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Operations decision-making is one of the major functions carried out by company’s management. Most of the decisions determine on whether a company should stop producing a certain product, increase production of a certain product, maintain the current level of production or reduce the current level of production (McGuigan, 2008).


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The process of productivity involves conversion of raw materials into the outputs that are desired by the consumers based on their specified quality. In this paper, the main aim is analyzing whether our company should continue with its operations or pull out of the operations through calculations and analysis the market trends (Frankel, 2008).

Details of the Company

This is small business lower than five several years old getting a containing more one hundred informal laborers utilized in the specific production units. The particular organization is involved within manufacturing papers plus paper associated items like publications, papers, box documents, planisphère among some other items.

The organization recycleables break through old and used papers with large reliance on wood for its production. The organization confronted simply by tough competitors through the some other growing and founded manufacturers in the particular same region.

Environment Scanning

Environment scanning is the particular possession and software of information regarding proceedings, trends, plus interaction in a good entity’s external atmosphere, the understanding associated with which would assist management in predicting the organization’s forthcoming course of actions.

Entities check out the environment in order to understand the exterior forces of adjustments to enable them to develop effective responses which secure guard or enhance their present placement within the coming future.

These environmental factors comprise of their rivals, clients, political governance which is politics stability plus laws and regulations governing industry, technologies, suppliers, their personal employees, company image and products higher quality, and the particular company’s budget.


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Financial Position

The company’s financial placement because right right now (as mentioned within the monetary overview succumbed the specific question) is poor because the complete expenses of producing exceeds the particular complete revenue. Whenever the particular complete costs surpass the entire income then the particular organization is working in a reduction plus cannot financial the operation because of in order in order to its debts. Along with regard to a business to stay the sober budget, the total income should overweigh the whole cost arising through its operations.

Total Revenue six, 000* $32= dollar 192, 000

Less: Wage Cost for each Month 100* $70* 20 = dollar 140, 000

Variable Cost each month $2, 000* 20 sama dengan $ 40, 000

Gross Revenue dollar 12, 000

Recommendation on Improving Profitability

This company might improve its success through reimbursing workers for mileage, supply of insurance allowances for employees, shedding non-performing units, growing the merchandise collection, updating the client’s base and diversifying their products.

Reimbursing employees for mileage instead of providing them with company cars will save the company on acquisition cost, insurance cost, maintenance cost and other cost and hence increase the profit of the company.


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The company should reduce time and costs by shipping products directly from the vendors to its customers; this reduces the storage costs, rent cost and insurance cost since these costs consume the company’s conclusion of the period of time profits (Brown, 1971). Company should supply insurance allowances to be able to its employees additional than offering party health cover.

Small companies are unable to often afford offering health insurance to be able to its employees nevertheless the company can supply benefit to their employees by drawing together some funds for the employee’s insurance costs. This specific will save typically the company’s money in addition to increase the performance of the staff, which lead inside order to an increased success.

Circumstances which make a new Company Quit Operations

Cash Flow

Cash flow issues require cash moves out and in of the particular company; this really is 1 of the main problems that can make the company quit its operations (McGuigan, 2008). Cash circulation enables the organization in order to cover its brief and long-term financial obligations effectively and furthermore utilized to determine the particular ability of the organization to pay the debts. The administration should make certain that typically the organization will end up being possessing a positive funds inflow from their selling activities.

Fall sought after regarding the Company’s Product

There are numeral reasons as to be able to why with regard to typically the company’s product may possibly fall. A number of the causes might be as a result of business not using keen interest inside customers’ needs by means of producing poor top quality goods and overpricing their products.

Falling sales reveal that there is usually something wrong together with either the merchandise and also the pricing. Tumble in sales may possibly also be as a result of increasing competition from the other companies offering a similar product or health supplements (Brown, 1971). The business management needs to be able to note the developments of sales in order to know the type of action to take and the appropriate time for the action.


From the above analysis, this company is undergoing financial distress and can be quickly known as bankrupt, which often may cause grave in order to be able to pay its debts. An organization needs to be able to regularly execute a new market research to ascertain what the business is not really offering to be able to its customers, recognize its competitive edge, the threats in addition to opportunities it retains in the industry, as well as its strength in addition to weaknesses.


Brown, R. H. (1971). Management selections regarding production functions. Madison: Dryden Click.


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