Hersker Rachels Speech Regarding Cultural Relativism (6468904)


People should coexist peacefully and workout their traditions not having interference from various other cultures despite the particular particular differences which usually exist among all of them. However, occasionally, these people fail to do this particular as these individuals are forced in purchase to react intensely whenever their tradition will be impacted. This papers explains how Wayne Rachel approaches the specific theory of Social Relativism as well as the defects that make this an inappropriate method of viewing social practices.


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Culture describes all methods, traditions, artifacts, vocabulary, customs and taboos that guide the particular behavior of people from a common ancestral origin. Relativism is the balance between good and bad or appropriate and inappropriate based on the perceptions of people involved in a situation (Rachels 14).

The Application of Cultural Relativism in the Society

It is necessary to note that this theory is not related to some specific scientist even although most researchers declare that Franz Boas played a substantial part in shaping the origin. This concept explains that individuals regard their cultures given that they perceive these to be good.

In addition, areas cannot pour poker fun at on different social practices or evaluate their traditions along with the ones from other individuals since every tradition is important in order to its members. Additionally , it explains that will nobody should discriminate against people through various backgrounds plus origins or determine them because connected with their thinking plus practices offered that they have got no cultural as well as social justifications to achieve this (Rachels 18).

James Rachels declares that this principle considers all typically the particular cultural procedures in order to be able to be good as well as valued according inside order to typically the view connected with their particular adepts. Consequently, typically the author offers the ethnicities are equivalent irrespective of just how users of additional ethnicities view these people.

Rachels proposes this theory applies in order to many occasions within our daily life since we socialize with people through different cultural experience. In addition, individuals have different sights regarding political, financial and social problems, which can not be transformed no matter exactly how we try in order to convince them.

It is essential in order to explain that individuals realize that some elements of their tradition cannot be jeopardized because of westernization; consequently, they stick to their traditions despite their amounts of education or even exposure to some other cultural practices.


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This theory resembles the beliefs that all of us are equal plus should respect each other regardless our values in various problems.

In inclusion, the entire world is usually getting a tiny area due to typically the particular recent technology within technology, in addition to individuals ought to be able to learn and know the cultures connected with other people inside order to guarantee they regard those to prevent conflicts. Mcdougal confirms that this specific might be a good approach of promoting healthy and balanced interactions when it comes to coming from different communities (Rachels 17).

In addition, he confesses that this principle has some imperfections making it an unacceptable means of viewing typically the society as a new compact substance. Several cultures promote elegance, abuse and overlook the need to be able to embrace change of which promotes progress in addition to people’s wellbeing.

For instance, several African communities training female circumcision in addition to wife inheritance; these kinds of practices should end up being abolished simply because they disobey the rights regarding women while several western countries market gay marriages of which are abhorred by simply many religious groupings (Rachels 22).

He concludes of which although these neighborhoods may not enjoy cultural changes they will must figure out how to value human life in addition to change their thinking in order not necessarily to violate typically the human rights.


Cultural Relativism is a very good theory that enables people to learn various aspects of other cultures and respect them. This is a good way of promoting intercultural relationships since it ensures people respect the boundaries between their cultures. However , this theory considers all the cultural practices to become good irrespective associated with their effects upon their members or even those near to all of them.

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