Google's Secret Formula for Management

Google’s Secret Formula for Management Essay Sample

As if I would a get a chance to work for a company like Google my answer would be yes, and this would be that Google is a well-known as internet giant. Because as we know that Google is the one company which acquire most of the scatter of the world wide company ratio.

As the Google is the only one company which have the best search engine all across the world wide and this also can handle any type of the fault or any strategy which can occur on them and can easily take them self out from this by the best interns and good managerial organization and best youth of tomorrow and by this all means Google has win the best feelings of all the costumer of their organization so as by this type of company I would like to do work for this company for my entire life because in this type of company can polish a man from a zero to hero Other companies learn from Google’s exercises that Google’s is at the leading edge of companies attempting to apply a data driven approach to the unproductive and is also benefit to other companies to learn as how to build a great company culture by build a great leader.

As the other companies can learn from Google experience is on how to work better with the others looking at the Project Oxygen program developed by Google, students should see that larger companies often put a lot of effort into the training and development of their employees and their managers.

The lesson to be learned is that companies benefit when they pay attention to the efficient and effective training of managers. The difference between encouraging and managing to be great manger is an effective mix of management, leadership skills. Being great mangers is a person who should give some suggestion, supporting to employees and should perform well. Encouraging managers to do their best is a great example of consideration. However, by itself it is not enough to make sure that employees understand their role and the requirements of their job both behaviors are important if managers are going to be successful. . Mangers at all level in organization must utilize the element presented to enhance and increase the effectives and serves their organization.

I am not surprised and as a whole and on behalf of many students they all will not surprise that Google puts a good deal into managing their employee. As an important manger of the Google and especially the new research Google found not only manger face the critical situations but in also in the good manner increased job satisfaction reiteration and employment with groups. As in my own opinion I found that this Google Company is such a big company must give the reward to their employee and nowadays the new managerial staff don’t know what Google does other provide a search engine. Google has undertaken and how these projects require good manner and it also have to utilize and act on data in order to make it worthwhile.

As we know that the project oxygen using the function approach is one of the method using in classification of activates that occur in marketing process. A manger must determine what the organization goal is and who and how it will be achieves in future. And make the company better and progressive. As the project of Google building a better boss is that to highlight the big eight points which have a clear vision and the need of new company. Some of its important functions are as follow: buying function, transportation function, processing function, storage function. As mintizberg approach contain figure head, leader, liaison, disseminator, spokesperson, entrepreneur, disturbance handle, resources allocate and negotiator. As the main reason is also this to find the better boss.

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