea of coevals X.

The darkness of dark loomed and finally destroyed the twenty-four hours.

Puting the scene for the? Large Day Outs? concluding one card? Fat Boy Slim?

in the boiler room where we were pilchards in a overly full can,

morphing through gaps with cockroach capablenesss. ? Time to travel?

said the security guard, stand foring the twenty-four hours? s expiration. We

reluctantly obeyed all the clip uncontrollably looking back, looking

back, looking back. Although defeated we were liberated as life

would travel on and now at a greater degree as we so knew what it was

to truly populate.

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