Cultural Influences

Huzinga’s play theory stipulates that play has always been an activity that has been adopted by both human beings and animals since time immemorial. Primarily he differentiates play from any other activity by pointing out that play has to be fun. Play is also different from any other activity as it is not connected to any material profit or gain. It is fictional and not connected to events of one’s ordinary life. For an activity to be defined as play, it has to have rules that absolutely bind such activities. This differentiates it from other activities, as one always have the option of not abiding to set rules.

Based on his theory, he also points out that play was in existence before culture was formed. Culture was formed through play and as part of play through the various interactions between people while playing. Culture on the other hand has influenced my play and leisure time in various ways. 

Primarily, one is limited to play activities that are only available to their culture. Although my culture does not restrict one on the play activities to adopt, people are encouraged to uphold their cultural values by maintaining play activities adopted before (Eastaugh & Johnson, 2013). For leisure time, culture has influenced my leisure time by setting different days for rest as opposed to other countries. In relation to the Italian culture, Italy celebrates the Epiphany on the 6th of January as a public holiday (Ciprietti, 2014). This shows the influence culture has on our leisure times. Additionally, in our culture, spending time with family members is valued more than work. This cultural belief encourages people to spend more time with their family members, which can also be classified as leisure time.


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