Developing a Partnership Business Plan Case Study

Background Information

The success of every business organization depends on varied points corresponding to management, leadership, determination-making, and obligations of various shareholders. The proposed idea is to have a partnership business. The main objective of the enterprise might be to supply consulting services to totally different clients and corporations. The partnership enterprise also needs to be prepared to provide quality companies to every consumer. The proposed partnership will bring collectively three former schoolmates. However, will probably be acceptable for the three people to consider specific issues before forming the partnership. This approach will be critical in the direction of ensuring that the corporate emerges successful and worthwhile (Gage 63). Several agreements should be thought of before forming the partnership business.

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Company Description and Viability

The proposed firm will be providing consulting providers to different clients. Such providers will target corporations in variouss industries thus making it simpler for them to comprehend their potentials. The company will be able to address the needs of many purchasers and promote their companies. However, the largest problem to think about is whether or not the concept to form the company is feasible. It is notable that things are no longer promising at Engulf and Devour. That being the case, a new opportunity can be engaging and worthwhile for the three companions (Sutton and Geddes 47). The nature of the enterprise will guarantee the company supplies high quality consulting companies to every client.

The first contract is profitable as a result of the partners will get $ 75,000 every month. The consumer may even cater for varied expenses incurred by the members. That being the case, the idea is believable and may ultimately make the partnership enterprise successful. The situation signifies that Engulf and Devour is not worthwhile. This truth explains why there is need to search for a brand new alternative. The decision to type a partnership is agreeable and can lead to higher profits. A correct managerial strategy may even be needed on the company. However, it will be applicable to think about a number of parts before coming into into this partnership (Clifford and Warner 21). This is the case as a result of numerous problems may arise and finally make the partnership unprofitable. Such points can also destroy the company.

Specific Issues to Consider

Partnership Agreements

A partnership settlement is “one of many important instruments used to guard businesspeople and their firms” (Eisner and Cohen 29). Several parts ought to be “included in the partnership settlement” (Eisner and Cohen 29). The settlement also needs to be signed by every enterprise partner. To begin with, it is going to be needed “to find out how a lot every companion might be anticipated to contribute to the partnership before starting the enterprise” (Richmond 523). The agreement should point out the roles and duties of each associate. The partners will “additionally should resolve how losses and profits might be shared” (Eisner and Cohen 32). The problem of money must be dealt with rigorously as a result of it can have an effect on the future and sustainability of the business.

The companions must also “point out the kind of consent every associate ought to get hold of before obligating the corporate” (Richmond 519). This is the case as a result of liabilities can eventually affect the success of the partnership enterprise. More typically than not, a companion will “bind the partnership with out consent from the other members” (Richmond 523). However, this practice can have disastrous implications on the survival and way forward for the business. The “determination-making course of should also be considered” (Eisner and Cohen 35). The enterprise settlement ought to indicate how each determination will be made. This method will ensure various selections are made in a correct method. A proper decision-making course of will always ensure the consulting agency runs easily.

A partnership enterprise “can become troublesome when one particular person dies or leaves the company” (Richmond 527). That being the case, a correct settlement shall be required earlier than beginning the firm. The agreement will point out how the other two companions will handle the business. Business companions “might fail to agree over certain issues” (Gage fifty three). Any form of disagreement could make it impossible for the business to run easily. It will subsequently be acceptable to have a clause indicating how each conflict will be resolved. These agreements and considerations shall be vital in the direction of the continued performance of the firm.

Management Structure

The nature of administration determines the success of every business organization. Partnerships also needs to be managed correctly to be able to emerge profitable. A correct management structure must be outlined earlier than starting the corporate. The construction will guarantee every associate has his or her distinctive management roles. The structure may also promote the extent and nature of decision-making. Problems will also be resolved in a timely method (Sweo and Pate 69). The structure may also encourage each employee to concentrate on his or her duties. The three companions may also have their distinctive roles. They must also work tirelessly so as to make the company successful.

Business Plan

A proper marketing strategy will certainly make the proposed partnership profitable. After indicating the roles and obligations of every associate, the next essential thing might be to outline the specific aspects of the business. The partners may also use the plan to identify new opportunities and strengths that may make the company more profitable (Sweo and Pate 103). A good business plan will guarantee the company realizes its business potentials. The marketing strategy must also suggest essentially the most applicable marketing methods. The plan will due to this fact make it simpler for the companions to make correct selections, address varied problems, and focus on one of the best business outcomes. It is agreeable that the partnership enterprise shall be worthwhile.

Market Analysis

The current state of affairs reveals that the market is promising. The companions have already managed to win a contract. Many corporations may even be in need of consulting companies within the coming years. Although the variety of comparable corporations is increasing steadily, the agreeable reality is that the firm will be capable of offer outstanding consulting companies (Sutton and Geddes 28). The partners additionally possess the best entrepreneurial and enterprise abilities. Such competencies will make it simpler for them to emerge successful. The firm also needs to concentrate on emerging industries so as to have a sustainable enterprise.

It will also be essential to consider new alternatives available in the market after forming the partnership. This analysis will make it potential for the leaders to identify new practices and incentives that may ultimately make the firm more worthwhile. It will subsequently be applicable to kind the partnership in order to achieve the best enterprise objectives. A correct advertising strategy may even be required so as to take care of competitors (Sutton and Geddes 52). The company will also be capable of inform extra clients about its superior providers. The “approach may even make it easier for the enterprise to establish new market segments and alternatives” (Eisner and Cohen 34). These practices will safeguard the corporate’s future and also make it extra profitable.

Business Growth

The different essential factor to consider is the flexibility to increase this company. The success of the proposed partnership will rely upon the dedication of the members. The members ought to focus on different alternatives and find new clients (Richmond 542). The enterprise should enhance its companies in order to remain worthwhile. It may also “be appropriate to supply support techniques and feedbacks to every consumer” (Sutton and Geddes 52). The firm will grow exponentially within the next few years as a result of the number of customers is rising steadily.


The proposed partnership enterprise might be profitable. Many individuals and companies are presently in need of various consulting companies. The firm will provide quality consulting companies so as to help its shoppers. The recognized contract exhibits clearly that the corporate will be capable of entice extra clients. It may also be appropriate to have a correct partnership agreement. This agreement should turn into the spine of the corporate. The agreement will guarantee each person focuses on the most effective targets and actions (Sutton and Geddes ninety three). Every decision in the agency may also be made in knowledgeable manner. In conclusion, the choice to kind the proposed partnership is plausible. The partners will eventually obtain their enterprise potentials. The partners may also use their competencies to provide proof-based mostly consulting providers to each client. The above evaluation exhibits clearly that the partnership can succeed if each person focuses on the most effective outcomes.

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