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Expo Proposal Essay Sample

Having acquired sole dealership of an array of biomedical equipment from different companies around the world, NESVAX is strategically placed to run the event mentioned above in the different regions of East and Central Africa. Over the past few years, NESVAX has been on a steady growth expanding and reaching out to wider market out of Kenya and with this expo, its going to be an opportunity for the name NESVAX to be pushed out there and turned into a house hold name via this first ever of a kind event.

The biomedical expo is going to be a platform where all the companies that are under NESVAX will get an opportunity to come down into the country and pitch a stand to showcase their products and have talks to the general Kenyan biomedical engineering public who will be invited to attend the expo. By doing this the companies will have a firsthand experience on the views and opinions of the Kenyans of their products through talks that can be held at the end of each day hosted by different companies.


* With the media attention that will come with this, the name NESVAX will be put on the map as a household biomedical engineering company in East and Central Africa. * It is a confidence buster to the companies abroad on to NESVAX since this is a marketing and awareness platform put together by NESVAX * Publicity paid for by the mother companies

* An opportunity to get contacts of all the upcoming engineers still in schools and therefore a chance to keep in touch through mails for future relevant opportunities.


* One on one opportunity to listen to the Kenyan engineer and his needs. * Platform to launch new equipment or push the already existing ones not well known * The public buzz created through the expo in biomedical community is an opportunity for their name to ride along. * Biomedical tourism


* Kenyatta International Conference Center

* Sarit Center expo hall

* Parcklands sports club


* The whole expo is expected to run for about six days.

* At the end of everyday there will be a talk hosted by the different sponsor companies.

* On the final day there will be a cocktail.

* Different companies will have their own spaces designed in forms of booths/stands to show their products.

* The expo doors will be open to public daily by 9:00am till 6:00 pm exceptional on the final day of the cocktail

* The entrance is free

* Companies will be free to distribute their print materials * Registration at the front desk upon entering will be encouraged in order to be in touch for future events. * Different institutions like schools with these courses could have special days to interact better with the engineers from the main companies.


The major funding bodies for this event should be the manufacturing companies with NESVAX if at all to contribute will be at a minimal fee but mainly consultation and putting up the whole event together.


The whole event organization will be put together by TREASURE MAKERS which will include * Venue scouting

* Designs for stands and any other print

* Licensing from the city council

* Event administration

The above document is a short form of the propped event proposal meant for your perusal. In the event that NESVAX finds it sound and of benefit to your organization, then a much more detailed one will be availed and we set a meeting in order to talk the way forward for this event.


Kevin Adhere

Tel : 0721170305

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