Government Unit 1-Foundations of U.S. Democracy

Government Unit 1-Foundations of U.S. Democracy

(LESSON 1-POLITICAL SYSTEMS) Belief in a limited government that protects individual liberties.
Most Widely held ideal of the U.S. Political Culture?
Communities direct and manage their own schools
Least likely to be true of a totalitarian state
Characteristics of Totalitarianism
-Rule by single party
-Total control of military
-Total control over means of communication(newspapers)
-Police control with use of terror as a control tactic
Control of economy
Which factor most greatly limits the power of the U.S. government?
-regular, free elections
-a sovereign government
-electing a chief executive
-a constitutional system
-a constitutional system
definition and characteristics of Unitary system
Power is concentrated in a single central authority, possesses sovereignty
def/char of Federal Government
Divides power of state between central gov/several local govs
ex:Mexico, Canada, Switzerland
Def/char of Confederal system
Independent states join together and cede a small part of their power to a central agency-confederate gov
When political system has a ‘superme leader’
What type of gov combines both unitary and confederal systems?
Federal government
Which political system is run by a group of noble families or wealthy members pf society?
Imagine that an exchange student from China visits your class. While your teacher discusses how the United States has a limited gov, the Chinese student raises his hand and asks why the gov has limited power. Which point best highlights why the US gov has limited power?
characteristics of a nation
People who share some sort of background-culture, religion, ethnicity
What feature of a confederal gov did the confederate states of America most want?
A limited central government linking independent states
In which form of government do delegates speak on behalf of citizens?
which gov is a form of authoritarian government in which gov is handed down through family lines and rulers stay in power for life?
What is defined by population, territory, gov, and sovereignty?
A state
What is a union of independent sovereign states?
what is the primary purpose of most constitutions?
to define and limit power of gov
Under which type of gov would provincial or state govs have the most sovereignty?
What characters of confederate states of America made it a confederal gov when compared to gov or US?
confederate states of America had a weaker central gov, us, individual states had more sovereignty/power than US, central gov of confederate states handled only foreign/natural economic issues.
act of declaring one self a god
total/unlimited power
gov in which a set of written rules(constitution)
Magna Carta
Document dening king certain powers
gov where one person seizes control of state, rules with complete power usually occur in a state that claims to be democratic
Coup d’e tat
sudden overthrow of a gov by small group, by help of military
represents a severe form of dictatorship
Fidel Castro
dictator, came to power by force through revolution or through coup d’e tat
type of Authoritarian gov from greek word for “rule of the few”
Authoritarian Governments
Gov leaders ruled with unlimited power, majority of people had few rights
best or most wealthy citizens
gov where leaders of a religion control gov and policies of state adhere to teachings of religion ex:Nation of Iran
Examples of Authoritarianism
North Korea-repress may citizens and place convicted citizens in prison camps

