Difficulties Facing Young Overseas nationals

There are myriads of challenges that young immigrants face when they visit the United States of America. According to a survey conducted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in 2004, young immigrants in the United States face a lot of impediments even as they attempt to transmit to the American tradition far from their own native lands (Garret, 2006).

In the survey, this emerged that this younger people who are usually especially not informed think it is extremely hard to acquire top quality education. Worse nevertheless, there are those who land inside the US along along with no background inside the English language. Therefore, they normally are motivated to begin the procedure associated with studying the vocabulary therefore that these individuals may have the capability to work or even even connect in order to the brand new tradition.


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The survey also says there are young ones who enter the particular United States whilst in the status of asylum seekers from other war-torn countries. Secondly, the particular focus groups furthermore came out with a finding that this vulnerable group faces economic hurdles to the extent that it cannot afford basic needs due to a lack of ready employment opportunities. Consequently, these people end up residing in squalor conditions. They could hardly afford good housing facilities.

The young migrants are also discriminated from your rest associated with the indigenous populace. They are focused in refugee campements where they may hardly access fundamental amenities. Consequently, the majority of of them create several episodes associated with stressful moments that eventually culminate into depression.

It is against this backdrop that this essay seeks to explore the challenges facing young immigrants in the United States and the proactive measures that can be taken to rescue this vulnerable group in transiting towards the new culture.

Before fully embarking on the actual challenges facing the young immigrants in the usa, this is perhaps essential to briefly point away today’s immigrants within the US. Given that these young migrants come to the particular United States with regard to various reasons like seeking refuge due to political tension back home or seeking employment, they face unique challenges daily (Garret, 2006).

Ethnic persecution and religious tension are also some of the reasons why these immigrants shift to the Combined States. Almost all of the foreign nationals originate from typically the Afro-Caribbean basin, Parts of asia, and Latin The usa, while less as compared to 20% come coming from other regions around the world.


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This explains for what reason the sizing of challenges through way of a new particular party regarding immigrant youth older people is largely dependant on their place regarding origin. Nonetheless, typically the stress associated with being an immigrant is usually shared by all groups irrespective of their countries of origin (Preston, 2013)

Secondly, young immigrants are also vulnerable to discrimination during the period when they are seeking to belong in the new society. On the same note, the high level of joblessness has significantly contributed to poor living conditions among young immigrants.

Since they are not in a position to secure working opportunities, they also find it almost impossible to cater for the cost of education, especially if they have not acquired high school or college certification.

As it stands now, there are several anti-immigrant projects which can be coming upwards with the purpose of restricting specific benefits to foreign nationals. Hence, young migrants are excluded through enjoying certain advantages that any regular American resident will be supposed to entry.

A few of months back, quite several younger immigrants were discovered to be unlawfully moving into the Combined States. When telephone calls were made to be able to deport such vibrant immigrants, they gone on the roadways protesting and contacting for the involvement of the Obama administration to halt typically the attempt.

In a case examine of Phoenix, for instance, the detention centre for the government immigration was jam-packed with activities inside August involving younger immigrants who had been out in their big numbers to protest against being deported for being in the united states illegally. A big number of people who took part within the protests were younger immigrants.

They refused any try by the authorities for deportation, quarrelling which they found on their own as children migrants who have been not needed to have legitimate immigration papers since they were still beneath the care of their particular parents or adults.


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Some arrests were created, nevertheless it did not necessarily deter the youth adults from camping exterior the immigration office buildings. This is a new vivid indication regarding how stress in addition to difficult living circumstances are compelling these kinds of youthful immigrants directly into street protests together with the hope regarding rescuing their dilapidating situation (Perkins, 2005).

Structures which were set apart regarding residential purposes are usually not safe in all in Benson, N. C. There are many residential units that will occupants do not really use any beds during sleeping due to the fact the authorities claim that these constructions are safe. Presently there are cases whenever over ten individuals use a solitary lavatory facility. Generally, typically the immigrant farm staff within this county deal with serious health worries due to typically the deplorable living circumstances.

Discrimination provides been witnessed inside Arizona, whereby the state of hawaii government is zero longer willing to concern driving licenses to be able to those considered to be able to be youthful foreign nationals. The state regulators argue that many youthful immigrants shortage better education in addition to in particular, they may not be in a place to make use of English as typically the common medium regarding communication.

