Difficulties In HRM Teaching


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This conditional treatise attempts to be able to explicitly review typically the challenges facing HRM practice across typically the globe. Besides, typically the treatise explores typically the human asset inside labor management plus the significance of staff motivation towards optimum performance.

Challenges Facing HRM

The first challenge inside HRM practice is usually designing relevant efficiency systems and self-control in labor supervision. Across the planet, HRM departments endeavor to have a pipeline of talent to work towards achieving long-term objectives. Unfortunately, implementation of the relevant performance systems and has been faced with series of challenges ranging from lack of planning, redundancy, and personal interest.

The second challenge in HRM practice in designing relevant training and development programs that suits different work environment across the globe. Thus, “three key dilemmas in talent and performance management are (a) transparency versus autonomy, (b) power of HR versus power of academics, (c) equality versus homogeneity” (Bohlander & Snell, 2007, p. 57).

The third challenge in HRM practice is properly undertaking several career development programs concurrently. If properly integrated, such would be necessary for attracting and retaining human resource base. This is achievable through proactive evaluation of employees besides designing succession pipe-lines for vital job positions in organizations.

The fourth challenge in HRM practice is that the performance management across HRM departments often lacks satisfactory results because overall strategic goals are never ever fully cascaded lower to departments in addition to further to typically the individual staff people.

Therefore job done by each and every employee may not necessarily be recorded in the contribution to the overall strategic goal. The final challenge facing HRM practice is the numerous errors in the system especially for automated human resource processes that may give faulty results.

Importance of Human Assets

The success of a firm’s productivity depends on the organization of the human resource management. Reflectively, labor as a factor of production, determines the gross output, performance, and goal achievement at optimal resource use.


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Contribution of the Human Assets

Naturally, human beings would wish for motivation through mutual consent and internalized empowerment and appreciation. Empowerment unleashes plenty of energy and motivation. Reflectively, the motivational and energy aspects of appreciation functions simultaneously at micro and macro levels to facilitate optimal functionality or productivity (Dreher & Dougherty, 2002).

Empowering employees ensures a stable and sustainable a win-win situation as employees will be motivated to work with little supervision coming from the management or perhaps their supervisors. Any time properly incorporated within just and without diverse departmental segmentations as a possible active component regarding the business goals in addition to vision, the full manger involving the supervision and other employees will contribute to be able to value addition, very good performance and healthy and balanced office.

Employee Satisfaction

Upon leaving you employees to get involved more in typically the decision making method, culture of freedom in reasoning in addition to consultative approach any time handling work connected duties will end up being internalized. In reality, the employees may appreciate the want for free appointment rather than doing it same as a new condition imposed about them by their particular superiors.

In the carrying out there consultative functionalism, typically the mind will end up being tuned to enjoy the need regarding flexibility in selection making science which often is compatible together with the goals in addition to vision of typically the organization. Additionally , typically the entire workforce functioning under this method probably will positively adopt change element of which may be released in the corporation.


In conclusion, the major challenges facing HRM practice include wrong systems, poor teaching and development, efficiency management, and job development applications. Nevertheless, motivation, proper preparing and employee empowerment are long-term reaction strategies for these types of challenges.


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