Government: Formal and Informal Powers Essay

In most of the political buildings and a cross diverse states and countries, there must be a chief government officer who is the highest most chief of every country. In many of the instances, and as outlined by the structure which happens to be the superlative legislation of any country, the chief govt officer is the president. The place is elective as dictated by the written legislation, and the president gets the chance to be elected by the residents at the polls.

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Good and recent examples had been witnessed in the United States of America, the place the presidential elections have been held. The individuals got the opportunity to elect the president that in their view could assist propel the nationwide interest, and a person of excessive integrity profiles. Therefore, as required by the supreme law of the land, that the presidential elections to be held in every 4 years, the republican and democrat presidential hopefuls battled it out.

It was an election that saw the incumbent president Barrack Obama beat his rival Romney. Being the supreme laws of the country, the constitution outlines certain powers and privileges accorded to the elected president. The president must be totally guided by the regulation, whenever he executes his mandate and duties because the president of the nation. This therefore means that at no time, will the president be above the legal guidelines of the nation she or he administers. However, as I mentioned earlier in regards to the privileges that the sitting president enjoys, she or he could make some public or quite casual declarations that he deemed healthy for the nation, this is essential for the president of a nation.

These wholesome declarations geared to higher the nation, or to form up the interest of the nation, are protected by the regulation and the president enjoys immunity on them.

However, for the reason that president is the chief govt officer of the nation, particularly within the developed or developing counties, he should be performing the most crucial jobs within the country, lest the country disintegrate and fails. He is the national chief and therefore must delegate certain jobs to his junior officers so as to embark on crucial duties.

The elected president should be nicely organized to make sure that the state is properly protected from any external and internal threats, and that his folks stay nicely. This endeavor is feasible as a result of most of the presidents in the developing and developed countries are not solely the top of the states, but also the commander in chief of the armed forces. These indispensable duties of the president can’t permit the president to be a mere clerk within the office, however somewhat to delegate some clerical and administrative duties to a few of his juniors. Hence the issue and the query of leadership come up.

In a lot of the circumstances, the president interacts with other presidents from completely different nations and borrows a leaf from them. This helps in bringing a solution to any crisis that a rustic could also be going through. This position really needs the president to be somebody with an ability to fairly work together with his fellows for a healthy nation.

Qualities of a great president

To be exact, not all folks have been born to be leaders, and therefore they lack leadership expertise; equally not all presidents can make good leaders. We have seen many instances where the president of the country is involved in extreme unhealthy governance and crooked methods. In Africa and Europe we’ve seen leaders who had issues of management of their nations. There are attribute traits that the president of a nation will need to have in order for him to be a good leader.

Integrity ; the president might be a great leader if his integrity just isn’t questionable. For occasion, he must have an upright ethics with good information of excessive ethical requirements. The integrity stage of any president will make him an excellent chief, hence commanding respect from the individuals. In this case, people shall have trust in the sitting president and good governance shall prevail within the nation.

Honesty; for the president to be a great leader who’s respected, he should uphold highest degree of honesty when coping with the people or discharging his duties. Honesty and integrity will also make individuals from other countries admires to stay in the county where there’s a good system of governance and good leaders.

Accountability; a good chief have to be accountable for all the elements of his leadership, and any matter which will come up when it comes to financial, political and social points. The leader should subsequently take the earliest step to right any error that will creep in his or her governance.

Confidentiality; as a matter of truth, no person will like the leader who washes his or her soiled linen in the public. I am sure that no human being is perfect and subsequently not all the undertakings or sort of management they offer could also be perfect. As backed by the constitutional oath that the presidents normally take, secrets and techniques of the nation have to be saved.

In conclusion, the presidents at all times look like in control when dealing with the foreign undertakings due to the popularity he has earned, as a result of his good governance and management. The overseas leaders due to this fact usually accord him all the due respect and at all times wish to listen to him. Because the president now not undertakes clerical duties on the nationwide degree, he’s in oblique control of the home issues however rather delegate them to his juniors.





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