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Constitutional Democracy Essay, Research Paper

Constitutional Democracy

The basic premiss of a constitutional democracy is that authorities has

regulations and all of the people have voices. Through free and just elections we

elite campaigners to stand for us. The Fundamental law of the United States

warrants us the right to make this, and to populate democratically. The framers

attacked oppressive authorities and advanced the following thoughts: that authorities

comes from below, non from above, and that it derives its powers from the

consent of the governed ; that work forces have certain natural, unalienable rights ; that

it is wise and executable to administer and equilibrate powers within authorities,

giving local powers to local authoritiess, and general powers to the national

authorities ; that work forces are born equal and should be treated as equal before the

jurisprudence. The framers of the U. S. Constitution sought to do these thoughts the

regulating rules of a state. Constitutional democracy has three BASIC

elements. Those being interacting values, interrelated political procedures and

mutualist political constructions.

The first thought of interacting values is popular consent. Popular

consent means that authorities must obtain consent for its actions from the

people it governs. It is similar to bulk regulation, a political procedure, in that

the most popular Acts of the Apostless or thoughts of the people will be adopted by our authorities.

There must be an allowance or willingness on behalf of the unpopular group to


Popular consent may supply a agency for judging parental consent Torahs

for bush leagues seeking abortion. Since bush leagues are non lawfully allowed to be

competent to prosecute in sex, to come in into contracts, or to organize sufficient

& # 8220 ; informed consent & # 8221 ; to hold to their ain medical intervention, it is unbelievable

that they would be regarded as competent to do a life and decease determination about

something that subsequently in life they might themselves see as a existent individual, with

single rights

Pulling on several major parts of the enlightenment, including

the political theory of John Locke and the economic thoughts of Adam Smith,

individuality posts the single human being as the basic unit out of which

all larger societal groups are constructed and grants precedence to his or her

rights and involvements over those of the province or societal group.

Individuality in its original signifier means looking at people as distinct

but whole units, without all the feelings of his societal standing, the brand of

his auto or his postal codification. It is a manner of deliberation, to tune out the chink

of money in the background when you talk to person, so that you can

dressed ore on that individual & # 8217 ; s message and justice it on its ain virtues.

It means looking at person and non stating to yourself, & # 8220 ; That & # 8217 ; s my aunt & # 8221 ;

or & # 8220 ; That & # 8217 ; s my foreman, & # 8221 ; but instead, that is person with his or her ain

dispositions and desires, in other words, a true Individual who by the way

happens to hold this relation to me, as a relation or a superior.

On a grander graduated table, individuality is seting the single above the

province and state. In those states that have ever been proud of their

traditional values of accent on the household or the state above ego they see

Individuality as a direct onslaught on these values. However, we live in a

democratic state and we believe in individuality and equal chance for all


Equal chance for everyone is idealistic. Roosevelt outlined a

2nd measure of rights which the book states answers the inquiry, & # 8220 ; what sort of

equality? & # 8221 ; This 2nd measure of rights was four freedoms. They were freedom

from privation, freedom from fright, freedom of address & A ; look and freedom of

worship. There are Torahs and Acts of the Apostless to vouch equal chance. For illustration,

the Equal Pay Act of 1963 which requires equal wage for equal work and the Civil

Rights Act of 1964 which prohibits favoritism in plans having Federal


But on a more personal degree, we don & # 8217 ; t all start at the same line. What

about kids beared with AIDS, or kids born to the hapless? Is it credible

that they have the same chances as a kid born to middle category parents

who are still married? While every American can be denied about nil

because of race, colour, national beginning, faith, sex, familial position, or

disablement, a batch of Americans aren & # 8217 ; T in the place to be discriminated

against. This means that many Americans do non hold the chance to to the full

exert their autonomy. Personal autonomy is freedom. It means all individuals must

be given the chance to recognize their ain ends. It translates to self-


The Constitution states wholly people have the right to life, autonomy and

freedom. This is a bit idealistic because one individual & # 8217 ; s autonomy may conflict

upon another individual & # 8217 ; s freedom. Take abortion for illustration. Although it is legal

and women’s rightists consider it autonomy, it takes off another individuals freedom to life.

The Constitution did non supply protection of rights to the unborn. Another

issue, if a individual has a right to life and self-government, do they hold a

right to stop their life if they are in terrible hurting and right to vote? Dr. Jack

Kevorkian provides aided self-destruction, but it is non legal. Why is it deemed

legal to kill an guiltless kid on a caprice or for any ground, but illegal to kill

yourself if you are in changeless convulsion?

There are struggles that will non be resolved for a long clip, but one

political procedure which is non in contention is the right to vote in free and

just elections. They are held with the premiss that resistance will be loyal.

