Get your business MBA degree at Henley

The areas in which Henley has shown best results for teaching and the best reputation are leadership, international finance, international business and corporate business. Henley also tends to put an accent on the personal development of the programs available. Henley and its staff want to engage managers and leaders in the business field and make them tough, responsible, good in making decisions and reflect on their good qualities. This goes for both individual and organizational level.The MBA program at Henley is truly a rewarding and intense experience. The program challenges the students, it stimulates and it reveals their true potential. It has shown to be a life-changing chance.

The experience that you’ll get at Henley will enrich your life and offer you the chance to spread your outlooks and make great decisions in your life on a professional and personal level.

Henley’s staff believes that the future business professionals and outstanding leaders do not just need business acumen and practical skills, but they also need to study and work in an environment that supports them and wants to take out the very best of them. The learning environment at Henley is focused on the students and their potentials. With the MBA at Henley, students will learn how to harness their intuition and use it wisely.

You as a student at the MBA program at Henley will get a globally renowned MBA degree, great understanding of the business practice and confidence to start up new and successful projects and challenges. The best part is that you will build a network of over 30 000 Henley alumni.

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