Economic Accounting By Doctor Ebenezer (22d9ba2)

Discoveries, Revelations and Impressions

A presentation regarding accounting and funds was provided simply by Dr . Ebenezer. Within his presentation, Dr. Ebenezer provided the brief overview associated with the phenomenon associated with financial accounting, since well as typically the process called detailed accounting. The introduced identified the main element capabilities of FA in addition to the means regarding undertaking the treatment within an business.


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Though the problems associated to finances plus accounting are typically perceived as “dry, ” the spiel given by Dr. Ebenezer seemed really enthralling for me. I experienced been literally taken by simply the particular new along with fascinating facts regarding the trend regarding accounting, the particular opportunities it clears for a business owner, plus the advantages of which the company may probably obtain with almost all the selection associated with a proper accounting technique.

Particularly, the particular reality that monetary sales is in opposition to be able in order to operational accounting experienced been a severe surprise regarding me personally. Before studying the particular lecture, I really had no thought the particular concept regarding FA had virtually virtually any phenomenon to move against sb/sth? go against it to start with. Generally the resulting breakthrough regarding to a couple of trends plus typically the way, inside which often they accomplished the notion regarding accounting, manufactured myself feel of which eventually some lighting are actually shed about most of the issue.

The consequences regarding comprehending the particular details are over and above remarkable – by simply making use regarding simply FA inside of my training, I actually would endure significant losses as a new result of not enough emphasis on typically the interior users1. Typically the idea regarding getting huge loss, which could even go past an organisation’s earnings (e. g., regarding $ 500, one thousand with the lack concerning focus on the capability management issues), practically made be delighted that I have acquired this essential part of info.

The idea regarding financial data processing could be related in order to the Positive Data processing Theory. Allowing with regard to an identification associated with the ways of data processing that lead in order to maximising the company’s profits, the specific theory strikes me personally as truly amazing.

Suggested within 1990s since the indicates to explore the techniques of accounting more and increase profits, the specified principle, actually allows regarding improving the efficiency of a business to an remarkable extent. The principle in question looks especially viable after the material covered inside the lecture is incorporated into it.

Indeed, by including the processes related to the financial transactions, and the ones that concern organisational behaviour, into the accounting strategy, one will be able to predict the efficacy of specific actions taken by the company with huge precision. 2


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The presentation in question has clearly affected my decision-making strategies. Impressed beyond belief by the information concerning two types of accounting, I will necessarily make sure that the methods for both are well developed in the organisation that I will work for.

The possibilities, which the use of efficient sales strategies with consider to the a couple of accounting types clears, enthral me, in addition to I feel too keen about my upcoming professional progress. Although challenges, which I actually may face inside the course regarding these strategies setup, frighten me in addition to make me sense somewhat uncertain, I actually am positively certain I will end up being able to create a viable approach regarding addressing them.

I have sturdy doubts that typically the two styles of sales described in typically the lecture take place in actuality in a method just as special and obvious since Doctor Ebenezer symbolizes them in his / her lecture; nevertheless, typically the fact that I actually know already so very much about the monetary issues in common as well as the process associated with accounting particularly fills me with wish for achieving achievement.


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