The winning party will non interfere with the defeater & # 8217 ; s efforts to reorganize for

following election and frailty versa. Election functionaries shoulder the great


ponsibility of doing certain that the election procedure is conducted under free

and just conditions without any respect to the influence of persons, cabals

and groups. The elections for the legislative organic structure in any state are

considered important for puting the foundation of a echt democracy. In any

state, if the credibleness of elections becomes suspect, the full political

cloth of that state will interrupt down. Free and just elections are the lone

agencies to keep and heighten the recognition and prestigiousness of the state & # 8217 ; s

predominating system & # 8212 ; non the triumph of this or that cabal or group.

The electorate with the most ballots wins the election. This procedure is

known as bulk regulation, but it is non a distinct procedure. Some would state

bulk is 50 + one, but ballots can be so staggered that the victor may non hold

had 50 % of the ballots, but merely the highest per centum. The framers took attention to

foresee that some groups may take advantage of the plurality regulation and have their

manner. When there is an issue, it is debated, compromised and so a determination is

made after the bulk and minority have spoken.

In order for people to go educated to project their ballots they must

hold entree to information about and from the campaigners. A good trade of this

information is obtained from the media. The media must be without authorities

ordinances to be indifferent. To accomplish that, freedom of look must be.

It is one of the most cardinal of our freedoms summarized by the First

Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Freedom of look includes everything listed in the First Amendment

& # 8211 ; freedom of address, freedom of the imperativeness, freedom of faith, freedom of

request and freedom of assembly. Unfortunately the establishing male parents couldn & # 8217 ; T

see into the hereafter, and so omitted an every bit of import facet of freedom of

look: freedom of communicating in any signifier, including broadcast and


On February 8, President Clinton signed the Telecommunications Reform

Bill which took away our basic rights to free address and freedom of look

on the Internet. Our E-mail letters are now broad clear for the U.S. Government

to read and they will incarcerate us if the content is deemed & # 8220 ; indecent. & # 8221 ; . While

kid erotica and national security involvements should be capable to

censoring, our correspondence should non. The Internet has ever enjoyed the

freedom of democracy. This may be another issue that we will hold to contend for

to be regarded as an inalienable right.

If we gathered and fought for this right, we would be exerting our

right to piece and protest. A recent happening was in April, in Los Angeles

where there were two reactions to the whipping of several undocumented immigrants

by Riverside County sheriffs. On the metropolis & # 8217 ; s west side 200 middle-aged and older

white people gathered in forepart of the Westwood Federal Building to hearten in

support of the constabulary and resistance to in-migration. Simultaneously, business district,

more than 6,000 marchers & # 8212 ; largely Latinos, with Black and Asiatic contingents,

chanted through the streets of City Hall.

So, even within our rights we exhibit opposing positions. The right to

assemble & A ; protest can conflict with individuality. We live in a constitutional

democracy and we believe in individuality. Every individual has the right to

assemble and protest, but what if they are interfering or interrupting the lives

of other persons? Whose right comes foremost? The dissenter or the burdened?

The U.S. Constitution leaves that determination to the provinces.

Beyond our values and procedure, political constructions exist. Among these

constructions is federalism. The framers of the U. S. Constitution were strongly

influenced by the advantages of separation of powers and of cheques and balances.

These theories had been in pattern in the authoritiess of the American settlements,

and they underlie the cardinal Torahs of the United States. The Fundamental law

clearly separates the legislative, executive, and judicial subdivisions of


The philosophy of the separation of powers agencies that in a free society,

the autonomy of citizens is secured by dividing Parliament & # 8217 ; s power to do Torahs,

from the Executive & # 8217 ; s power to administrate Torahs, and from the Judiciary & # 8217 ; s power to

hear and determine differences harmonizing to the jurisprudence. It is important that Judges

know they can use the jurisprudence without political bullying.

The creative activity of three separate subdivisions within the federal construction,

each in legion ways dependent upon the others for its healthy operation,

afforded another manner to guarantee that federal power would non be used

randomly. The extended powers of the president likewise were

proscribed in a figure of topographic points by designated duties. The judicial

power was to be wielded by Judgess. Explicit legal power of the tribunals was

capable to congressional definition.

Checks and balances are the constitutional controls whereby separate

subdivisions of authorities have restricting powers over each other so that no subdivision

will go supreme. Possibly the best known system of cheques and balances

operates in the U.S. authorities under commissariats of the federal fundamental law.

The operation of cheques and balances in the federal authorities is spelled out in

the Constitution.

The Constitution of the United States has afforded us many rights. At

times, those rights are in contention. At others, we would be in lawlessness

without them. Constitutional democracy is a beautiful thing. Although we may

non all have the same sum of wealth, we have the autonomy to. We have the

right to be heard. And how is this right any longer exemplified than voting? Our

representatives will make what we want, and if they don & # 8217 ; t give us a twosome of

old ages and we & # 8217 ; ll happen person else who will assure to. AMEN.

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