Kingdom Jordan-offer little in way of political participation

Democratic governments
many of worst authoritarian regimes around world claim to be democratics
Direct Democracy
Most basic form, citizens participate in decision-making process by voting on laws and state policies
-Large states often practice representative democracy
-citizens elect officials to represent their community
Presidential gov
people elect a chief executive(president)
Constitutional government
difines powers of gov(rules that dictate decision making) names rights of decision making
Economic systems
Capitalism, free enterprise, free market or communism, command economy
main ideas of Enlightened philosophers
they formulated theories that determined idea that king received authority from God
essential element of the english political tradition? (4)
power, rule, authority, influence
which enlightenment philosopher introduced the idea that people enter a social contract with the purpose of maintaining order in society?
Thomas Hobbes
what was the purpose of Blackstone’s Commentaries on the Laws of England?
to advocate for common law
what kind of government was enacted by the Athenian Assembly?
direct democracy
under feudalism, which group was responsible for ruling different regions of a country?
economic system
what effect did the Mayflower compact have on American gov?
first form of constitution in the colonies
which feature of gov does Montesquieu argue for in his book Spirit of Laws?
creation of constitutional systems
why did the Crown pass the so-called intolerance acts?
to punish colonies
which roman contribution to political theory was adapted by the founding fathers?
representative gov
what right did the English nobles gain when king John signed the Magna Carta?
right to be heard by a jury
Mayflower compact?
agreement that new colonists would make their own laws
whos political philosophy is most clearly reflected in the declaration of independence ?
John Locke
True or false: Thomas Edison was heavily influinced by John Locke?
what does this definition describe?- the implied agreement between the people and the gov, in which the people give up some of their power and freedom in exchange for protection of their rights…
Enlightenment Philosophy…
What is considered an important roman contribution to american government ?
Direct Democracy
citizens vote directly on all decisions of gov
political =-economic system under which noblemen assumed functions of gov in own territories
magna carta
first document to establish principle that leaders were not above law
Enlightenment Philosophers
Edison,Locke, Montesquie
Montesquie theory
seperation of powers (spirit of laws book)
Social contract theory
view that persons political obligations are dependent upon a contract among them to form society in which they live.
economic policyin which nations encouraged exports as a means of collecting gold/silver
how did mercantilism increase the likelihood of conflicts between European powers?
European nations wanted to control more land as a way to become more economically powerful
french indian war
turning point in relationshi[ between colonies and crown
Colonial Grevances Against the Crown
“No Taxation without Representation”
Which event occurred directly after the boston tea party?
Intolerable Acts
what was a major problem with central gov under the articles of confederation?
Didn’t have power to make states work together to solve national problems
which situation justifies open rebellion against the government?
a ruler’s denial of citizens rights
what form of gov did the articles of confederation create?
what idea had a major influence on the author of the articles
The idea that a strong central gov threatens the rights of the people.
what was a major grievance of the colonists against Great Britain?
“Taxation Without Representation”
How did shay’s rebellion highlight major problems with articles?
State gov had dificulties fixing economies, raising militias for defence.
which document does the second paragraph of the declaration of independene echo?
second treatise of gov(John Locke)
who was the main author of the declaration of independence
Thomas Jefferson
Great Britain justified raising taxes on colonists becasue of which event?
French and Indian War
philosopher who most profound influence on Thomas Jefferson’s political thought?
John Locke
what phrase best describes form of gov created by constitutional convention of 1787?
“A confederal government that limited government powers”
which flaw in the gov created by Articles of confederation did shay’s rebellion make apparent?
The government was able to remove guns from small militias in the colonies
according to declaration of independence, what is the power or the gov based on?
the consent of the governed
according to declaration of independence when do the people have the right to overthrow their government?
when the gov fails to protect fundamental rights of the people
what was an important concern for the founding fathers when drafting articles of confederation?
limiting the power of certain states in the Union
which agreement solved the disagreement over whether slaves should be counted for the purpose for representation?
which commitment of the framers is most clearly reflected in the constitution as ratified in 1787?
which element of government does the constitution give full sovereignty to?
for first 11 years of its existance, which government system did the U.S use?
which action is most closely associated with the Anti-Federalists’ goals?
which issue did great compromise resolve?
although the Anti-Federalists lost their main goal, what important task did they accomplish?
which issue was at heart of one of the compromises made between northern/southern states during constitutional convention of 1787?
which system of gov did the constitution create in the US
which idea did most of the founding fathers, despite their differences, agree with?
which belief was generally held by the delegates to the consitutional convention of 1787
which states’ delegates most strongly opposed the Virginia Plan
which system did new gov create under constitution use?
federalists/anti-federalists argued primarily over which issue
Shay’s Rebellion in western Massachussests showed that the national gov needed additional powers to address some urgent issues. which issues were they?
constitution created a federal system in united states. which of following best describes a federal gov?(Types of gov-Unitary, federal, confederal…)
Which of four progressive amendmnets gave women right to vote
according to 9th amendment, what do the enumerated rights in bill of rights not do
who can propose an amendment to the constitution
what does a strict constructionist believe?
which statement best expresses the purpose of the opening words of constitution, “We The People”
which is best example of a check on presidential power?
how many articles does the constitution have?
why did founding fathers include bill of rights with con.
which statement best describes federalism
what concept is illistrated by fact that congress has the power to introduce and pass laws and pres has responsibillity to enforce all federal laws
which is best description of civil liberties
which three amendments were passed shortly after the civil war
which document begins with the words we the people of the US
what is the defining right of a representative democracy
what were the founding fathers trying to create when they divided powers between the three branches of gov
which sentence in US con provides for limited the power of gov

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