Freud analysis on "Artificial Intelligence"

This helps highlight the idea that Davit’s old has controlled his mind and actions leading him to become an aggressive character. Willing to stop at nothing to gain his mothers love, David is willing to do anything in order to fulfill his fantasy of becoming human. Ultimately, a dreamlike state is formed as David creates a story in order to satisfy his own pleasures and desires. Furthermore, one could argue that his intentions were more sinister than simply destroying the robot. In order to reach his mother, and satisfy his own needs as well s desires, David may ultimately have had darker intentions in mind.

According to Freud, unlike the d, the ego demonstrates a representation of reason and common sense. Its mall concern Is with the Individuals safety and allows some of the Id’s desires to be expressed, but only when consequences of these actions are marginal. Teddy, Davis bear, Is guided by his ego to make rational decisions to help protect David. For example, when Martin challenges David to eat food at the dinner grads ‘s arm Ana quotes “You wall Drear warning David harm himself if he eats the food. Furthermore, Teddy appears to be a rational figure that cares for the id’s safety and overall well-being.

Overall, Teddy’s ego allows him to have a rational sense of Judgment, tolerance, synthesis of information and also an excellent memory. The egos function of intellect is shown in Teddy as David asks him for information and explanation of things throughout the movie. Also, Teddy’s high level of tolerance guided by his ego is proven to be true regardless of all of Davit’s poor actions. Despite Davit’s unrealistic desire, Teddy still remains by his side ill the end. Furthermore, Teddy’s ego guides him to take the demands and reality of the outside world into account in addition to the id’s basic needs and urges.

Another idea Freud proposes is the Oedipal complex. The Oedipal complex can be described as the sexual desire a young boy may have for his mother. Often times they contain hatred towards their father as there is considered to be a rivalry. The Oedipal complex is present between David and his mother as shown several times throughout the movie. Although it may not be clearly visible for the audience, there re several signs suggesting that David has a sexual desire for her. Also, a sense of jealously is present towards his father as David sees him hugging his mother while in the bedroom.

During this scene, he was silently standing by the doorway watching them both. As his father leaves the bedroom, David approaches him by the name of Henry. This scene suggests that David contains no love for his adoptive father but instead views him as a threat. It is evident throughout the movie that David resents Henry such as when David picks up Henrys phone call. He shows his mother that he s not only able to answer calls but project people’s voices as well. In a sense, David was mocking his father as he mouthed the words his father was saying throughout the phone call.

During this act, David resists giving his mother the phone since he doesn’t want them to communicate with one another. As the movie progresses, it is apparent that David wants his mother all to himself and that the love David has for his mother is more of a sexual desire. Furthermore, in the last scene of the movie, he brings his mother back to life. In this scene, the narrator quotes “David thought it was he happiest day of his life, all the problems seemed to have disappeared from his mommy’s mind, there was no Henry, no Marty, no grief, it was only David”.

The sense of rivalry is clearly shown throughout this quote as well as his everlasting sexual love for his mother. The sexual context of Davit’s love for his mother is clearly demonstrated when David makes coffee for his mother, tucks her in bed and lastly sleeps beside her while holding her hand. All of which are common actions that a husband would do for his wife. In summary, the Oedipal complex is the hidden drive that influences David. Davit’s actions and behavior are solely based on his sexual desire for his mother and hatred towards his father.

Freud describes symbolism as representation of repressed, mainly sexual objects of desire by non-sexual objects that resemble them or are associated with them. The scene, winner David Ana Nils mother are lying In ten cellular snap Deck, tons Dead can be interpreted in several different means. Looking from a sexual perspective, the bed can represent the female genitalia. The shape of the bed can be compared to the female sexual organ as since they have similar appearance to one another. One may include that since David is lying in this bed, which represents his mother’s female genitalia, it may symbolize intercourse.

The secretly desired intercourse David wishes to have with his mother. Another interpretation the concave shaped bed may have is resemblance to his mother’s womb. As David is lying in the bed in this case, it may suggest David is inside of her womb. It can symbolize the desire for David to truly be human so that his mother will love him. Ironically, this desire is not capable to being a reality because David was not conceived by his mother, but rather built by man to be a robot. Overall, there are several ways to interpret the concave shaped bed as symbolism can be derived from myriad meanings.

Psychoanalytical criticism not only shows people’s unconscious desires but helps analyze their motivations as well. Freud believed that “the motive forces of fantasies are unsatisfied wishes, and every single fantasy is the fulfillment of a wish, a correlation of unsatisfying reality’. Throughout the movie David acts upon his unconscious desires and is capable to give in into his own sense of pleasure. David was able to convince himself that there was an alternate reality where he would come human and his mother would love him, a situation that he derived pleasure from.

Furthermore, Teddy has shown the characteristics of the ego as he has acted as a rational figure and helped protect David on their Journey to satisfy this unrealistic dream of Davit’s. Freud also has proven that a young boy can have sexual desires for his mother. That this young boy is David, aggressively wanting his mother’s love to fulfill his sexual desire for her. Lastly, Fraud’s idea of symbolism has shown that imagery can have more than one meaning and often times the meaning behind them relates to sexuality.

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