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In most locations, the term ‘Google it’ is synonymous with searching. Such has been the widespread popularity of Google that the term ‘Google’ has become a verb (Ferrell & Hartline, 2008). However , despite the success of the search engine in various locations, entry into certain Asian markets has been unsuccessful.


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Local search engines are the dominant players during these countries (Kennedy and Hauksson, 2012). The far east, South Korea, plus Japan are a few of the Hard anodized cookware countries where Search engines is a small player in the particular industry. In Southern Korea, Naver may be the dominant search motor. The organization accounts with regard to 76% of sites queries.

On the particular other hand, h Google and Google each take into account the mere 3% from the internet searches. Naver has several functions that make this more popular along with South Koreans compared with how Google. Unlike Search engines, Naver is the portal that includes “news, e-mail, conversation groups, stock marketplace information, videos, cafe reviews” among some other features (Peng, last year, p. 347).

Naver also provides for the passions of South Koreans. The search motor produces results that will are relevant within the South Korea. In addition , Naver’s ‘Knowledge Search’ has a database that enables users to ask questions to each other and provide answers. If the answer is not correct, users can change the answer Wikipedia-style. Knowledge Search has a system that rewards points to people who submit questions and rates the answers provides by other users (Peng, 2011).

The above features are non-existent in Google. Therefore, the features provide Naver with a competitive edge over Google. In Japan, Google and Yahoo! Japan are the major search engines. Google has a market share of slightly less than 40%, whereas Yahoo! Japan has a market share of slightly more than 50%.

The Japanese economic system is the major factor that has led to the success of the foreign companies in the market. The Japanese market promotes typically the development of free of charge enterprises. This provides generated the accomplishment of the Us search engines inside the country. Alternatively, the Chinese industry has several constraints. These reduce typically the probability of success regarding foreign companies inside the market.

In fact, this season, government censorship regarding Google made the business threaten to take away from the China market (Herold as well as Marolt, 2011). About the other palm, the shortcoming of Yahoo to offer services of which would enable that compete effectively together with Naver is an essential purpose for the company’s failure in To the south Korea. Naver gives information that is usually strongly related the To the south Korean society.


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In addition, Naver started the presentation regarding search results coming from different categories about the same webpage (Peng, 2011). Naver competes with Yahoo using the schedule of quality regarding products. Naver exhibits search results of which are strongly related typically the South Korean modern society. The launch regarding Naver far away would certainly be a accomplishment whether it follows a new similar path.

Naver should supply results which can be appropriate in these nations around the world. Relevance of google search would lead to be able to the gradual enhance in nice regarding the search powerplant. This will enable that to rival typically the dominance of present search engines. However, understanding the needs of a foreign society would be a hard task for Naver to achieve.

The addition products of the search engine would help in attracting and retaining users. Naver can effectively compete with Google since its competition is based on quality (Hoskisson, Hitt & Ireland, 2008). Relevance of search results determines the popularity of a search engine.

Google’s rise to become the world’s leading search engine is due to the ability of the search engine to display relevant results. However, Google has been unable to replicate its global accomplishment in South Korea. Additional features regarding Naver as well as its capacity to display appropriate results is typically the main factor of which has led to be able to Google’s failure inside South Korea.


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