The language barrier has been a widespread challenge that young immigrants are still grappling with daily. The worst hit group is young immigrants who can hardly afford basic education due to poverty.

The ability to communicate within English has turned into a main impediment among younger immigrants since there are a number of employment opportunities that will demand fluency both in spoken and created English. If a good immigrant in Az is just not capable associated with speaking and composing in English, this individual or she might not be capable of secure even the particular least paying work.

Youthful migrants who migrate in to the Usa with regard to various reasons frequently face the danger of being divided from close users of their families. This separation may go for a relatively extended period. For illustration, there are several children in Arizona ( az ) who’ve been sent to be able to reside with family.

In additional cases, some moms and dads move to america to prepare non commercial places for their particular incoming families who else eventually are now living in Arizona ( az ) and other locations in the United states of america States. For migrant workers who grow within just the absence connected with their parents as well as other members regarding the family, this is certainly disturbing plus distressing to become segregated from your particular family members fabric with respect to that lengthy.

When the research was carried out within Arizona, in addition to some other border states, somewhat above 80% associated together with the 400 young immigrants surveyed responded that they knowledgeable been excluded by means of their families which often range from a few months to many yrs. This is leading to be able to lots of private tension within typically the lives associated together with these young migrant workers.


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As already stated, the particular Chief of the servants of Az provides been pushing regarding illegal immigrants to be able to be denied rewards coming from typically the state government. This specific attempt has brought on a lot regarding outrage among the list of regional population that makes up the young foreign nationals.

There usually are thousands of youthful immigrants who usually are reluctant to seek out assistance from express authorities. Due to be able to not enough proper documents, they fear of which they can be deported whenever they present themselves to the migration officers. This offers caused them heavy pain as they are ripped apart between becoming the legal ALL OF US citizens and leftover in the standing of immigrants.

All the younger immigrants who perform not possess the best papers cannot get government assistance upon matters such because housing, employment possibilities, or healthcare. Recognition of residential placement has become the new mandatory necessity, also in health care amenities.

This signifies that these types of youthful foreign nationals will eventually neglect the opportunity in order to have the ability to access any kind of services from the particular regional, state, plus typically the government bodies. This difficult scenario has set younger immigrants directly in to a state regarding lose hope.

There are usually also hazards associated with paying again authorities services whenever they safe federal government paperwork as youthful foreign nationals in america. Generally the worst factor of which could happen within this circumstance is the fact citizenship may possibly never be provided with them even from a later time because their position could have been determined as regarding typically the immigrants.

The basic rights, flexibility, and privileges regarding young immigrants inside the United Declares are not very clear. In Arizona, as an example, a survey performed way back inside 2004 revealed that migrants were being handled poorly at function, discriminated upon or even even harassed in will.

The truth of the particular matter is that will most of these types of young immigrants are usually found in a variety of says without proper paperwork, and hence, these people have been categorized as illegal migrants. As a result, there are simply no prescribed privileges and freedoms of which are being liked with the immigrants. Right now there are individuals who dispute that fair remedy for young foreign nationals will never appear to fruition also if they find the legal status since immigrants.

They will still end up being discriminated and prejudiced by the Us society that provides always perceived these people as opportunists in addition to trouble makers. This specific notion has impeded the young foreign nationals from championing the particular rights which are usually continually violated simply by law enforcement companies, landlords, and companies.

It is just not surprising that youthful immigrants who have been interviewed in typically the above survey reiterated that they have been living in regular fear in typically the United States since these people are aimed all of the moment. When 1 zugezogener from South america had been evaluated, he indicated away that regulations not necessarily applied inside the particular same approach regardles of the design (Rhodes, 2005). Your hawaii laws are often stricter for usually the immigrants compared in order to the common ALL OF US citizens.

Finally, the Migrants plus Naturalization Services (INS) has never actually clarified the rules and regulations along with regards to migrants in typically the particular Usa. INCHES will be charged with almost all the duty create certain all international nationals understand their own privileges. Yet, this might possibly not become the specific case upon the floor.

Most young migrant workers are unaware connected with their functions plus responsibilities due to the fact these people are usually handled at arbitrary with the close by authorities, employers, in addition other government agents. Unless a apparent framework that manages the rights, freedoms, and privileges associated with immigrants is accepted and adopted, the particular young immigrants within this country will certainly continue to undergo difficult times (Borjas, 1999).


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